Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Dinner

This morning I prepared our rib eye steaks for marinating.  I bought the rib eyes at Henry's.  I got a kick out of the way they had cut them and packaged them.

Here are the things I put into the food processor for a marinade.
Toss it all into the food processor. 
I don't have measurements for you.  I used a couple onions, a 1/2 cup or so of soy sauce, maybe 1/4 cup of olive oil, a good shake of smoked paprika, steak seasoning,  several cloves of garlic, 1/2 cup or so of beef broth, and salt and pepper.   Pulse several times, then blend only until mixed.  Don't liquify.
Put meat into large ziplock baggie, pour in marinade, and let sit in fridge for several hours.
I love my Cuisinart.  It was my Mom's and when she got a new one, several years back, she gave me this one.  I use this a lot.  I believe it was a gift from my Dad.  And wonderful gift giver that my Dad was, he also got her this box of blades to go with the processor.
I wish I had the counter space to leave this out.  I would use it so much more!!!    While I was making this, there was a delivery!
Beautiful flowers from my Valentine, AND a box of chocolates too!
Back to dinner.  I also made Hasselback Potatoes, which I found at my friend Pam's blog.
These are so tasty, and very pretty too.
The finished meal.
It was a very nice dinner.  We had some of the chocolate covered strawberries from yesterday's post for dessert.  Delicious!
It was a very Happy Valentine's Day!!


Holly said...

That looks wonderful! We had a pretty quiet V-Day. Hubby wasn't hungry for dinner so we had banana splits instead. That was a good day in my book.

Bethany said...

Mmmm....I'm hungry.

Clara said...

What a lovely day!

Genn said...

Looks good. Glad you guys enjoyed a nice dinner.

I'm taking C to the dr in a few minutes. She's worse. :(

Anonymous said...

Okay've got skills!

David would have been in heaven!

Shorty said...

Yum, what a delicious looking meal! Thanks for posting about the marinated you used. We just got a bunch of Omaha steaks and this will go perfectly!
Have a great day!

Lauri said...

Yum! The steak looks delicious. I love to cook potatoes that way...such a pretty presentation.

Kristi said...

We have the same food processer I think! Mine was my Grandma's..

That dinner looks so yummy and so pretty! I didn't get to cook dinner for my Valentine, we had to sign re-fi paperwork last night. =(

Liz said...

Hi Kris,
So glad you had a nice Valentine's Day and dinner! I have to tell you....that dinner looked FABULOUS!! I agree, the presentation was just lovely! YUM!!

Oh, and thank you for the nice comment on today’s post. *smile!


Janna said...

Yum. Your husband is a lucky guy! Looks like he's a good catch too if he sent you chocolates and flowers :)

Pam said...

Looks like the perfect meal to me! I love, love, love ribeyes and your marinade sounds awesome. Thanks for the shout out and link. xoxo

The Garden Bell said...

I'm a day late, but I can still smell that yummy steak. And shaped like a heart. Some butcher is creative. The whole meal is making me want another dinner 930pm....

Maryrose said...

Looks like a great Valentine Dinner....that lucky Mr. G. Thanks for taking mom to knitting, she had a great time. You are her new hero (and mine)

annielizabeth said...

Uh oh, you're making me hungry again! Glad you had a most perfect V day!

From the Kitchen said...

That's my Cuisinart exactly and I love it. I even have a brand new Cuisinart but don't like it nearly as well. Mine is over 20 years old and I hope it will just keep chugging along. If it doesn't, I have one in reserve!!

The steak sounds amazing and I really have to do those potatoes. I keep seeing them in food magazines and on blogs.