Friday, December 31, 2010

Flower Pins

Last summer I had decided to try to make those darling flower pins I had been seeing in boutiques and on blogs.  I love them!  They were popular in the 80's.  I remember having a big red one I wore with a navy blue dress that I loved.  I bought the pins, bunches of fabrics, and set out to make some.  But then never got them done, the holidays rolled around, and I was busy with other things.  Well this sweet "Angel" over at
TaDa! Creations  recently posted her friends Tute on them.  So, I marched straight to my sewing room, and began to create.  I free handed my pattern, and made the first one rather large.  
I made the second one a wee smaller.  Shown here with another whirly twirly scarf I made in a soft chunky  yarn.  Doesn't this color look great on that eggplant shade cardi?
 I love the way it punches up a simple V neck sweater!  You could put them on anything.  Purses, scarves, t shirts.  BABIES...oh just wait, I have some great ideas for the little ones!  Lord knows I have a couple of willing models!!! 
Don't look at my staging closet.  That is my son's old room, and I use that closet to store all of my "stuff" that I am not using for decorating and setting tables and such. 
Off to the market.  Having good friends Maryrose and Kevin for "someone's" (Maryrose) birthday/New Year's celebration.


Anonymous said...

I LoVe the yellow flower against the eggplant colour! Wishing you and all of your family a fantastic 2011 Kris :)


Queen of...Whatever said...

I never thought i would see the day come ....when I like big flowere pins...BUT....Now it is true...I love big flower pins

Clara said...

These flowers are fantastic Kris. I'm with've changed my mind about them.

Happy New Year!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Look at you with your cute little flowes...I love those Kris. Happy New year!

Genn said...

Those flowers are SO so cute!! And that color green looks really good on you!

I can't wait to buy some of these flowers in your etsey shop!

Holly said...

The flowers are adorable! Ok, I've copied and pasted your email address and it didn't go through. I've attempted to email you through your "email me" link on your blog profile page and they are not going through. Maybe I'm spam. It would be under Try emailing me directly with your address.

Linda said...

Oh, these are charming, Kris~ and I love your twirly scarf, too! Thanks for stopping by my party pug post LOL! XO

annielizabeth said...

Hi Kris, Have a wonderful new year and I hope your hubby gets better fast. Love the scarf (you look so cute in the pic) and your flower pin is adorable!

Angel said...

Oh this turned out absolutely gorgeous, Kris! I can't wait to get out and buy different fabrics and colors to make some. Just need to find the time now. :)