Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sugar Cookies

Yesterday, Hannah and Claire (and Daddy too) came over to make and decorate Christmas cookies with Noah.  "We're here Gamma!"
First I got them going on the giant gingerbread boy I bought at Trader Joe's.   Turns out, Jake is pretty good at this!
Then we cut out some cookies.
Fought over cookie cutters, ate lots of candies, got icing in our hair, threw sanding sugar up in the air and let it fall like snow...giggling all the while. Okay, that was all Claire!

 Oh my goodness....was Claire ever LOVING this!!  Candy, cookies, sugar, icing!  What could be better than this?
 There was some secret envy of cookie decorating skills going on.  Not gonna mention names. 
 Hannah was SO GOOD at this.  She loved it.  Noah refused to do Christmas themed cookies.  Vrooms-Vrooms and choo-choos for him!  But he was very interested in what his cousin was making!  "HEY..GAMMA...she just took my RED!"
 "Oh pipe down's a little kiss for you."
 "Hey...what just happened there?"
 "I'm outta here!!"  Cookie decorating is for girls!"    Hannah is still carefully decorating her works of art.
Took a little dancing  break to work out the sugar high.
Ran through the house screaming at the top of our lungs!!!  Hey, what do you expect Grandma?  You fill us up with sugar then want us to sit still?  HA!
Back to finishing up the artwork on cookies.  So proud of her work!  She was great.
The kids left.  Gamma vacuumed up the floor, and cleaned the icing off the ceiling, walls, counters, floors etc. 
Geeps got home.  Visited with him.  Rested up a bit.  It was worth every messy minute to do this!  I had a ball watching them!!!!  DARN it all, I never got a photo of the finished cookies Hannah and Claire took home.
Later on that night, I sat and did the rest of the cookies for our Christmas Eve at my Mom's house.  We are going to have dinner there, and will be taking our coffee and cookies out on the boat for the parade.  It has been a couple years since I have decorated any cookies.  I didn't do any piping, no bags, no tips.  I spooned the icing on, spread it with the backs of baby spoons, and then embellished with sanding sugars and toppings.  It was fun to do these.

Love the soot on Santa's boot.  And Rudy...he was my very favorite!
And here they are, all boxed up, icing drying, sealed and ready to go for tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the cookies Hannah and Claire took home.  I kept a few, may have  ate a few broke a few.  But here are a couple done by Noah.  I may have done the "N."
There you have it.  Christmas cookies with Gamma.
On a more serious note, Mr. G had his nerve test done yesterday.  He described it as being "most unpleasant."  They feel that the back is involved.  However, we don't feel that the back is the cause of this nerve pain now.  So, really, we are still unsure as to exactly what is going on.  But he did find some cause for concern when testing the lower leg muscles and nerves.  He said that there is some concern for diabetes.  So he has to go in for full blood work up next week.   His Dad's father was diabetic.  So I am worried.  He is not.  We shall see.
I am heading out to the stores.....E-GADS!  But, for the first time in 7 days, there is no rain today!
Happy Holidays friends!


Bethany said...

What a fun-looking day!!!!!
And I love the way your cookies turned out :)

Holly said...

First and foremost, you are the best Gramma in the whole wide world. You can tell they had a blast! All cookies looked great but yours are amazing, you did a super job. Also, my prayers are out to Mr. G. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, but of course you will, you can see the love in your family.

Genn said...

The girls had such fun making their cookies! I loved all the pictures.

I apologize for the mess that I am sure you spent all afternoon cleaning up.

The cookies were so good!

The pretty ones you made are beautiful! You are so good.

I remember making cookies at Christmas with you and Erika and it was so fun. One of my fondest Christmas memories as a kid. We loved doing that with you.

I didn't know Dad had his test. Sounds like it wasn't fun and very inconclusive. Poor Dad. Diabetes? Oh no. So when are the next tests? Poor Poor Daddy.

Clara said...

What fun! I felt like I was there decorating with them. In the decorating "envy" photo, doesn't Noah's cookie resemble one of Pammy Sue's? I'm going to get her to come over to your blog for a look.

I hope all of the medical tests prove to be okay and will keep my fingers crossed.

Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

OH my Goodness, that looked like a whole lot of fun!! The looks on Noah's face are just priceless!! I have thought that Claire looks like you, & in this post there is a photo of her that lines up perfectly with your profile photo, YES she is definitely her grandma's girl!! ;)
Hope you all have fun at your Mom's for Christmas Eve & hopefully the rain will stay away for you all to enjoy the boat parade!!!

Best Wishes to Greg, I have had that nerve conduction study done twice now, and it is most unpleasant!! He deserves????? I wanted to say cookies, but certainly not if diabetes are a suspect, will be praying that is not the case!!!

Charlee said...

My hubby had a CNT done and they gave him nothing back they think he has lehmet sign(not sure if its spelled right) every time he tilts his neck forward or back his hands go numb and tingly.

NanaNor's said...

Merry Christmas Kris, Loved seeing your sugar cookies; I was a bad nana this year and didn't have the grands come to make any-oh well there is always next year.
Your cookies are so delightful and I bet they'll be yummy.
Have a wonderful weekend and the best Christmas yet. Keeping your hubby in my prayers.

Kristi said...

That looks so worth the mess!! I think I need to get my Mom to take over the job of Christmas cookie decorating at her house. I like that idea!! The cookies you did are so pretty, I love the sanding sugar!

So sorry to hear about Greg, I sure hope it's not diabetes, I'll be praying for him.

Hope you have a great Christmas Kris with those adorable Grandbabies of yours!

Linda said...

What a sweet day with the grands...the cookies look SO good! I'll keep your husband in my prayers that they are able to help him soon! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Oh they had no fun at all, absolutely could you torture those precious children so? LOL! Oh my that looked like a blast! Not to mention the cookies sure looked great too.

Jamie said...

What a fun post- I felt like I was there for the whole thing! I'm sure they had a blast!
Oh my gosh you have major cookie decorating skills! Those came out GREAT! How fun!

Jamie said...

oh, and praying for relief and for some answers for you guys with the medical tests, hopefully not diabetes :(
Have a Merry Christmas! :)