Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr. G Returns!

Finally....Mr. G is home!!!
Boy was I glad to see him walk through the door yesterday!  I wasn't even expecting him until late yesterday.  So getting to see him before I left for the shower was a nice surprise. 
Can you see where I have begun to tear off wallpaper back there in my butler's pantry (laundry room)?
He came with more dirty laundry, but that's okay.  I was so happy to see him, I didn't even care. 
I did have to dash off to a bridal shower though.  The shower was for my forever friend Sherri's daughter.  Kristy is getting married in two weeks in Maui.  I wish we could go to the wedding too, but since we can't, I still feel like we had a taste of  "The Islands" with the beautiful shower that Sherri and her Mom and sisters put on.  I didn't have my camera, and oh how I wish I had!  This was a beautiful shower!  Done in Hawaii theme, complete with Polynesian dancers!!  The food was amazingly good!  I was able to snatch one of the recipes, so stay tuned for that!  Kristy was ever so happy, and beautiful in her pink ruffled dress, and big smile on her face.  The surprise Sherri had with the dancers was so fun.  They performed for a good 40 minutes or so.  So good!!!  HOW do they wiggle their hips that way????  The cakes...OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!   They were from a new place I had never heard of.  Sherri's sister gave me the brochure because I have GOT to have more!!!   It is called, NOTHING BUNDT CAKES.  And here is their link.
It is a franchise, and they have several locations, although none too near me.  Yet.  All of them are bundt cakes.  Mini bundts called bundtinis, and then in 8" and 10".  Drizzled with their signature icings, and the flavors were absolutely divine!!!  They had carrot, blueberry, and chocolate.  AMAZING!  I so wanted to lick my plate.  I refrained.  The company ships too.  I see a Red Velvet Bundt in my near future!!!  Great shower Sherri, thank you!!  I wish Kristy a beautiful wedding, and blessed marriage to Brian.
  Now, some of you have asked for the pattern to the easy peasy knitted dishcloths.  So here you go.
Supplies & tools for knit dishcloth
Measures approx. 10" square.  Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn, or 1 ball cotton yarn of choice.  Gauge: 15sts and 28 rows=4" in garter st.
Cast on 4 sts.
1st row: (RS) knit
2nd row:  K1. Inc 1 st in next st.  Knit to end of row.
Repeat last row to 49 sts.
Next row:  K2.  K2 tog.  Knit to end of row
Repeat last row to 4 sts.
Cast off
Happy knitting. Let me know if you make some up.
Now I am going to do my chores before the mercury hits that nasty number that they say it will today.  Yesterday, 109!  More of the same today, and all week.  YUCK!!


Anonymous said...

Yours has returned but mine has left for London this afternoon ready for work tommorrow as it's an early start. The dog is pining already - she keeps sighing and having a little whine every now and again!

~Niki~ said...

I think it's 104 or some dang thing here :(
and on top of it, our air went out on friday. thankfully the guy had it fixed saturday afternoon! sounds like you had a great weekend!
i'm almost ready to post my progress on my scarf!

Charlee said...

I am with you 100 degrees sucks! and thanks for the pattern I am going to have to give dishcloths a try sometime I have never made a practical knitted item just blankets and scarves as gifts

Debbie said...

I am glad your hubby is home!! And the bridal shower sounds wonderful. WOW...complete with dancers yet. How fun. I love bridal showers for some reason. I think it is just seeing the happy bride. Those cakes however sound wonderful and I will definitely have to check out that link. My mom has made many of those dish cloths...soo wonderful. They are my favorite kind. I am dreading the heat this week too. I had my air completely off for almost two weeks, but had to fire it back up again of course. HUGS

Genn said...

I'm glad Dad is finally home! I feel like none of us have seen him in so long!

I'm sorry I missed Kristy's shower. It sounds like it was really nice. I am really happy for her. I bet she was glowing. The dancers were such a fun idea. And the bundt cakes sound so cute and delicous. I'll have to try them out, maybe for the girls' birthday!

Diane said...

YEAH, that your hubby is home. Sounds like a great shower. It is always so neat to see the excitement of the bride to be. How fun it was to have the dancers there!

From the Kitchen said...

What a fun shower! I have several of the knitted dishcloths and love them. They last forever. Love the orange one.


Maryrose said...

Now that Mr. G is home and we are home we need to plan dinner. Hopefully soon :)

Pammy Sue said...

I think Diane read your post the same way I did the first time. I thought I read, "It was nice to see him before I left the shower." Hee-hee.

I think you asked me where I live. I live in the Dallas, Texas metroplex...actually in Allen, Texas. It's cool here again today, but not as cool as yesterday. Won't be long now until they are all cool days!

Pam said...

I am happy for you that Mr. G. is home... I hate it when my husband is away. The shower sounds like it was a great time.

The Garden Bell said...

What fun you have been having while I was away. So much to see and read. Stunningly, fun pictures as always. So, glad to be back around with all my friends in blogland.


Can't wait to get caught up with all. You have been very busy decorating. And I love the new blog look.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I guess the only thing better that "being home" is when everyone who is supposed to be there is actually there! Just feels best! Glad your sweetie is back again:) Lovin the look of fall all around!

The Garden Bell said...

Just popping over to say HI and make sure you are just busy and that all is OK.

Ginger Patches said...

I think we have the same book--I was looking at it last night when I thought I would try something a little more difficult than my all knit stitch one. I decided I needed to do an all purl stitch one first so I would have equal practice and then attempt one of the others. I have 2 books that are very similar and they're both all dishcloths and towels with crochet and knitting patterns and use the sugar and cream yarn. So do you actually use yours to wash dishes? I can't imagine actually getting them dirty lol!!!