Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Splashing

Yesterday Jake and the girls came over for a while.  The kids all played in the little pool together and had a ball.
Then some lunch for the hungry swimmers.
Cautiously looking at the (expired) baby raccoon that was in Gamma's yard yesterday.
On the agenda for today....more of the same.  Happy Summer Campers!


Amy said...

I like that little pool you have for the kids. It looks a little bigger than the blow up ones. Can I ask where you found it?? Also, I really want to sew something while I am off work, but don't know what to try and make. Any suggestions?

The Garden Bell said...

Looks like Nana has her hands quite full. But, glad to see we got over the Boy's Only pool thing. What fun they are having. Amazing that the baby raccoon let them get that close. Would love to see his face, keep you eyes peeled and the camera ready. They usually don't go to far from home.

Genn said...

Looks like they had fun!
I like your pool way better than ours. But the MR says we can't put one on the grass. Guess we'll just be coming to use yours more!

If you want to meet me at the girls swim lesson today at 4 it is their last one.

~Niki~ said...

i like the idea of the slide going into the pool.
we just have the kiddie pool. the kids like it but that slide would sure add to it.
yes, the dog days of summer. not yet july and we're going stir crazy already LOL.
the a/c is fixed however, YA ME! lol

Kris said...

Amy, I answered your sewing question on your blog. The pool was purchased at Walmart for 15 dollars. I got the big one. It is a snapset pool, all rolled up neatly in a box. I used this kind for my kids when they were little. You just have to be careful not to hit the sidewall too hard or it will break. You can lay an adult sized raft in it for tanning too!!
Kate, the baby raccoon was dead. We do have lots of them in our area. I had the animal control come to get it. Genny, we put our little snapset pool on the concrete pad when you kids were little. I took an old comforter and placed that underneath it. Worked great! We used a slide with it too.
Niki...SO glad your A/C if fixed. Ugh...Arizona heat with no air would be a killer!!

Holly said...

I feel bad for the baby raccoon. We don't have many of them here but I've always loved them so much. I love the red quilt hanging over your sofa. Did you make that? Have you ever had so many comments with questions before on one post?

Tawni716 said...

How fun for all the kiddos! My Mom got the girls (Payton & my Sister's daughter Linkyn) a slip in slide for her backyard ... they love it! I also LOVE your table they are eating lunch on ... that is so NEAT! I want one! =)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Such fun-makes me want to have the grands over-they are coming for a sleepover Sat. Also love the Star quilt in your living room-looks so much like fall to me. Your grands are so lucky they have you!
Have a great Thursday.

Kris said...

Holly, yes the red quilt was made by me. Noreen, the star quilt was made for me for my birthday by my best friend Jae. I love it. The label on the back is a muslin heart with this stitched inside, "may the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty" LOVE!!!!

Pammy Sue said...

Oh no...that "girlie pool" will never do! Ha-ha-ha. They are loving it.

Those roses in that last picture are so pretty. The dead raccoon, not so much.

Maryrose said...

Looks like fun...except the racoon!
Poor guy!!!!!!!!

Whosyergurl said...

Aren't you just in HEAVEN having them there with you? Too, too wonderful! xo, Cheryl

annielizabeth said...

I wanna be a kid again, such fun! Love the ladybug swimsuit. Yeah, blogger is giving me a pain with the pics, too. I've been uploading them one at a time and then adding them one at a time to the post. It's slow but works for the time being.

Grammy Staffy said...

What darling wee ones and what fun pictures. They were having so much fun that they make me smile.
Our pool is very lonesome this summer. We would love to have little ones splashing around in it and having fun. Come over and jump in any time.
Hugs, Lura

Nicolle said...

Hi Kris, thanks for coming by my blog! :) I just love your daughter, Genn!!! She is precious!

That is so cool that your mom's family is from Fort Worth. I was born and raised here, probably will live here forever. I love it, although I'm sure CA is pretty awesome. My husband grew up in Southern CA, and loved every second of it.

I am following your blog now! :)

deb said...

Omg I had that coffee table. I loved it!
My aunt made that quilt, its one of my favs!
poor sad raccoon:( BUT maybe it was after the chickens?????
we missed you yesterday..wish you could have gone! Next time!!!

Nicolle said...

Hi Kris! It's me again! :) I added the followers list to the very bottom of my blog.


bj said...

This brings such sweet memories..I always had a large kiddy pool for my grands and we had such a good time. They are all grown now (or just about), our youngest being 10.
So glad to see them all having fun.

Thanks for following..I am following you right back and maybe we can meet in the middle and I'll help you remove that Mr. Raccoon..:))

bj said...

O, and meant to say I hope you don't mind if I take your NO PHONE ZONE
to my blog...It's perfect.:)