Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July, Part 1

Our July 4th celebrations began on Saturday, with a BBQ and boat parade at my Mom's.  It was one year ago on the same day that my Mom had just moved into her new home, and we were all there for the BBQ and parade, when my Mom took that bad fall down the stairs resulting in multiple injuries that took her a year to heal.  She is doing fine now, thank goodness.  I got up early that day and took my first trip downtown to the Farmer's Market.  It was my first time, and I was pleasantly surprised.  
It runs every Saturday, from 8-12.  I was there right at 8 so not many people yet.  The produce was wonderful. It was from as far away as Santa Maria, and then closer at Fallbrook and Riverside.  
There were also local artisans selling their wares.  A local guy who makes Soy candles.  I have been wanting to try those.  They burn clean, leaving no soot!  I got green apple and a floral fragrance.  There was a Pampered Chef rep, a Tupperware rep. a lady who makes darling dolls.  I got one for each of my girls.  They are soft dolls, completely washable.  There were some food stands.  I got a smoked salmon from the fish stand.  
As I was leaving, I stopped next to the fish stand because the wonderful aroma coming from the BBQ stand lured me in.  I tried a sample of the brisket and was blown away at how good and melt in your mouth tender it was.  I wound up buying a pound of brisket and a pound of pulled pork.  I was planning to have these on Sunday with the rest of our BBQ, but it didn't last long enough to make it to Sunday!!!  
Here is what I got at the Farmer's Market, all splayed out on my kitchen counters.
 A peek at that bbq brisket.
 I am pretty sure I will be spending many Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market now.
On to 4th of July celebrations.  Part 1, at my Mom's.
 First off, a boat ride, with Captain Noah and Geeps at the helm.  Next photo is of Nana and Erika.  I have always thought Erika resembled my Grandmother.  More and more, we see it.  When Nana was a young lady, she had long dark, curly hair.  She and Erika have the same smile, and the same contour of their cheeks.  Can you see it?
I liked this photo of Gennifer, even though Hannah is not smiling.
 We were attacked by a Pirate, who tried to take over our ship and steal all of our gold and jewels!
This is my Mom's place, the one with the bunting.  I took the picture from the boat.
 My nephew Chad made, and served his killer signature appetizers.  Bacon wrapped tater tots!!!  Who knew?
Drew and Diana and Hannah.
 Me and my niece Deanna.  NOT a flattering picture of me.  I have more chins than a Chinese phone book, but I liked the picture with the  hats.
Nephew Matt.
My nephew Chad and his beautiful girl, Santina.
 Hannah loved greeting  everyone while out on the boat.  She said "Happy 4th of July" to everyone!
 Claire in her USA headband.
 After our delicious dinner of BBQ ribs, pulled pork, hot dogs, and every kind of yummy salad you can think of, we had home made ice cream sundaes and banana splits!  Diana can make a mean banana split!!!
 After dessert, the kids got into their jammies, and we waited for the boat parade to begin.  I love this picture of Claire!!
 This is one of the few pictures I got of Jake.  And I didn't get any of my Mom?  How did that happen?
Gennifer and Jake wound up having to go home before the parade began.  It got off to a late start and the girls were so tired.  It was a great parade.   
Thank you Mom, for another great time on the lake.  
Tomorrow part 2 of our Fourth of July celebration.


Katie said...

That looks like Great Fun & the Food sounded so yummy!

Love the photo of the Pirates Hair when he is about to take over your ship ;)

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What a wonderful time for all of you. Your mom's house looks incredible with the bunting. The farmer's market vege's looked so very good-I need to get to one in a nearby town. Thank you for sharing your day with us.
Have a great Monday!

Jamie said...

It was so fun going through your pictures! It's so awesome that you guys can spend the 4th (or anytime I guess) on that lake- it looks beautiful and I bet the parade was cool! I've gotta get to that farmer's market too! I went last summer and it's pretty neat, a fun Saturday morning! Looks like you are having so much fun being a grandma! :)

Picket said...

Hey Kris...loved seeing all the beautiful pics of your family and the boat parade was awesome...looks like a perfect day filled with food! That farmer's market was like a treasure trove of goodies...all that fresh produce in one place ohhhhh glory!! lol Hope the rest of the week is just as great for you sweetie..~Picket~

Genn said...

I could have sworn I left you a comment already! You got some great pictures!! Some really cute ones. It was a lot of fun.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

Looks like the perfect 4th!

Debbie said...

I LOVE the farmer's market but haven't been there in a long time. You may have inspired me. The day at the lake looks soo fun and you got so many cute pics. The food sounded wonderful too. Your mom's house is such a stun! What a wonderful place to live. Looking forward to part 2...HUGS

Gammy said...

Ill be calling you for your brothers recipe for Bacon wrapped Tater Tots, ok?