Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Is Falling

It has been a long week!  I am so glad it is Friday!  Mr. G has been in Seattle this week on business.  He got home late last night.  Sort of.  Long enough to drop off his dirty clothes, and grab another suitcase, only this time filled with golf shorts.  He was home for about 20 minutes, and then he and his buddy Joel left for Palm Springs for a golf tournament.  He will be home tomorrow.  I think he owes me big!  BIG!!!!  Just sayin'
I have been busy with these cuties...
One evening Gennifer and Jake brought the girls over, and it was so nice, we sat out front watching them play.
They love to play with Maui.  She is pretty tolerant with them.
What do you do when you have three kids and only one wagon?  Well, you find another wagon!!!  I thought Noah was pretty smart to go into the garage and find another wagon!!!
 I have been bringing out my Fall decor.  Oh how I love this time of year, and my Fall things.  We had nice cool fallish weather until yesterday!  Ugh!  And today through Monday, it is supposed to be triple digits again.  The other day when I was taking some pictures of fall things, Noah insisted on being in some of the pictures.  I had to laugh, because he usually puts his hands up in front of his face now when he sees me point the camera his way. 
Some of my Fall quilts are coming out again. 

 Okay, that one up there isn't a quilt.  These little fabric baskets were taking quilters blogs by storm last year.  I made this one, and love it.
Below is a fabric wreath I made several years ago. I made one for every season I think, and several as gifts.
Maybe I will do a tutorial on them with Christmas coming up. 
I have been working on my granny stripe too.  It has become way too bulky and heavy to take with me somewhere to work on now.  It is about half way done.  I can't wait to finish it, and start my next project.
I started back to my Thursday mornings at the knit shop.  When I last went, I had just begun to learn to knit, and was doing dishcloths.  I finished the one I was working on, and have begun another.  These make up pretty quickly, and are THE BEST dishcloths ever!  The first one I made, a couple of years ago, has been used so much it has lost it's original color, but is still my favorite one.  Now I have a couple new ones.
I will finish my new one today, and put it in my next post.  Along with more fall pictures.
I am leaving on Thursday to meet 10 of my BFF's from high school to celebrate all of us turning 50 this year!  They are flying in from all over the states, and I am driving in with 2 others that live near me.  Can't wait!  Until next time....


Pam said...

I bet your grandkids love all of your fun Halloween decorations.

Charlee said...

Your blanket looks awesome! I also would love a tutorial on the wreaths I am sort of crafty so that looks manageable! I am almost done with my current baby gift so its scarf time for me.

~Niki~ said...

I didn't realize you knitted as well!? goodnesss! you're super woman! lol. Love the kiddie pics, that house across the street is gorgeous! i bet yours is even nicer huh? :) beautiful granny stripe so far! mine is about 1/2 way too. yes, mine is heavy too. i'm not using cotton like you though. i'm itching to start another project, but won't just yet ..hey, that fabric small bag~how easy was it to make?
i quilt, but am not that good with curved seams and such. :)

Linda said...

Looks like you've been busy! I love all the Fall quilts. Your wee ones just get cuter by the minute!

Debbie said...

I love your fall things. I just got mine all up yesterday. I too enjoyed the cooler days and nights and can't say I am looking forward to the heat this week-end. Glad it wasn't last week-end though with the wediing. I love the wreath. I think a tutorial would be great. Have a wonderful week-end, and yes I think hubby owes you something big, haha...HUGS

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I sure wish you lived near me cause I think we'd be such good buddies. Plus our hubby's could golf together. Love the photos and especially the fall quilts-makes me want to go get some autumn fabric and make some. Can't wait to get back to Ca. and enjoy some warmth and the ocean of course.
Have a wonderful time with your friends.
Hugs today. Noreen

Genn said...

Geesh, with you leaving Thursday, and Dad being gone all last week and this weekend, you guys are never gonna catch up! He does owe you. Big. Really big. Like a new lens big. ;)

Love your fall stuff. Cute pics of the kiddos in the wagon.

Hate this 100 weather today. We were at the Splash Park this morning!

Anonymous said...

I love your October quilt - real folksy! (I love this kind of stuff!)

Please do a tute for the fabric wreath as I'd love to have a go at making one - it looks lovely!


Lauri said...

Everytime I see your afghan, I think I want to start one as well. I love it.

It's fun to decorate for fall but I'm having a hard time thinking about it when it's 107 degrees outside and I'm still have my swimming suit sitting out, ready to grab.

Katie said...

Well its about time you post something, I've been subjected to having to read some not so entertaining blogs this week! ;)
I love that you knit with wood needles!!
How did Greg like Our Fall Weather?? I can't seem to remember from day to day these days, but I "think" it was decently dry this week.
Have a fun trip!

Larissa said...

I have now made your pumpkin muffins, the pork-apple recipe and attempted soft pretzels in my bread machine. The muffins and pork were STUNNING. Keep on posting those recipes... they're being used!

Your fall things are lovely, it's my FAVORITE time of year..... can't believe its hot again.