Monday, March 7, 2011

Rice Bowl With Teriyaki Satay

  I made this for dinner last night.  I adapted it from a Weight Watchers recipe, but changed it up some. 
I used a short grain rice so it was higher in calories and points than if I had used a brown rice.  I stir fried the veggies I had.  I was wishing I had some sugar snap peas.  The green would have been a pretty color addition too.
I also changed the quantity of ingredients for the sauce, because I didn't want it "saucy" but just enough to coat and flavor.  I used about 1/2 cup of beef broth, 2 T creamy peanut butter, 2 T Soyaki (LOVE this sauce and you can find it at Trader Joe's) 1 tsp of Sesame Oil, and a tsp of ginger.  Sure wish I had some fresh ginger too!!!  Whisk sauce and set aside.  While making this sauced, I was reminded of a dish I used to love to make called Peanut Chicken.  It had the best tasting, creamiest peanut butter sauce over it that melted in your mouth.  Our local paper used to have a feature article every Thursday in the food section, where readers could submit recipes and if they selected you, they would come out and take pictures of you making it, and publish the article.  I have submitted several things, but was selected twice for publication.  One of the recipes that was selected was the peanut chicken.  I miss the food section in our local paper!!!
Get your pan screaming hot, and drizzle with tiny bit of olive oil.  Stir fry veg, adding peppers first, cook a minute, then add mushrooms, and lastly I tossed a handful of chopped green onions, a handful of grated carrots for color and crunch, and a couple of teaspoons of sesame seeds.  This whole process is quick.  Maybe 3 minutes. 
Pour sauce over veggies, and stir to coat and heat through.  Fill bowls with sticky rice, and top with veggies.  I used a rotisserie chicken and cut the breast up and layed a few slices of chicken breast over top of this, and drizzled Soyaki on top and sprinkle with more sesame seeds.  Eat with chopsticks!!!
PS  Mr. G asked that this be added to our regular rotation!  I had to laugh at that.
We had some cutie pies visit us on Friday night.  My daughter Gennifer has had a bad head/chest cold all week and luckily Jake was off to take the girls and let her rest.
They just make us laugh all the time!  They had been cooped up in the house for several days in a row, and they were feeling silly!
We decided to have our first taste of our Home Brew.
It was REALLY good!  I am not much of a beer drinker, or drinker at all, for that matter.  But this was so good.
Getting the stamp of approval from the beer brewers.
It's the beginning of a brand new week!  What do you have going on?  I am hoping to remove some stubborn wallpaper, and select paint colors.


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks for the invite...My boyfriend likes beer to ya know, whateves.

That rice bowl dinner looks Delish! I made your orange/avo salad last night!

We need to make a trip to whole foods soon me you & Genny. I hope Genny's better.

See you today

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Looking good! Cheers to the brewskies!

Shorty said...

Yummy this looks delicious and has all my favorite ingredients. I'll be trying this one soon. Thanks for sharing! Nothing much too exciting for me this week - work, work, work!

Holly said...

You constantly amaze me with your creations! Hope Gen feels better soon.

Genn said...

Wow, you did a lot of blog posts this weekend. I am catching up. All your dishes look amazing as always. Wish I could taste food right now. It's the worst when you are hungry but you can't even taste at all. Bleh.

I wish I could have gone to the farmers market saturday. Let's go this sat!!

I have my passport appt at noon today. Yipee! Oh wait. That means I need to look presentable enough to have my picture taken. Yikes.

Liz said...

Hope your daughter feels better and that dish looks sooooo good! XOXO ~Liz

Kristi said...

Oh this looks so yummy! All of your other tasty dishes look great too! You have definitely been at it in the kitchen! I've been doing a few weight watcher recipes, actually like 4 last week. Some are good, but some definitely need to be spiced up. I try to spice them up the 0 point way but it doesn't always work! I'll definitely be trying some of these!

Oh, and I can't wait to see what's going on....paint!! Exciting!

Maryrose said...

Kris....wallpaper???? Come by, I will pull out the wallpaper steamer when I get so sorry, I totally forgot :(
Hey dinner looks great. I have a WW stirfry and it is one of my favs. I must get to TJ and look for that sauce, I bet it was great!
Remember...if you come for the steamer, I may twist your arm for Golden Spoon. Congrats on your weight loss.

annielizabeth said...

Yes, Out with the old (wallpaper) and in with the new (paint). Looking forward to whatcha gonna be doin'. Info on the ozonator coming soon :)

From the Kitchen said...

This looks so good--all the flavors we like, including beer. I know you loved the visit with the "adorables"!!


Jennifer said...

Why do I always manage to visit your blog when I'm starving - you're killin' me!! That looks so tasty!! No kiddin.

glor said...

Wow, that looks good. I think I'm going to have to make this. Thanks for sharing!!! Home brew you say ... bet that was good.

Cozart Family said...

Wow Kris, That dish looks amazing. I need to remember this one. You had asked me on my blog if I went to Santiago with Tawnya, I felt so flattered. I am her OLD friend. I grew up in Simi Valley and moved to Norco 2001. My hubby works for Tanya and Danielle's uncle and we have know each other almost 10 years. We have little ones that play together and we camp at the desert together and hang out at the river too.
Well, have a great night.

Linda said...

Your grand daughters are adorable! That dish looks very yummy and home made amaze me!

Clara said...

Food and drink looks delicious. The girls are starting to I can really see it these photos!

Pam said...

Your rice bowl with teriyaki satay looks amazing! I need to try the soyaki sauce from TJ's.

Your grandkids are so adorable.

Gammy said...

Hi Kris enjoyed your posts, I might blog our Knitting shop days, but for now I just emailed that cute one of you modeling Denese's gloves. Will try a new recipe this friday....your blanket is shaping up, pretty colors,look forward to next week.....don

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

MMM.....we love a good home brew!! Stir fry and beer...nothing better!

Hope the kiddies are better soon. They have what I do by the sounds of things. Day 10 of feeling like c---.


Cathy said...

Your little cutie pies are adorable. Isn't it fun when they come to visit? That's one very tasty looking stir fry.