Friday, July 1, 2011

Finding My Red, White & Blue

What are you doing today?  I am staging and locating all of my 4th of July stuff.
Summer has arrived, and with it, triple digits!  I have been melting all day.  Here are a few pictures of getting ready for the 4th.  I used a piece of red gingham to cover the cushion on my wicker.  And on the chairs, I simply tucked a couple of navy blue and white striped pillow slips over the tops of the cushions.  No sewing, and easy to change!  The throw is old, and it was from Mervyn's.
The old red wagon is decorated and ready to wheel some little ones to see fireworks on Monday night.  The cushion is a red body pillow.  The folded quilt at the end is one I made for my son Drew many years ago when we had his bedroom decorated in Americana.
 The tray holds our plastic cutlery in cute little navy and star tins I bought at Target a few years ago.  The iron star on the napkins is a set of several I have.  I love these!  The red lantern is a new find from the other day.  I found it in the camping section at Walmart.  FIVE dollars!!!  It is an oil lamp, and it is filled and ready to go.
 I love chalkboards and leaving messages on them.  I use the liquid chalk markers from Michael's. They come in sets of 4.  Use a coupon, they are expensive!!!
 A little bistro table on the patio all set for someone to have some iced cold tea.
 I bought this pie carrier at a cooking store where my Mom and I took a cooking class after Christmas.  It was on clearance for 4.00.  I am using it to put my plates in, which I purchased at Target a few years ago.
 These little wire bird cages I got a while back at Michael's in the 1.00 bins.  I bought several in different shapes and colors.  I didn't  have a blue one, so I painted it blue.  I put votives inside and I will hang these in the umbrella.
 Bunting...bunting.....I love bunting.  This is just yards and yards of flag fabric I bought several years ago in the Walmart bargain bin for 1.00 a yard.  We used to use this to cover a portable bar my brother made when we celebrated the 4th down at the beach.  So it has some tears from ripping it from the bar!  Darn.  But I still use it every summer.  Just tie it in sections on the wrought iron fence in our backyard.
 I haven't cut out my bunting flags yet.  I did iron the fabric, but that is as far as I got.  Hoping to do it tonight. 
 We are going to my Mom's house on Sunday for a 4th of July celebration. She lives on a lake, and they have a big fun boat parade.  Everyone decorates like crazy, and it is a lot of fun for young and old alike.  Then on Monday, the 4th, it will just be our kids and grandkids for a bbq.  We will do burgers and dogs, macaroni salad, chips, fruit salad, and homemade ice cream for dessert!!!    So what are YOU doing for the holiday weekend?


Diane said...

I am searching for my Fourth of July stuff.

Where do you think I put it?


Holly said...

Holy Cow! I am ashamed of myself. I don't think I own anything red white and blue. Your stash is so cute!

Amy said...

You have so much fun 4th of July stuff! I went and got that little pool and it's perfect. I got a raft and did just what you said... Taylor oves it. I was shocked it was so big. Thank you for the sewing ideas :)

Pammy Sue said...

Looks like a party at your house!

Ashleigh said...

Kris, that all looks like so much fun! My parents always BBQ and the whole family comes over. The best part is, since they now do the fireworks at the park, we have a front row view from our driveway! Hope you have a great at safe weekend!

deb said...

Well I can sure see you are all ready for the 4th....LOVE it all!!!!! will the fireworks scare the chickens????

Gloria said...

OMG Kris you are absolutely ready to 4th July!!! all look awesome,
Have a nice weekend and nice 4th July! gloria

Kerri said...

Holy Cow! You have a LOT of stuff! The celebration at your mom's house sounds like a blast!

Have FUN!

KAT said...

you are the master of red white and blue I must say! wonderful looking Happy fourth celebrate and have fun

The Garden Bell said...

WOW... I just stuck two flags in my hanging baskets out front and called it a day. I so want to come to you house to part-ta. What great goodies you have.

I know this weekend is going to get away from me. Hope to be able to pop by, when I can.

But, off to bed for me. We are going to try for the Hot Air Balloon take off at 5am. Hopefully, the weather provide. The things we do for a blog post.

Have a safe fun day with family and friends. And don't work yourself to hard.


bellini said...

Have a wonderful patriotic holiday Kris.Enjoy the fireworks, boar parades and good company!

Genn said...

Wow you have a lot of 4th of July stuff!
I must get a new flag for our house!
And more fun festive fourth stuff like you.
Looks great!

Debbie said...

Looking good, and sounding like fun! 4th of July has always been one of my fav's....Will celebrate soo similiar to, grands, bbq, and firworks! Have a wonderful week-end!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris,
It all looks so festive! I love your red wagon, and the quilt; you know I love that girl! I have my father-in-laws old red lantern and I put it outside too. You got a bargain on yours. I have never heard of the liquid chalks. I like how they look. Going to have to use that ole coupon and get me some. Thanks so much for your concern for my son-in-law. Have a wonderful 4th. We do an outdoor breakfast on Mon. with family and friends. A tradition started about 12 years ago by my hubby. I love it! Oh, been meaning to tell you, Alpine is in Utah.

Bethany said...

Now come decorate my house :) please?...
I have 2 oooooold lanterns that were my great-grandfathers. They're an orangey-red color (not sure if that was the original) and they're not fond of having their moving parts moved. They're not entirely functional anymore, but I remember asking my dad if he could make them work. "Why?" and my response was "What if you need a flashlight? Or have to go outside after dark? you'd need a lantern." Then my dad said "You go outside with a lantern and walk around you're going to need a bodyguard. Now stop being weird." Ah, love. It is only now that I'm realizing what an odd child I as :)
Happy 4th!!

Heather - The Good Life said...

Looks like you are all set for the 4th! Have a wonderful and festive weekend! :-)

bj said...

Wow, do indeed have a lot of the red white and blue. I don't have very much at all...Nothing to go on my front porch. I aim to have some bunting flags (haven't a clue how to make them)...:(

I WANNA LIVE ON A LAKE and have a boat parade...sounds like fun.
Happiest 4th

Grammy Staffy said...

I am not up to getting out all of my decorations this year but I just love looking at all of yours. I hope that you have a very happy 4th of July.

God bless America

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your house looks so wonderfully festive, Kris!

It rained here all day today so I think everyone will have their BBQ tomorrow on the $th.

Happy 4th of July!