Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Is Springing On Grover's Grove!

Today was absolutely beautiful.  It was Noah's day off of school, so we got busy in the yard early and wound up spending most of the day out there.  First we went out front to fill feeders and water a little bit.  The big sycamore trees in our front yard are leafing out.  I spotted a pair of Western Blue's looking for their nesting box.  I will put it up tomorrow.
The jasmine is in full bloom and smelling wonderful as you walk up to the front door.  And soon the gardenias will be bursting as well.
My pretty white azalea under the kitchen sink that I nearly lost after the exterminating last spring.  I cut it to the quick, and it has come back prettier than ever.
Now let's go pick fruit in the grove.  Noah and I gathered up our tools and the wagon, and off we went.  But first, a quick game of tennis on the sport court. 
He beat me.
It must have been that SpongeBob raquet.  Look at that form!
The blooms are just beginning to open up and there is no better smell in the world, than orange blossoms!!!  Years ago, this entire area was orange groves, and the fragrance that filled the air in Spring was intoxicating.  I love to have it floating in through the open windows at night.  Heavenly
The oranges are at their peak of sweetness.  They are delicious and refreshing.  The lemon trees are so loaded, the branches are falling over.
Time to pick.  Noah set up his cones at every tree we stopped to pick at.  He is a good helper! 
"All clear Gamma!!"
I think he could have a future with CalTrans.
Gamma got the high ones.
Noah got the lower ones.
As we were out there today, I was thinking that our son Drew was the same age as Noah is now when we moved here to this house.  Oh how he loved this grove!!  The girls never seemed to show much interest in it.  Except the summer we let them have their birthday parties out there in the grove.  We set up camp sites and they had their friends come for an over night camp out.  We had a tent trailer that we set up out there, and they had a ball. 
Wagon is full. Time to go have a cold drink in the shade.  With the promise of a horsey ride before going back inside for lunch.
A cold drink was just the ticket after all of that hard work!
This picnic table under the shade of a couple of orange trees is a great place to sit and enjoy a day like today. 
Noah was anxious for his horsey ride before going inside to eat.  So he mounted his horsey, and away he rode.
Giddy Up!!
Ride Em Cowboy!!  My brother Mark saw this tire horse a couple summers ago while on a trip to the central coast town of Los Osos.  He got it for our grandkids, and they just love to ride it out here under the trees. 
Hold her Nooch....she smells alfalfa!  Back to stables, and inside for lunch.
Oh how I love Spring!


Kristi said...

Kris, these pictures are gorgeous! Wow your yard looks so pretty and spring is definitely blooming! Was that the sport court that I saw? Should we have a Kelley/Grover/Hass/Rush volleyball rematch?!? I think maybe! I have to start practicing since I'm joining a league in April! I'm loving this time of year, the pictures of Noah are adorable!

Mrs. G said...

These pictures are so beautiful, and definetly capture Spring :) Those oranges are def at their peak of sweetness, and I know first hand.. They are so sweet, and juicy.. I may just pull my truck up to your fence and fill the bed with oranges, avacados and lemons... Just kidding.. kinda ;) That tire horse looks fun for the lil ones too!!

Linda said...

What a great post, Kris! Looks like such a fun day with your grandson! It's so lovely around your home! I'm looking forward to spring here, too!

Reality Jayne said...

If you only knew how lucky i think you are to have all that lovely fruit at your beckon call

everyday katie said...

I love all the change of seasons an spring is one change i am ready for. It snowed here earlier this week and may snow again today. I am a little jealous of your spring day.

From the Kitchen said...

One word-jealous! O.k., a few more words. Noah is darling--reminds me of my boys when they were that age. Great photos!


Holly said...

Gorgeous! I just love your grove. Would like to see some pics of those avacados too. Looks like you two had a great day!

Holly said...

Ok, I'm an idiot. Those were avacados! I thought they were limes. I would love to have avacados on a daily basis. What a lucky girl you are.

Lauri said...

I'm envious too. Somehow I didn't get any citrus trees in my yard. And I would love the avacados!

Debbie said...

Noah is just sooo adorable...truly such a little doll...the perfect little helper. And what I wouldn't give for those avacados!! All of the fruit really, but expecially them. Have another wonderful day. HUGS

Genn said...

Cute post. I'm so ready for spring. Your yard always looks beautiful. Jake just told me yesterday that he could smell the orange blossoms driving home from school with his windows down. He said that smell will always take him back to that march that he and dusty first visited and the orange blossoms smelled so good.

Anonymous said...

Luuuuv these photos they make me excited for spring eeeh :)

Noah looks like he was a big help yesterday! haha Cal Trans I think not, we've already discussed it and he'd like to be a firefighter :)

Thanks for making his days so fun Mom! XO

Bethany said...

How idyllic! I always thought it would be such fun to spend time in an orchard/grove picking fruit. So peaceful, and so sweet-smelling (I assume) :)

I'm Cindy said...

How fun!! And how lucky, you have an avocado tree? I LOVE avocados!! And I love the way kids say "Gamma". I have a couple myself. Thx for sharing.

Shorty said...

Such a lovely post! Oh how I miss the smell of the orange groves in the most favorite scent ever! Jasmine comes in a very close second though. I'm very thankful for the large Jasmine my inlaws have in their garden.

Noah is a cute as ever! Thanks for sharing pics from your fun day together!

NanaNor's said...

Happy Thursday Kris, I've got to say I'm a bit green with envy-not only some of my favorite flowers but also oranges and avocados....girl I hope you know how blessed you are! Love seeing Noah being such a big helper. What a joy filled life we've got. I'm off to the store and will buy avocados. Hugs, Noreen

Clara said...

What a beautiful post. Methinks Noah will go places in life. He's a real go getter.

Janna said...

I have a Noah too! Aren't boys such a special gift. Girls are too, but in a totally different way. I see where Genn gets her knack for photography! Amazing photos. And can I tell you how excited I am to meet both of you at Blog Sugar!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Noah will have such fond memories picking oranges and avocados with you. I can remember the oranges and tangerines we would eat as children off my grandfather's trees in Florida. Oh, and the fresh limeade we would make from the lime trees. Never seen a growing avocado though! How cool is that?! Lucky Noah.

annielizabeth said...

Wow great pix. Noah is adorable, such a fun age. Yard looks fantastic and I'm totally with you on the scent of orange blossoms. I wish everyone could smell them at least once in their lifetime!