Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The "B's" Are Gone!

Last night Santiago, our gardener came to pick up his chickens.  He was so excited!  This morning after breakfast, I put my work clothes on, got Noah dressed to play outside, and I got to work taking down their makeshift coop and pen.  I was very happy to do it!  I think my "girls" will be happier now too.  No more bullying B's! 
I still have a little more cleanup to do out there, but it sure does look better now. 
See that blue crate?  All five of them huddle up together on that at night to roost.  Despite the fact that there are two other higher roosts!  They push, squabble, cluck and poke one another for about 10 minutes before they each find their comfy spot and settle down.  It is a riot to watch.
After I cleaned the B's pen out, and washed everything down, I put the old rush chair I had in the little house coop into the this pen.  I wonder if they will roost on it or not.  The B's did every night!

I put a second nest box in there too.  Just in case they begin to lay while we are gone.  The three older ones, Ham, Sammy and Chicas should be any time now.  The other two, Tillie and Beatrice, are a few weeks younger.  But it won't be long now that I have more eggs than I will know what to do with.
I also scrubbed and disinfected the Little Tikes Playhouse.  I drug it back into the backyard and put it on foam interlocking mats. 
It is going to need a little paint I think.   I power whashed it.  Sprayed it for bugs.  Then took soap and water to it.  Then sprayed it with Clorox Cleanup and left it in the sun to dry.  Hosed it again, and dried it off.  Should be good to go now.
I am going to dinner with my girlfriend Jae tonight.  Our husbands play ball on Wednesday nights, and we like to get together for some friend time.
Only 3 more sleeps til we leave for Lake Heaven.  Also known as Bass Lake.  Let the countdown begin!!


❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Is the gardener planning on keep the "B's" to raise or will he be eating them? Sorda afraid to ask. Have fun on the lake trip:)

Melissa said...

My girls all gather together too in the same spot in the loft! A few break away sometimes to get up on the roosts that I made but they seem happy now just to snuggle together!
I bet your babes will be quite relaxed now that the B's are gone :)
Gol, I'm almost as excited as you for your vacation!!!

Kerri said...

Geez, that house is probably cleaner now than when you bought it! :)
Hope you enjoyed your friend time this evening!

Stacey said...

Yay the B's are gone ;) Can't wait to find out if Ham is a rooster or not :)

Holly said...

The coop looks great, love that chair in there. I'm sure everyone is much happier and less stressed with the B's gone.

Whosyergurl said...

Wow. You are such a good chicken mama! All twelve of ours shove and push and sit on top of each other to roost.
Question: Do you have to have a ladder to the nesting box or can they get in without it?
xo, Cheryl

Genn said...

Buh bye to the B's!

Hope you and Jae had fun at dinner.

I am packing today!


Tammy said...

I hope you have a great time tonight! What kind of paint did you use on the house? I have the same one and thought I'd be fun to paint it. It's really faded. It's been around for a loooooong time!

Pam said...

It's funny they all roost on that little box. Have fun with your girlfriend tonight and at the lake in 3 days!

The Garden Bell said...

Ok, I can let you go now. After 48 hours of research we are finally booked, so it's OK, for me to let you all go and have a wonderful time. I know how busy you will be getting ready. Time does get away, doesn't it.

Have a fab time.

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Kris,
I hope you have a great time at the lake. I am sure that you will tell us and show us all about it when you return. These are the only vacations I am getting this summer so I enjoy all of my vicarious blog trips.

I hope that we can meet when you get home. I can drive now and could come over... or meet you somewhere.... or I'd love to have to drop by Grammyville. Hugs, Lura

Janna said...

Hey! I'm here but haven't been on the computer too much lately. Between last weekends dance recital, jr. lifeguard banquet and swim finals followed by my son heading off to summer camp this week I don't know where the time went. He comes back tomorrow and next week we head to Hawaii - our first vacation in 4 years!!! Enjoy your heavenly get away :)

Jann Olson said...

Love all those chicks, such cute names! I know that I would like a sit on that rush chair, pretty darn cute! Have a fun trip!

Naomi said...

Have a GREAT time at Bass Lake! We have been there and know that it is a fun laid back place. Enjoy your week - wish we were headed up there!

Linda said...

Bye bye B's!! Your gals look great...and happy too! Have fun at the lake!!!