Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knit One, Purl Two

Actually, this is all knit, no purl.  But I think I did get a lesson in purl as well.  Two years ago, when I went for the first time to the knit shop, I made my first wash cloth.  Woo-Hoo.  Simple, I know.  But I love that little cloth.  Dish cloth really.  I still use it, but it has lost it's color.  I started another one, then put it aside, and in time forgot how to knit!!  After I began to crochet again recently, I found that dishcloth, still on the knitting needles, half way done.  So I dusted her off, and took it back with me last week to the knit shop for my Thursday, Noon Time Knit, and Torey refreshed my memory.   I finished that one I had begun two years before, and purchased a fun cotton yarn in fall colors to make more.
  I picked this yarn  because it reminded me of two of  my favorite fall things.  CaNdY CoRn and PumPKins!!!!  I also learned what a hank of yarn is, as opposed to a skein.  This was a hank.  Which is yarn that is not yet wound into a ball.  I watched as Torey put the hank onto the wooden contraption that then connected to the winder, and as it sits on a bobbin, it winds into a perfect shape.  Not a ball really, as it sits flat.  More like the way a ball of twine looks.  It was a like a pretty little cake when it came off the winder.  I was wishing I had my camera. 
So here is the dishcloth, taking shape now, as I am on the decrease and turning it into a square.
I love the flecks of purple and yellow in there.  And after only a couple of hours.....tada.....a soft, thick dishcloth that will take hundreds of washings.
Pretty with my fall dish towels.  On my not so pretty dated kitchen tile.  : (    And like a little cinnamon bun on my fall dishes.
I will be making bunches of these for gifts, as dishcloths, and bath cloths, with yummy soaps for the  holidays.
I can see that I will be needing to find space in my sewing room for my growing yarn collection!!!
I am SO happy it is Saturday!!!!   My husband comes home tonight. I have been alone for 8 nights now.  And I have discovered that as much as I enjoy some alone time, I do not enjoy 8 nights of it!!!   Yesterday I was at my wits end.   My Lil' Dumplin' Noah, locked my bathroom door, and closed it.  No one was in there, but I couldn't get it opened.  We were in a dash to get him to preschool, so I had to leave it and go.  But I tried all day to open it with that little wrench key that was in the medicine chest for just such an occasion, with no success!!!  Geez!  Finally, last night at about 7 p.m., when I was wanting to get in there for my shower, I took a set of eye glass screwdrivers, and after an hour of cursing trying, I got it open!!!!
Have a very happy weekend friends!!!!!


Charlee said...

I need to find a class! I have never one and increase or decrease. When I do dish cloths I just go straight and get a self striping yarn. I am realy good with worked in texture as well.

adsgram said...

Kris....I love that. My glass pumpkin is gonna look just like yours in a day or two after we get the furniture back in place. I know how to knit and can tell that the pattern to your d-cloth is a matter of increasing then decreasing...would you share the pattern?


Katie said...

Yes, I think you should share the pattern too for these dish clothes, such a great idea! I love the fall colors you choose!
I had a little munchkin over here the other day and somehow she was able to get the broom and mops to collapse behind my laundry room door and jammed it shut!! I didn't fret too much and left it as an excuse to not do laundry ;) Sean noticed it & fixed it and then I had to regain my domestic chore of boo hoo laundry!!

~Niki~ said...

you are definitely multi-talented Kris! I tried knitting one time, long ago, and got so frustrated with it, having to 'hold' everything all the time. your dishcloths are amazing! I'm enjoying my scar making lately, getting a bit of a change for a few days from my granny stripe. those sure take a long long time. :)
oh ya, our a/c broke last night!
it's gonna be 104 here today. bleck. a/c man is here now. CALGON! take me away

Kristi said...

Been a while since I've visited! Love your knitting! Really cute pics of the grandkids too! I too love this time of year, but what is up with this weekend? Hot! Riley and I did go to target today it was a special mommy/daughter trip. Someone has had a lot of dry nights in a row and was promised a toy!!

Maryrose said...

Hi, I see you have embraced fall. I am ready except I just heard I was coming back to 100 +...eeekkk. See you soon.

Genn said...

Hi there,

love that orangey pattern that you picked out. it's so very fall.
I saw candy corn at Target yesterday but did not get them, I know if they are sitting out that is all my kids will want to eat. I hate those waxy things.

hope you had fun last night.
talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the wash cloth they are the BEST!! I want another one! He he he