Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Finds

Do you like to shop?  I do too.  But not in the kind of store you may think.  My Mom loves to shop.  She loves pretty clothes.  She loves to shop in pretty department stores.  My girls love to shop.  Especially my oldest daughter Gennifer.  She REALLY got the shopping gene.  Me...not so much.   I like pretty clothes as much as the next gal too.  But my favorite places to shop are not Nordstrom and the mall.  I could spend all day in Lowes and Home Depot!  I get giddy when the spring gardening stuff comes out at Sam's.  I LOVE the thrill of the hunt at Ross, Marshall's and HOME GOODS!!!  I brake for antique shops and thrift stores!  I love to repurpose something old, and make it new again!  I love things of yesteryear, and vintage pieces.  I would MUCH rather shop for my home and yard than myself.  I love fabric shops and quilt shops!!!!  Dreaming of what I can MAKE!!!   My most favorite birthday gift from my parents was  a gift card to Home Depot one year!!!  Laugh if you want.  Yesterday I went to my local yarn shop after dropping Noah off at school for some knit and knatter.   But they were closed.  WHAT?  ROB...where were you?????   So instead I checked out the new COOKING STORE opening up in town.  Woohoo!!    More on that later.  Then I popped into one of my favorite little thrift shops.  I found some fun little goodies for next to nothing.
A brand spanking new air corn popper.  Never been used.  Made popcorn as soon as I gave it a quick clean at home.
This darling quilted make up bag.  Also brand new, from Pottery Barn.

I just loved these two tiny PINK pyrex glass covered dishes!!!
A yard of quilted fabric in a cute little red floral, and backed with another red print. 
This surfer boy sheet, well I thought it was a sheet.  But it was actually two curtain panels.  Made from a sheet, and also lined with a white sheet.  I am seeing summer time table cloth here.  Or backing a summer quilt top.
This great big willow basket with handle.  Nice and deep, for yarn perhaps.
These GREAT lampshades!!!  LOVE the soft brown cloth.  I have a plan here with these.  They are heavy weight, and lined, with heave bronzed harp and finials.
A shaggy Wheaten Terrier....oh...wait, I already had him.
I forgot to take a picture of a couple of other things.  A complete set of slicing tools, like my Pampered Chef mandoline.  Gave that to Gennifer.  And a brand new heavy duty Farberware saucepan with pouring spout.  Today, I must go back for something I cannot stop thinking about.  I should have gotten it.  I didn't.  I must go back to see if it is still there.
It is cold and raining here in So. Cal.  But there are some Spring things appearing here and there in my house.
Oh, and this book I got off  If you are a beginning sewer, this would be a great book.  Or for anyone who likes to sew.
I cannot stop looking at this quilt top in BLISS.  I am not sure if I will do a free motion meader on it, or grids.  But I can't wait to quilt it and use it!  Oh, and this pink ball is going to be used for something too.
David is bringing Noah in a little late for Erika today.  I better go jump (limp) in the shower before they arrive.
Have a GREAT day everyone!  Tomorrow is weigh in again.  Wish me skinny thoughts!!!


The Garden Bell said...

It's offical. We are Soul Sisters. Your shopping list is pretty much the same as mine. I can't believe all your "finds" yesterday. PYREX....PINK....LIDS...AMAZING...
Always on my list.

Happy Weekend,

Genn said...

I am wishing you skinny thoughts again!!
You found a lot of fun finds yesterday. Love those lampshades! What are you gonna do with em?
Thanks for my slicing stuff! Can't wait to use it.

Anonymous said...

Skinny thoughts hehehe

I looooove air popped popcorn it's the only way to go! I use mine all the time you & Dad got me.

You got the pink pyrex at the goodwill?? I've GOT to get to the goodwill!!

Holly said...

We are soul sisters. I love to shop at all the same places. Great finds. The pink pyrex is just killing me. I need me some of that. Hope all goes well with the weigh in. Mine won't be so great since I'm meeting a few local bloggers for Italian food today. Have a great weekend and I hope your treasure is still at the thrift shop when you get there.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh you did find some wonderful things. The bag and pink pyrex and great. I saw you are going to Blog Sugar. Have you been before?

Bethany said...

I told my sisters I want jelly rolls for my birthday so I can make that quilt. I then had to explain I did not mean pastries, haha.

Heather said...

Love all your thrifty finds, what fun! Good luck on the scales tomorrow. :-)

Kristi said...

Skinny thoughts headed your way!

I too would much rather shop for my home then myself. I do love clothes but not as much as filling up my house with great finds! It's funny, as a kid, I used to get a "headache" every time I had to go shopping with my Mom (Homegoods, Home Depot, etc), now I jump at the chance to go!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! You made out! Even thought the pyrex is pink, I still LOVE it!!!!! Sending skinny thoughts your way!!!!!!!!!!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Eek! Love your pink bowls! Tons and tons of great finds.

My mother-in-law took me shopping this week and I didn’t buy one thing. Nope I’m a thrift store girl all the way. I have to at least check there 1st before I pay full price for something elsewhere. When I told her that my Calvin Klein jeans were a $4 thrift store purchase she was shocked. They still had the tag on them and would have cost me loads more at a department store!

Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

~Niki~ said...

great finds! love the pyrex~and the puppy is adorable~but you knew that.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those pink pyrex bowls!! What great finds. Happy weekend!

Debbie said...

I am soo with on where you like to shop!! You got some great finds...When my daughter was little she'd literally burst into tears when I'd say we were going to the fabric shop, haha...And now that she FINALLY prefers some of the same shops I do, she doesn't live here anymore... ; ( Have a wonderful week-end Kris, and lots of skinny thoughts coming your way!!

I'm Cindy said...

Skinny thought!! I need to get to the thrift stores. Love the pretty pink pryex!!

Reality Jayne said...

I love the pink Pyrex.....Hot.
Was the popcorn buttery enough?
The Wheaten Terrier looks like that is a frequent spot for him....must be the window/and soft spot combination

Jennifer said...

You are my kind of shopping girl!! I'm right there with you - as far as shopping for the house instead of me...and my heart skips at beat at a consignment store or thrift store!! Just like it did when I saw those pink pyrex dishes!! Perfect.

I saw a brand new PC mandolin the other day in our consignment store - never used. Wanted it so bad but had a girlfriend slice the top of finger off one Thanksgiving morning...and have been petrified of those things ever since!

Hope to start posting again soon...

deb said...

well, thats another thing we have in comman..I LOVE to shop at all the same places, hate to shop for clothes.....and wow you found some amazing finds that Pottery Barn find...and the pink pyrex, to die for!!! way to go!!!!

DaCraftyLady said...

OMG what a treasure chest of goodies you found.. I too love to shop in my favorite little thrift shop, I tend to get so many goodies. My only complaint is that I wait way too long to go back and get more and then try to make room for it all. :) I also enjoyed the fabric and cute sheet..oh yes it was cutain panels. I think browsing through all the goodies at estate sales and garage sales and thrift shops are my favorite places to shop too!! When should be go again? Are you free this Saturday? lol... happy shopping...Debb

Gloria said...

I love all !!! look really wonderful, I love the pyrex and quilts! have a lovely weekend! gloria

Rebecca P said...

You sure found lots of treasures. Love the pink pyrex bowls.
I too would much rather have a gift certificate for home stuff or fabric. Always FABRIC.
Happy weekend,

Clara said...

Shopping particulars...I've got your habits too.