Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Request

Good Tuesday morning.  I have a question.  Do any of you reading my blog, that live in the Corona/Norco, or Riverside area, happen to have a Little Tykes type playhouse that you are no longer using, and would like to get rid of?  I need another one to use as temporary housing for my baby chicks.  I have one I am currently using to house the young chicks not quite ready to go into the big pen, and will be needing another one to move a pair of ornery Rhode Island Reds who won't stop picking on my Snacker Girl!!  I will be keeping the Rhody's, but want to separate them at roost time to keep them from bothering Snacker.  If anyone has one that they would like to give away, or sell (for cheap), please contact me!


Anonymous said...

Mom post this on facebook too & check craigslist.

Kris said...

I did. I put it on F/B this morning, and also checked Craig's List. Hoping to find something by this weekend!!

Holly said...

Found one here on Craigslist. Want me to bring it to you?

Lauri said...

I'm amazed at how quickly people respond to requests like this via social media. I posted a request on FB to my AZ friends to borrow car seats/booster seats for Katie's visit to AZ. I got more offers than I could use. Good luck!

MarmaladeRose said...

Glad to see you have your housing problem sorted, lol.

Thank you for the lovely compliments, it's very rare I look that elegant, I'm usually in my crocs like you, teehee. I also loved reading Diana Gabaldon and we too have an extra special chicken - Cluck.

I look forward to seeing some of your stitchy stuff.

love Fi x

Janna said...

good luck with making a separate place for Snacker - I can't wait to see future pictures of her & her hen friends

p.s. you have 2 beautiful daughters and looked AMAZING in your cruise photos! how do you have grown up kids?!