Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hump Day On The Farm

I have been looking for pickle chips for YEARS!!!!    A friend of mine told me about them a very long time ago.  But she was from out of state, and couldn't find them here.  But I always look anyway.  Sharon...I found them....and they are SO pucker up good!!!

Go get some, and let me know what you think.  I found them at the Stater Bros. on Cajalco here in Corona.  YUM!!!
Moving on to more important things.  My GIRL!!!   She is better.  But she is improving slowly.  She is eating a bit, and drinking water, and doing chickeny things, like scratching the dirt for bugs and sunning herself.  But she is not laying eggs again yet.

Hey...YOU looking at ME?
Yeah..YOU!  Are you looking at ME?
Seriously though, I am hopeful that she will be fine.  When she starts laying eggs again, I will know for sure!  The other two Rhode Island Reds have started to lay.  But one of them ,Lucy we think, is laying those weird soft eggs.  Two broke on their own still in the coop yesterday.  Odd.   My one Rhode Island Red, the pullet, died last week.  She is the one who brought the cough here.  She never seemed sick really, but she displayed a lot of odd behavior.  She fell off the ladder in the coop, and then layed in the dirt all night like she was paralyzed. She kept getting tangled up in the hose, and falling like she was hurt, and then one day she just lay down and died.  I will never get hens from a place that strictly buys and sells again.  Live and learn.
I spent several hours the other day adding onto the coop.  I didn't get a building permit......ha ha!!  I took sections of wrought iron fencing we weren't using, and created a run, or play yard for them.  The two little Reds are small enough to sneak through the grove fencing and they follow me to the back yard and pool area.  I do not want chicken poops on my deck!!!!  So I made a run for them.  I got done, and was sitting down all proud of myself, admiring my hard work, and then realized....oh my gosh, I have to take it apart.  I blocked the only way out of the yard for the boat!!!!   Geez!!! 
I only have to redo half of it.  That white piece, that is a piece of baby gate, and it has a swing open gate that we can step in and out of to the the run.  I wrapped the whole thing, except the white piece, in chicken wire, and secured all pieces with zip ties....(man I love zip ties!!)  Works out perfectly!   When I showed Mr. G what I did, and that I blocked the boat, he laughed and said "Oh Bunny!"  Next I want to build some sort of screen or enclosure for the trash cans so I can't see those when I am back there in my happy place with the garden and chickens.  Speaking of my garden, it is growing like crazy!

I love the way my back wall looks now with the colorful plants and herbs hanging.  I also hung up my sea turtle that we bought in Maui a few summers ago.  That was the trip of the turtle!  We saw hundreds of them from our lanai, and we snorkled with them.  And one the size of a Volkswagon Beetle charged me in a cove!!!  So that was our trip of the turtle.
My yellow squash and zucchini are about a week from my first harvest. 
My corn isn't exactly there yet, but it is growing fast!
My aqua blue chair looks so pretty by the pool.  But I am still on the hunt for the right yellow flowers to plant in the seat. 
I planted these nasturtiums from seed and they are doing great too.  I put them in several locations.  These are one of my favorite flowers.
I filled in some other spots in the front with a few that I bought at the nursery as seedlings.  I am fertilizing everything here with chicken poop tea.  What's that you ask?  Well, I scoop the chicken doo up every day, and  put it in a tall bucket.  I add water, and let it steep.  When it is thoroughly dissolved into the water, I then pour it onto my garden and all of my flower beds. Let me assure you......there is NO BETTER FERTILIZER!!!  My gardens have never looked better than they do since I have done this.  My friend in Louisiana does this, and she is a master gardener, and swears by this.  She is so right!  Another good reason to get chickens!
I replant this area next to the garage every spring with pony paks of impatiens.  I am watering them with my special tea, and they are taking off so fast.  In no time, this will be a completely filled in profusion of color.
I have roses that line the entire front perimeter of my yard.  They too are getting the special elixer.  I have more roses than ever before.  I clipped them on Sunday for Mother's Day and had them in pretty vases all over the house, and on all of the tables in the yard.  Which unfortunately went to waste since the day was cold.

Those purple irises that are everywhere in my yards were started from one single bulb that a friend in Indiana sent to me from her garden.  I have divided them every fall and now I have them exploding in my yards!  They smell just like a grape sucker.  If you live in Corona, and would like some come fall, just let me know, I will divide again and share them!
I got my zoom lens out recently to take some bird pictures.  It was broke.  I was sick.  This was a gift to me from Greg last year on my birthday.  I know it was not cheap!  I have never dropped it, and I don't use it often,  and the one year warranty had JUST passed.  But we (as in Greg) sent it in for repair and I just got it back yesterday.  So all of these photos today were taken with my zoom.  The following are some of my favorite shots.  The oranges, so bright and pretty.  This is the tail end of the season.
 A hummer resting high atop a tree, quite some distance away from where I was sitting.
 Pretty Miss Maui above.
 You can see the droplet of water in Snacker's beak as she is taking a drink.
 A red tailed hawl let out a screach, and I pointed my camera heavenward, and got this shot.
 A cascading branch of bouganvillia.
And lastlly, I am ending this random post of nothingness with a couple pictures of the chicklets.  They are growing so fast.  I had to give them the entire run of the play yard.  And they must be covered up too, since now they all have quite an amazing vertical leap!!!  They will be graduating to the out of doors very soon!

That last one cracks me up.  You can see that Ducey is quite interested in the downy little chicks! 
Well, that's it for today.  Go outside and take in some of the beauty around you!
Have a great day!!!!


Bayside Gal said...

Yay for Rhode Island Reds....maybe I'm biased because I live in RI LOL. Your gardens are so beautiful. I just posted some pics of mine. We are a little behind you weather-wise, so not much going on in the flower department. Have a great day...and yeah...pickle chips are addictive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,
I'm a long time lurker but today I have to say that I want to come live at your house, and sit in your garden, and smell your flowers, and see your hens, and eat your oranges and pickle chips, and just hang out. That would be awesome. Paula

Bethany said...

I love the garden gloves on the fence--they look like they're sending you secret sign language messages :)
Also--do you have like a bajillion acres or something? Sooooooo pretty.

Holly said...

So glad the Snacker is doing better. I was just thinking about her last night. Your yard looks to lovely and your photography skills are awesome. I just love that pic of you with the pickle chips in your mouth. I love them, we have them here. Have a great trip!

The Garden Bell said...

You are too funny. Yes, those Pickle Chips are a fav around this house, too.

Now, about that garden. I'm so jealous, we are so far behind you all out there. We are just starting to get things in the thawed ground. But, hitting the 90s yesterday, we will be catching up soon. What great ideas you have provided us late bloomers to try this year.

Glad to hear Snacker is better.

Oh, and yes, I too, love the picture of the gloves on the fence. It so reminds me of how I am.

Heather - The Good Life said...

Your gardens are beautiful. I've been busy myself with planting, weeding and moving things around. I need to get a few more annuals and then I'll be happy with my little plot of landscaping. Sorry to hear you lost one of your chickens and hope Snackers recovers soon. Have a great day Kris. :-)

Gloria said...

Dear, your garden look awesome and nice, love buganvillias and now we are in autumn (snif) so the garden is in this time you know, are sleepy,love this post, LOL gloria

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Loved hearing that Snacker is getting better. I can't believe how much your garden is growing-I haven't even planted new flowers here yet because of the changing weather. Loved seeing Ducey looking at the chicks. Have an incredible day!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

So glad that Snacker is better! You are getting close to be self sufficient there... veggies, herbs, fruit, eggs and roast chicken(just teasin!!) !! You are quite the farm girl now! hehehehe

Your flowers are so pretty. Still too early for annuals here - might get a frost at night still.

I have to tell my son about those chips.. he will love them!!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend my friend!! HUGS!!

Reality Jayne said...

I am glad your Chicken is on the mend. Your gardens look healthy and lovely. I bet your house is the best one on the street

Debbie said...

WOW Kris, you really got some great shots. Especially of Snackers. Soo glad she is doing better. Your flowers look great. My impatience is doing good too. Filling in nicely. Don't have your wonderful fertilizer though, haha, but "whatever" my gardner used sure didn't smell very nice! Isn't the weather just gorgeous! Have a good day!

Linda said...

Great photos of the chickens and your yard! Yesterday, the boys and I saw deep fried pickles at the deli...they are supposed to be very good...but we didn't try them....maybe next time!

Lauri said...

This farm life you're creating is quite charming. It is so fun to read about your adventures.

I love the of my favorites but I'm sure it's too hot here to grow them.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I have never heard of pickle chips, maybe because I gravitate towards chocolate instead of salty things. Nice to see Snacker on the mend. Sorry about the bad experience by buying a chicken without credentials. Doesn't the chicken laying eggs with soft shells have something to do with the feed? All the photos are fab:)

deb said...

your gardens look amazing....AND I dont live in Corona but Im close...I want some bulbs!!!!!!
and some chickens, and some oranges, and some avacados...lolololololol..and some chicken poop...I could go

Genn said...

Great pics. That one of Ducey looking at the chicks is a CRACK UP!
Abbey would have jumped right in there and eaten them I think!!

Janna said...

Glad you girl is better. I'm a little envious of your vibrant garden. I seem to have a black thumb. But I'm improving. Slowly but surely.

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Kris,
My daughter, Lynell just brought us a can of those dill chips and ywe loved them.... in fact they are all gone already. Yummy!

I am glad your girl is feeling better. I hope she will start laying lots of eggs for you soon.

Your yard looks so beautiful. I look forward to coming over and seeing it in person one day. That will be a joy.
How I wish my yard and veggies were planted. My patio plants are usually so pretty. I just love sitting out by the pool.... but I am afraid that this year will be a let down. I doubt if I will be able to plant for some time. Oh well, at least I am home again. The planting will be enjoyed even more when I am able to do it.

Congrats on your beautiful yard. Enjoy every minute of it.
Hugs, Lura

Liz said...

What fabulous pictures. I love the Rooster pics, too cute! You cracked me up with the firt pic, I have never heard of "pickle chips"...I'll have to pick some up when I find them. Have a wonderful day! XOXO ~Liz

annielizabeth said...

Hi Kris. Such pretty pics. Your garden is looking so nice. I love the pots hanging on the chain link fence. The chicken yard you made in the way of the boat sounds like something I would do! Sorry you have to move it. Snacker must have been super healthy as why she pulled through. Of course all your love and tender care for her helped allot!!! Glad she is rebounding back. Have a fab wknd; it should be nice and cool for us, just perfect for gardening.

Sharon said...

Your too funny with that chip in your mouth. You should have been puckering up since they were dill pickles. Enjoy!! Your yard and flowers are looking good.