Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hens, Dishes & Senseless Chatter

Good morning!  It is cooler today!!!  I have the windows open!!!!  I know we still have plenty of heat left here, but if we can at least cool off at night and in the morning, I am okay with that. 
This post is only going to interest a few of you.  First, my girls.  Not Gennifer and Erika, but my feathered girls.  Chickas, Ham, Sammy, Beatrice and Tillie.  I am patiently waiting for them to lay eggs.  It is time.  Come on already girls!!  They have not done well in this heat.  I am careful to make sure that they have a constant supply of cool, fresh water.  I let them out to roll in dirt that I have wet down with the hose.  I mist them.  Yesterday they were having a good old time scratching in the backyard for bugs. 
Wherever one goes, they all follow.  Like little magnets.
Here is Chickas.  She has whiskers. And green feet. I love it.  This is Hannah's girl.    She will be laying green eggs.
 Here is a little egg sign I found the other day and put inside the coop.  I also put dummy eggs in the
nest boxes to help them get the idea of where they are supposed to leave their eggs.
 Okay, this next bit is for all of you thrifters out there.  Mainly those of you who live near me in
 Corona.  I am on the lookout for more plates like these.
I found two at a thrift shop.  I have been looking online and ebay, and can indeed find them.  Not too expensive either.  But I would rather find them cheap.  I paid one dollar each for these.  I would love to have a set of at least 10.  I found a piece the other day at The Vintage Thrift.   I can't find any information on these.  But on the back here is what is says.
Dawn, I told you wrong.  The pattern is called Sun Up.  So, if anyone near me sees these, can you msg me here on my blog, or email me.  If you tell me where you saw them, I will go pick them up!  Thank you!  I did see on ebay  last night that I could buy 7 dinner plates for around 30 dollars. But the shipping would also be 30 dollars.  I don't want to pay shipping costs unless I can't find anymore here.  This is not a commonly seen pattern.  But it is different, and I love the subtle colors. 
Yesterday I stopped by Gennifer's to visit and we were saying that it was so darn hot, we didn't feel like cooking lately.  I said that I was planning on having frozen yogurt for dinner last night, and indeed we did!  I went to Yogurtland yesterday evening with Genny and Erika and all the kids, and had a nice big froyo!  Then we drove through Wendy's for another one of those yummy salads!!!  It was fun to do it backwards.  Shake things up!   By the way, Yogurtland blows Golden Spoon out of the water.  I will be going back!!!
Did any of you watch P Dub on her premier show on the food channel?  I did.  It was good.  But I hope it gets better.  It felt a little too scripted to me.  And Ree seemed nervous.  But I love her, and hope she gets good ratings, because I think the show will be a refreshing change. 
Lastly today, did you hear the new line up for Dancing With The Stars?  I am no longer a fan.  The last two seasons pretty much bored me to death.  I have a feeling that show has nearly run it's course.
Lots on the horizon for me.  Today I am going to lunch with a girlfriend.  Tomorrow to dinner with my pal Jae.  Thursday is our 32nd anniversary.  We are planning an evening out to Taps.  This weekend is Labor Day weekend.  Surely there will be some bbq'ing going on, and swimming.  We have the boat up in Big Bear for a while, so there will be some fishing going on during weekend time.  The Trout Fest is in early October, and we plan on catching Walter!!!  My knitting/crochet group is planning to begin meeting again for the fall-winter season.  And my blog friends Holly and Tammy are coming in less than one month for BlogSugar!!!   We cannot wait to meet them.  Along with so many others, whose blogs we follow.  Like Janna, and lindsey from Pleated Poppy.  Her sister in law, Denise, and Deb and Linda, and so many others!!!

What's going on in your world?


❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Thanks for the plate design, I will be on the lookout:)

Debbie said...

Good morning Kris! Your chickens look great and surely they will be laying their eggs soon. I loved your sign for them, haha...I love those plates. They seem very familiar for some reason, but can't remember where I may have seen them. Good luck on finding them. Yes, I have a wonderful breeze blowing in my window this morning. I am like you, if it cools off and night and in the morning, I can take the heat during the day. Your Fall season is shaping up nicely I think. : ) I am looking forward to the LONG week-end. Have a wonderful day...

The Garden Bell said...

Cluck, cluck. I don't mind reading about the chick every now and then. Especially when there is a cute vintage eggs sign hanging around the coup.

Lauri said...

Whenever I am looking for a pattern piece, I look at Replacements.com. In just checked it out and they are currently out of stock but can be "on the lookout". After some scouting, I found that the pattern name is sun up...I was looking it by by the wrong name. Anyway, if you get to where you only need a few more, this might be a good source.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Frozen yogurt for dinner sounds great but hubby wouldn't go for it but when he is out of town we often go get it for dinner instead of cooking. Sounds like you are busy. We are supposed to paint the kitchen this weekend but Dean's back is giving him trouble so if he doesn't help it will take forever.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, I was reading this and trying to remember what I wanted to comment about, so much info. I love your posts! First, I'm heading to Goodwill shortly to look for your plates, how awesome would it be if I found them there for $1 a piece? Also, I did watch P Dub. I love her too but felt the same way you did. I just know that if they keep her show on that it will be so much better after she relaxes a little in front of the camera. Not that I could have done better, I would have tossed my cookies! 25 More Days!!!!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Loved seeing your feathered girls out gathering bugs...makes me want some too.
Your week sounds so busy and Happy Anniversary early(just in case I miss telling you later). The plates are so cute-but you'd have to pay shipping if I found them too.
I didn't see Ree's show, darn it. Will have to watch for it next week.
Have a great day.

Heather - The Good Life said...

I hope you hens start laying eggs soon for you. I love reading about them and told hubby I wouldn't mind having one or two if we had the space. Love the thrift plate you found, great price and a perfect motif for your home with the rooster! The weather has cooled down considerably here, hope it lasts. :-)

deb said...

I wish I could have chickens:(
anyways, I will keep my eyes open for those dishes...
cant wait for blog sugar....it will be fun indeed!
its still way too hot tho!!!!!
Enjoy your busy week!!!!!

deb said...

oh and I forgot...I watched Ree too...felt like you did that shes a little stiff...Im thinking she will relax more as she does more shows, I did like the show a lot...I have made her mashed potatos and they are awesome but you would have to run a marathon for a week straight to work off the calories, but oh so worth it!!!!!

Linda said...

I have a funny story for you...I walk every morning in my neighbor....about 3-4 miles...yesterday while I was walking I saw 1 then two chickens peek out from behind a shrub...then 3..4...5...6...they went over to the street the first one looked around...like he was watching for traffic...and then they all filed across the street in a nice neat line...it was funny...they continued over to a nice shady area where they took to searching for bugs...I had to laugh when I saw this and wondered how often they did this!I thought you might enjoy my chicken story!!I wished I'd had my camera!

Pam said...

I hope the hens start laying eggs for you soon...

The plates are so cute. I hope you find some.

Frozen yogurt for dinner sounds awesome. It's been cool and overcast for the last few days so I have been making comfort food.

Hope all is well!!

deb said...

Oh by the way...I NEED those owl kitchen towels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi said...

Love those dishes! So cute! Hope you find them for less around town!

Frozen yogurt for dinner? Yes please!

I'm not into Dancing either, and haven't been since last season. I'm bored with it (don't tell Grandma, it's still her favorite show). I'm into So you think you can dance. Love that show! It's way more exciting!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Hehehe Chickas (I think that was her name) looks like she was trying to tell you something!

Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"