Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Warning!!!

You've seen them.  Those darling little freckle faced girls in green uniforms, with their Mom's sitting a couple of feet away at a card table piled high with Girl Scout Cookies!  They are out in front of every market in town this time of year.  You can't walk out of the market and whisk past these cuties.  It just isn't possible.  And it certainly isn't in me!  Far be it from me to decline to support one of the greatest childhood organizations EVER.  I was a girl scout.  My girls were scouts.  Their girls will be scouts.  They got me.  This one was especially darling.  She was fair of face, with red hair, and two front teeth missing.  She lisped a little when she politely asked, "Wuth you like to thupport Troop 135 by buying a boxth of cookeeth?"  I reached into my bag and pulled out a bill and bought the lemon cookies with a smile.   I tossed them onto the front seat of my car and drove home, singing along with my new Glee CD.  When I got home, I brought my bags inside the house, along with the cookies, popped a K cup of 1/2 caf into my Keurig for a nice sit down with a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day, and a lemon cookie or two.  And THIS is what I found!!!!
That innocent little fair haired vampiress sold me a half eaten box of lemon cookies!!!!!  I was about to get right back into my car and march myself back to Stater Bros., half eaten box of cookies in hand, to give them a piece of my mind, when I began to retrace my steps.  Could I.... Did I....Nah....I COULD'T have opened those bad boys in the car next to me, and mindlessly munched myself way half way through the box before pulling into my driveway, only a couple of miles from home?   Or...did I????  Ah matter.  Just watch out for those cute innocent looking Girl Scouts.  And put the cookies in the trunk, or you too might wind up arriving home with a half eaten box of cookies!!!!
It's no secret.  I. Love. Cookies!  I love food!  I love to think about it, shop for it, prepare it, eat it....everything about it.  I love food.   Which isn't a terrible thing, unless of course, you have not been exercising, or going to your Weight Watchers meetings!  Then, my friend, your cute little size 8's begin to collect dust on the hangers in your closet.  And so, it is time.  Time to get these out.
My well worn running shoes, because at one time, they were getting used every morning to actually RUN!! 
Last weekend, I began to work out again.  And it felt GOOD!
I am starting with a light workout.  25 minutes on the treadmill, graduating up to a slow jog, doing about half jogging, and 1/2 brisk walking.  My friend Maryrose and I call this, Wogging.  Then I lay out my mat and do some sit ups, leg work, and end with arm reps using 5 lb weights.  I am sore, but it is a good sore.   My knees are shot, so I don't know how much running I will be doing.  But it sure feels good to MOVE, and SWEAT!!!  And, this could be a nice incentive for me to keep at it.  We are joining our middle daughter Erika and her boyfriend David, and a whole bunch of his buddies who are all firemen in our city, his parents, sister, and heaven knows who else, on a three day cruise to celebrate David's 30th birthday in early May.  Maybe I will even be able to wear a bathing suit!!!  Wish me luck.  I am going to need it!!!

Yesterday we had rain.  All day.  I loved it!  I stood at my kitchen window watching this funny little fellow for the longest time. 
My neighbor has pecan, walnut and macadamia nut trees.  So the squirrels are having themselves some big fun right now.  He was a funny little guy.  Noah enjoyed watching his antics as much as I did.

My Valentine Flowers are opening up each day, and I think they are at their peak of beauty today.  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful!
I love it when my husband sends me flowers from Pro Flowers.  They send them with the buds barely open.  Then you get to enjoy them, and watch them unfurl a little bit each day.  And I always get a good two weeks of enjoyment out of my Pro Flowers, from Mr. G.  So pretty.
Mr. G is going to be late tonight, so I am going to heat up some potato cheese soup from last night, sit in Mr. G's spot on the sofa, watch the big telly, on whatever channel I want!!!  Which right now is the Food Channel, naturally....and American Idol a little later on.
See you next time.


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Kris, I had to chuckle...why that little rascal! I am betting she had no clue that she did that...or was she a Dennis the Menace in disguise? None the less I bought a box of thin mints yesterday, the entire box was there, now today it is gone..who am I to blame? Lovely flowers, I got some too from Pro flowers...they are still gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I was so enjoying this post...all about the cookies! and THEN you just had to take it to exercising!! Ugh. Why, oh why, can I not love exercising as much as I do food:) Even equally would work ok!

Kristi said...

Oh, I loved this post! You had me laughing through out! Those little girl scouts got me yesterday but I wrote them a donation check for 10 bucks and left without cookies. I would eat the entire box on the way home, not just half, lol!! Plus my neighbor's girls will probably be buy soon, and I want to get my cookies from them.

Your flowers are gorgeous, wow, the colors are so vibrant! I just love a fresh bouquet!

Ditto on the food thing, I love everything about it too!

Bethany said...

Thanks for the warning :)
Huh...girl scouts...whoda thunk it?

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fun post Kris! I bought two boxes of chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies and when I finished off one box in a week I gave the other one away as I knew I have no will power!

I power walk with friends in a local park every morning for 3 miles. We chat and gossip and so the exercise is painless. I can't run anymore as my knees are shot but I'd like to start bicycling again.

Your flowers look beautiful!

Lauri said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I'm going to have to remember the combination of red tulips and purple iris. Stunning!

I was laughing about the girl scout cookie story until I realized I had eaten 2/3 of a bag of Milanos while I was reading blogs. I need to start moving too!

Holly said...

I'm so excited for you to be going on a cruise. How fun! Good for you with the exercise, you already look amazing!

Debbie said...

Oh I enjoyed this Kris...haha on the disappearing cookies. I LOVE girl scout cookies...doesn't everyone? And the boxes are quite small I think so eating half is really not bad. I too LOVE food, but I won't go there this morning, haha...The exercise actually sounds good to me too! ENJOY

Anonymous said...

First off I'm SO proud of you for working out!! Yay, it does feel so good doesn't it? I'm finally getting out of my slump too. Your treamill is a nice one too! Should be good on your knees but it'd def wise to start out wogging & even walking on a high incline is still a great work out. Slow & steady wins the race. Me you & Genny will all keep each other motivated! And hey maybe one day we can all do a Jillian video, I think you'd love it b/c it's only 20 mins & a helluva work out. Either way nothing like breaking a sweat & summer in sight.

I thought the photo of the squirel was off the internet wow, you got a close up bet Noah loved it!

Those flowers really are beatiful! And thanks again so much for sewing/fixing my dress for me & for picking Noah up too!

Clara said...

Think it had to be a mistake with the cookies, just had to be since they know they'd get in huge trouble if they got found out. It was likely some adult who picked up the box, ate some and put it back! The rain we were getting this morning is turning into flakes here. Oh well, spring is on it's way no matter what. Have a great weekend.

From the Kitchen said...

Did you find any crumbs in your car? I think I like the "half eaten box" theory better. Those little tykes can be very resourceful.

Have a great weekend!


Genn said...

Heehee cute post. I've eaten something before too and then realized it was gone, and thought surely I could not have eaten that... who ate that? That's funny.

Good for you for hopping on that treadmilll. I am never mad about working out after it's been done.

Good pic of tha squirrel!

Clara said...

Forgot to mention this Kris, have a look here in their recipe tab....looks like a few interesting ideas :)

Pam said...

Too funny! I can't buy the cookies because those somoas are so addictive I would have eaten the whole box before I got home.

Good luck with your new workout routine - great job!

The flowers are lovely!

Sheryl G. said...

OMG, my mom got those same lemon cookies from the girls scouts in front of Albertson's! Leo had one with his lunch yesterday and I tasted was to die for!!! I don't blame you for eating half the box, lol!!

Queen of...Whatever said...

Kris, Your uncertainty with the whole "eaten" cookies is odd.
I wish i could still jog, but i get bad foot issues with running. I like Pilates ...

NanaNor's said...

Happy Friday Kris, Reading about the GS cookies made me really miss the thin mints and the carmel cookies but due to gluten I won't be buying any this year. My girls were in brownies so I know how important supporting them is-so you go girl. I started an exercise program this week and hope that by spring I'm in better shape.
I've loved Idol this year and even Stephen. Also been watching Survivor-it is good.
Have a great weekend.

Shorty said...

Kris, I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing!!

Shorty said...

Kris, I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing!!

Liz said...

Ha-ha! You are too cute!! Thanks for the laugh and story. Have a great weekend!! I love everyhting about food too! ;) ~Liz

I'm Cindy said...

Visiting your blog today. Very impressed!! Also, darn those girl scout cookies!!

Mary said...

You started my day with a smile. I do have to laugh, however. If the GSC boxes are cut any further in size they'll only contain 6 cookies and that would make a half-eaten box a less terrible thing. Have a great day, Kris. Blessings...Mary

Linda said...

I so need to get back on my treadmill, are inspiring me! Can you believe I bought 4 boxes of GS cookies and gave them to my kids? I'm gluten free and can't even eat them LOL!