Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

Greetings bloggers.  We had a very busy weekend!  Friday was our oldest daughter, Gennifer's 30th birthday, and that evening we went to her house for Yogurt after she and Jake had gone to dinner.   Gennifer loves her red wine, and I had seen this hand painted canvas in a specialty shop down at Enderle Center. 
Saturday night we were having everyone over to celebrate both of the girls birthdays since Greg will be leaving for Mexico this week and will be gone on Erika's birthday.  However, Gennifer wasn't feeling well on Saturday, so it wound up being just Erika and Noah and David, and David's parents, and Drew and us.  Erika and David brought over some yellow fin that David had caught, and we also grilled some hamburgers and fresh veggies I picked from my garden.  I made a huge pot of "Dottie's" beans, and Erika made fresh fruit salad, and we had brownie sundae's for dessert.  It was a very pleasant evening!  We actually stayed outside the whole time.  After dinner, we lit the chimneya and sat around the fire, visiting and listening to Drew play guitar, and Noah tell knock knock jokes!  
Noah got a big kick out of putting orange cones on everyone's head.

I didn't take very many pictures on Saturday night.  Too hard when you are entertaining.  On Sunday we both slept in VERY late!  I was so tired.  I went out to take care of the "girls" and the garden.  I was going to muck out the coop, and when I opened up the big trash can so that I could shovel in the old bedding, I was greeted with the hissing mouth of an alligator!!  I screamed and shut the lid and waited for Mr. G to get back from walking Ducey to get rid of it!!!  When I told him what was in there he laughed and said it was a little tiny lizard!  HA!  I have lizards everywhere here, and they don't scare me one bit.  This was no lizard!!!  See for yourselves.
More like an alligator, or python, or iguana, or kimodo dragon!!!
Ol Ethel and Hare Lip Lucey came running out of the coop.  I made Greg get it out of there and take to the very back of the property to toss over into the vacant lot behind us!!!
Just look at the jaws on that beast!!!
He was vicious!!!!!
After that scary incident, I made Mr. G take me down to the feed store for more chicks!!!  I wanted a Cuckoo Maran in the worst way.  And I was sure they would be all gone if we didn't go right that minute!!!  Lucky for us, they still had one Cuckoo left.  So we got her, and one Brown Leghorn, and one Delaware.
Now I have three sets of chickens.  The older girls are in the big pen.  The 6 week old chicklets are in the
converted playhouse/coop, and the new chickies are in the play pen in the garage. 
It's hard to tell, but there are three huddled in there.  
I put the three older chicklets into the run for a little while yesterday to see how they would do with the older hens.  But the two "you know what's" did sort of pick on them.  I will wait two more weeks before putting them in the big coop.  
Since Snacker is a special chicken, she gets "special" treatment.  She gets to come out to the front with me when I am working out there. 
Maui would really like to take a swipe at her, but she wouldn't dare, or Snacker would make sure it was the last time!
Our internet has been down for a day and a half so I have a lot of catching up to do with all of my favorite blogs.  Til next time.
See you soon.


Holly said...

Snacker is so beautiful. She's my favorite too. Brian's going fishing this weekend too, Too bad we aren't closer to get together for girl time.

Bethany said...

I can't get over the "alligator." I am creeped out and am never taking the trash out again :) For real.

Linda said...

You made me laugh at the "alligator"! I never heard a lizard hiss, but some of them do bite.
The chicklets are getting so big...and Snackers is indeed a very pretty gal!

Reality Jayne said...

That Snackers is one beautiful chick.
That lizard/prehistoric creature is lucky you let it live another day.

Sharon said...

I agree with you that beast was a gator!!!!!!!! I would have screamed too. I used to hate those lizards that were always lurking around. Now we have snakes!!!! lolol Maybe the lizards weren't so bad huh??

Genn said...

That alligator was HUGE! Oh my. I hope it doesn't come to my house! Eeeek.
Cute pics of Snacker in the front yard. She really is pretty for a chicken.

I forgot to give you that blue sippy cup with lid of yours and the foot stuff and your cruise picture! I had it all sitting out and I forgot. I'll bring it to you Wednesday.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is so young! It's the wine that keeps her younger.

Melissa said...

Kris your Snackers is so beautiful, I love that last photo of her!
Aren't they so much fun? I cannot wait till mine grow up!

Whosyergurl said...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL.
That is a great pic of your grandson laughing about putting the cone on people's heads.
I think you and I have chickens about the same age- mine will be 6 weeks old this Saturday. We are frantically finishing the pen they will live in.
That ALLIGATOR would scare me, too! That doesn't look like a harmless lizard to me!

Kerri said...

Yikes! The picture of the alligator creeped me out big time! I wasn't prepared for that! Hope I don't have nightmare tonight! ;)