Friday, July 2, 2010

Camp Runamuk Is Open!!!

Camp Runamuk is now open for the summer session.  Our camp director (me) has new activities and games for all ages.  We are still looking for a swim instructor.  If interested, send resume to Camp Runamuk
123 Pine Knot Way
Lake Looney, CA  
C/O Camp Director-Gamma Kris
Yesterday we hosted campers Dommie (Jae) and Diedle (Cade) for lunch and swimming. 
Campers had fun playing with their cars, and enjoying a plethora of snacks, courtesy of Dommie.  She knows what campers like.
Campers had water fights, and had fun squirting their Camp counselors (Grandma's) with water guns!!  Camper Noah showed off his diving skills.  (I am pretty sure he gets this from his Gamma!)  And after getting all wrinkled in the pool for 2 hours, the campers had their lunch indoors while watching cartoons.
 After lunch, there was a wild game of hide and seek.
 Dommie got  into the action.
We had a great day full of swimming, snacking, playing, and laughing here at Camp Runamuk.  Thanks Dommie and Diedle!!      Your spot here at camp is open for whenever you want to come!                                                              


NanaNor's said...

What fun Kris, Such joy and so much life with grands! Have a wonderful weekend and if I was closer I'd bring mine over and we'd have a wonderful time.
Happy 4th.

Katie said...

Does the Swim Instructor receive free room and board, along with delicious meals made fresh from the garden?? If so, my resume has been submitted, my qualifications are that I'm a Pices ;) a natural born fish!

Genn said...

Looks like it was a fun day at camp runamok. Cade is so cute. He looks just like Lindsey!!

Cathy said...

What fun! That's just what summer is supposed to be - lots of snacks, water and tiring out grandma. Camp Runamuk...LOL.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

This is great, where do I sign my peeps up? LOL!

Debbie said...

What a fun day...You are such a GREAT Gamma...I should bring Jeffie some day to Camp Runamuk...we'd all have a wonderful time no doubt. HAPPY 4th! HUGS, Debbie