Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feeling Blue?

I have been feeling blue lately.  Not sad.  Not down in the dumps.  Just BLUE!  This shade of BLUE!!!
Isn't she pretty!  Remember I said that there was something I left behind at the thrift store, and then couldn't stop thinking about it?  Well, I went back the next day, and there it was.  Waiting for me.  In all of it's TURQUOISE splendor.  I have been hoping to find a vintage typewriter for some time now.  They are very collectible and quite pricey.  However, this was a steal.  I had a 20 dollar bill on me.  I got the typewriter, stopped for double AA batteries on the way home, and a bite to eat too!!  This one is a portable manual typewriter, with a case that that you can either clamp it down into and use, or you can release it and use it.  It typed just fine too.  And while I was typing, I went straight back to 1976, typing class with my best pal Anita.  We were both so fast at typing, that we would finish our assignments, and then spend the rest of the time typing each other notes.  I have some of those notes to this day. 
I have always loved to write.  I have kept journals my whole life.  I write short stories, and poetry.  I have wanted an old typewriter for no other reason than, well, I wanted one.  I love this!!!  I LOVE the pretty turquoise color.  I have been drawn to blues lately.  Turquoise, aqua, and mixing them with reds and on my BLISS quilt top.   And as you can probably tell, I am a fan of bright yellow as well!  Above vintage step stool, was purchased last year at an antique fair here in town.  It stays in my kitchen, and the grands love to sit up on that stool to help Gamma cook!
When I went back for the typewriter, I happened upon a nice gentleman, who was unloading his car with his grandson, to take some things into the Goodwill.  He had trucks and toys that his grandson had obviously outgrown.   I asked  him if I could buy the big dump truck.  He said...NO...take it!!  I knew my grandson would be THRILLED beyond words with this gem!
I couldn't wait to pick him up from school to see it. And he gave me another one too. This truck has a lever that raises the front scoop, and then has 6 buttons or so that make the truck do different things.  It shakes, it rolls, it beeps, it scoops, it plays music, it talks.  All it needed was some new batteries and it was good as new. 
He was one happy little boy when he saw these!  Look at that little tongue sticking out!!!
I had one more stop to make though.  I wanted to peek in on another shop I like to visit. Especially on Fridays.  Boy am I glad I did!  I got this table, that actually matches the coffee table I have in my living room. 

See the pretty carved front drawer?  It was a perfect match to my coffee table. needed some TLC.
It looked like it had been left outside. The top was in very bad shape. So was the back. And it had one leg with a piece broken off, but the piece was there.  See how it matches my coffee table.
I knew that this was a quality piece of furniture.  Well worth the time put in it to fix it.  AND, it was 50% off day for furniture!!!   The selling price was........................5 dollars!!!!  And I got it for 2.50!!!  Yes, I did!

So I took it home with me.  Gave it a good wiping down.   And  this morning after going to Farmer's Market, I stopped at Home Depot and purchased some stain and varnish to get to work on it.  First I sanded it really well.  The entire top and back, then with a fine sand paper to tack up the rest.  Wiped it free of dust.  And got busy.
 Here it is, with it's first coat of stain and varnish. 

It needs to dry for 8 hours before giving it another sanding with a fine grade steel wool, and then I will apply the final coat on it tomorrow.  I already know I am going to be VERY pleased with this.   My daughter Erika came by just as I was finishing up, and says she wants me to help her find some pieces and teach her how to refinish.   I have been telling  her for several years...I have this place...they have great finds....all you have to do is look.  And if you learn a little bit about how to tell if it is a quality piece, you can really get some bargains!  
The men folk are all at the March Madness games at The Honda Center today.  So I spent the day being very productive.  I also planted about half of my garden.  And did quite a bit of yard work.    So right about now, my body is begging for my heat up bag of corn, and a movie on the telly.  Stay tuned for the finished table reveal.  
See you soon!


Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I am not into vintage but that typewriter is awesome! I remember typing on very similar but not nearly as pretty.

I think my In-laws have the same side tables...what a difference a little elbow grease makes!

How sweet to get the cool trucks ...someone cute is already enjoying them!

Have a great weekend! HUGS!

Bethany said...

Good lord woman!! All that in one day?
That table is working up beautifully! My mother still has her old typewriter...there's something about the noise that is like no other....the quiet clicks of a computer keyboard really don't compare.

Tammy said...

Beautiful table!! Love the after!! And the typewriter!? Amazing! Pretty color!!!

Linda said...

Such great finds, Kris...and the table turned out beautifully!

Genn said...

Wow! What GREAT finds!!
That typewriter is BEAUTIFUL. I love the aqua color. Where will you keep it? She needs to be displayed!

And seriously, $2.50?? That is such an incredible steal. That is a beautiful piece and I LOVE what you did to it so far. Where is this gem of a store? Can I go with you next time?????!!!!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

WOW Kris that was your special day. I love the typewriter. I so love any blues:) You did a great job on that piece too.

Amber said...

Your table looks fabulous! Nicely done! I wanna know where your secret store is too! You have found so many great treasures!

Reality Jayne said...

Love the typewriter.....Good redo/updo on the table.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Love the colors in your quilt top. Every time a see a quilt I get the itch to make a new one. Yours is beautiful.
You did a fab job on the table, great finds. Luck you:)

Holly said...

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much I love that typewriter. I've been keeping my eyes open for one in either turquoise or red but haven't found that kind of bargain. Loving your new table too. You did such a great job with it.

Kerri said...

What great've been busy! Your typewriter is so CUTE!!
And great job on your end're a fast worker!

Heather said...

Great finds! Beautiful tables. You certainly have a good eye. I learned to type on an IBM Selectric II (I think), they were gems. I think I'd forget to hit the return these days though with computers having the automatic text wrap. Have a great day. :-)

Sunny Simple Life said...

That typewriter is awesome. I love the color. Great find on it and the table.

Anonymous said...

I do want to learn! Great finds, as usual!

Your the best Gamma tho my boy!! We're so lucky to have ya. That truck is ginorm lol He obvi, luvs it!!


Gloria said...

All look nice I love the typewriter look amazing! gloria

Rich said...

You're like my Aunt MaryEvelyn - she always has the best luck finding treasures for cheap or free, and she knows how to find the stuff that I'd more likely pass by without noticing. A great eye and a little luck are quite the combo! Way to go on your treasures.

Jennifer said...

Oh how I wish my mama lived close by and would teach me to refinish furniture! Oh, how I just wish my mom was still around...but you get the point! I would love to have that talent. I often see such beauties while out shopping but they do need a bit of love and I just don't have the I leave them there. Sad, for both of us:)

Love that little guy and his trucks! Such serious business!

DaCraftyLady said...

You know I love to write too I just word but there is something about an actual typewriter. I have pen pals and I enjoy writing them every month. :) You sure had a good day with some good finds. :)


Clara said...

You know what Kris? That young man is Gamma's boy.

Kristen said...

Awesome thrifty finds, Kris! The table looks fantastic, that's an excellent score. I am oozing with jealousy over the turquoise typewriter! Well done!