Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday My Friend!

For us, New Year's Eve is typically spent the same way.  With two of our favorite people, celebrating my dear friend Maryrose's birthday.  Meet Maryrose and her husband Kevin.
We met Maryrose and Kevin about 15 years ago, when our teenage daughter's were playing softball together.  We became fast friends.  Shortly after meeting them, we also became neighbors!  We have had so many great times together!  We have shared fun times, sad times, family vacations, trials and tribulations of raising our kids, illness, losing our dear Dad's, seeing our children marry, becoming grandparents, and a million and one things in between.  We love these people.  And last night, once again, we celebrated together.  Both Maryrose's birthday, and the new year.
I set the table, but I did not cook this year.  We ordered our yummy meal from a favorite local restaurant here in town that makes yummy and unique pizzas, and pastas and salads.  We enjoyed one of each. 

 Oh wait, I did cook.  I made an appetizer called Antipasto Squares.  YUM!  This was before they were cut
into squares.  Recipe later.
The cake, carrot is her favorite.  Some chocolates, and cream puffs, and biscotti.....oh my!
In addition to the goodies, the liquid refreshments were chilled and close at hand.
We had a roaring fire.  (this was before our guests arrived)
Back to our evening.  Here is Maryrose with one of her birthday gifts from us.
 What is it you ask?
 Still not sure?
Why they are reading glasses (readers) with little lights on either end that can be switched on and off as needed. 
I have to tell you, while these may look like a gag gift, I have some, and I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  I use them to knit, sew or crochet when I am in the family room where the light is not the best.  I have used them in the car at night.  I will be using them often!  I think anyone who needs readers would love these!  I got her something else too, but I think this was the favorite.

We sang Happy Birthday and had cake.
We huddled by the fire and played a fun game that Maryrose brought.
Then as midnight neared, we prepared to have the champagne that Kevin and Maryrose brought to share.
Kevin opened and poured the bubbly.
A great time was had by all.  Another "Happy Birthday" for Maryrose that we got to share with her.  And the beginning of New Year where memories will be made, and happiness shared. 
Thanks friends.  It was fun!


Genn said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time!
Happy Birthday Maryrose!
Thsoe readers glasses are a crack up, and yet, they make great sense at the same time.
Here's to old being the new young!
Happy New Year!

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful.Belated wishes for the happy and properous new year 2011.happy birthday to u

Pammy Sue said...

Looks like a great time and good food!

Tammy said...

How fun! Love the picture of your feet up in front of the fire.

Kristi said...

Looks like the perfect evening! My Mom's so lucky to have a great friend like you! Those readers are a crack up! She was telling me about them but man, those pictures say it all!

Your table looked gorgeous too!! Happy New Year!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Mary Rose.........

You are not old!!!!


deb said...

Looks like such a fun time....AND I have been looking all over for those readers ever since I saw them on tv..where can I find them????? I wanted them for stocking stuffer:(
You guys are very blessed to have each other!!!!

Bethany said...

I could have used those glasses 25 years ago when I was trying to sneak read under the covers when I was supposed to be fast asleep.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to your friend! What a nice spread you had for her! Those glasses are too funny!

Debbie said...

The whole evening looks wonderful...and I knew right away. The glasses ARE funny, but they are PERFECT. How many times (especially when I was sewing) did I think, "I need more light!" haha You have such a perfect way to bringing in the new year. Looks fun...

Maryrose said...

Kris, thanks again for such a perfect evening, it is locked in as one of my favorite birthdays ever. We do always laugh so much, but maybe that's because we are so funny. (and we know funny)
Top on my list of priorities for 2011 is to have more "spontaneous" visits with our favorite people the Grover's. Your pictures turned out great, your house was so warm, and cozy and you and Greg were the perfect host and hostess...but I only have one question.....who were those strangers sitting in my chair by the fire?
Happy New Year...and cheers to many more good times together.
Love, Maryrose

Clara said...

What a perfect time together! So nice to see.