Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

With only a couple days left of 2010, I am thinking about all that I want to do, and see.  I am so looking forward to this new year.  In many ways, 2010 was a difficult one.  But despite the things that made it difficult, we were always blessed with the love and support of strong family ties.  Before we ring in 2011, here is a recap from memory, of 2010-in the Grover's World.
January found us filled with the anticipation of an exciting year ahead.  It began with a bang, and a fantastic cruise we took with our extended family that was a gift from my Mom.  We had a wonderful time, and GREAT memories were made!
February began with me scheduling estimates for some much needed work to be done on our house, and deciding what to have done in the most appropriate order.
March came sneaking in and with it, I turned!!
April brought more hammering, and messes, but with it, some great improvements to our  home.
May.....oh how I wish we could do that one over.  May is always a very busy month.  Two of our kids birthdays, numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.  The warm weather comes, and the outdoor activities begin.  Greg goes to Mexico every year for a fishing tournament, and on this ill fated trip he not only came down with kidney stones, but found himself in a Mexican Clinica, with a freak shot for pain that gave  him severe nerve damage.  May did not end well.

June was spent going from doctor to doctor trying to treat this nerve damage for Greg.  Oh, and I got Shingles.  Wow....another month bites the dust.
July came, and with it horrific heat!  Greg limped home every night, and we were just going one day at a time to get through it.
August came with a week in one of our favorite places with two of our favorite people.  We spent a week in Big Bear, fishing, relaxing, and enjoying the company of friends, Ron and Sue.
September arrived and with it, more heat!  My garden was slowing down now, and the very first signs of Fall were appearing in the air.
October brought the first real changes in the weather, and finally, some cooler days.  And I took a fun reunion trip to Las Vegas with girlfriends, some of whom I had not seen in 30 years!
November zoomed in, and with it the first plans for the upcoming holiday season.  It came and went in the blink of an eye! we are!  We shopped, and wrapped, and baked, and attended parties, and ate...oh how we ate!!!  We enjoyed the first Christmas that our Grandkids were all three aware of who Santa was, and all of the excitement that "knowing" brings!!!  It was a great Christmas!  Our family is growing and in good health.  (Well, still dealing with Greg's dead leg, but hoping for improvement)  We all have so much to be thankful for, and are blessed beyond measure.  I am eagerly anticipating 2011.  I think it will be a very good year!!!!
Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!!


~Niki~ said...

you have a great memory on you girl~to remember each month this year's happenings LOL. I think I can only remember a FEW key things that happened this year. Hmm, I might try your same post on my blog. We'll see what happens. hugs!

Debbie said...

Sounds like you did the same thing I did and spent some time looking back over this past year...the blog helps doesn't it? haha But it was a hard year for us too. But like you I realized we still have soo much to be thankful for as God has soo blessesd us with our families and loved ones. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours Kris, and may the Lord richly bless us all with His best in 2011!! HUGS

Holly said...

1) Poor Greg, hope he gets better quickly.
2) I was on the phone with my sister this morning and she said she was making hammy sammies from a blog she saw. I asked her which blog and she said it was called "Simplify". I told her that you were my friend, not hers. She said she is still going to read your blog everyday. She's such a copy cat!
3) Did you get my email about wanting to send you an apron? Either you didn't get it or you think my aprons are so hideous that you don't want one.
4) Have a super new year! You should plan a trip to Phoenix so we could shop and the guys could fish.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, What a year you've had, we've all had and so looking forward to 2011. Hopefully it will be better for everyone.
Happy New Year my friend!
Hugs, NOreen

Kristi said...

I think I might look back at my year and do the same. It all feels like a jumbled mess right now! I feel that 2011 will be a great year. For everyone! Poor Greg, I feel so bad for him, hopefully this coming year he finds some relief. Cheers to 2011!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I hope 2011 brings only good health and happiness to your door Kris! Happy New Year!

Genn said...

Cheers to the new year and here's hoping it brings Dad some much better days!!!

Queen of...Whatever said...

Happy New Year Kris....May we have a fun new year.

Katie said...

Such a good idea of recapping the year in your post!
Happy New Year, may you all be abundantly Blessed in the upcoming New Year and that Greg's nerve pain issue will improve!!

From the Kitchen said...

I think Mexico might not be the best place to get sick. Our handyman's father decided to go down for repair of an infected tooth. He wasn't given an antibiotic and ended up with a fatal infection. Very sad!

I hope 2011 finds all of your well and happy!

We are ending the year with an earthquake, tornado warnings and a thunderstorm. I don't think we'll need fireworks!!


Holly said...

Hey, I sent you back an email this morning. Did you get it this time?

Clara said...

You had quite the year and onward and upward for 2011. All the best!