Monday, August 29, 2011

Ventura Half Marathon

Nope, not me.  I didn't run it.  But our daughter Erika did!!  And she did great!   Our niece Jessica was also running this race, so we made arrangements to meet up with Mr. G's sister Glenda, and her kids Jessica and Todd.  We haven't seen them in a few years and it was so nice to catch up.  We left here on Saturday and it was a ghastly 108 degrees.  We arrived in Ventura to a delightful 71 degrees.  Neither of us brought sweatshirts.  How could we be thinking of that in the heat we were having?  But when we got there, we sure needed them.
Jessi offered up hers to Uncle Greg.
Perhaps a tad too tight, eh?  So his sister offered him her tye dye snuggy instead.
Ah yes, much more roomy.  He and I can both fit into this one.  After we chatted and caught up a bit, and the girls had picked up their race bibs, we walked to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner.  It was fantastic!!!  We had a table right by the the open kitchen, which seems to be the newest trend in dining these days. 
That is our daughter Eri on the left, and Jessica on the right.  They could be sisters in this picture!  Our oldest daughter Gennifer, and Jessica and Erika are all exactly one year apart.  Born May 20, 24, and 25.  We all lived in the same town until they were about 6, 7, and 8, and they were inseparable.  We did so much together, and they were as close as sisters.  Glenda moved to the Central Coast area about the time she had her son Todd.  Who is only 5 months older than our Drew.  So unfortunately, we only get to see them now infrequently.  It was so nice that Todd and his lovely girlfriend Kelly got to come up from L.A. to join us for dinner.
Todd just graduated from UCLA and  had already landed a good job in L.A. It was nice to talk with him and hear about what he is doing.
We turned in pretty early after the girls carbo loaded on pizza, with plans to meet up with them at the finish line in the morning.
Here is Noah having a little breakfast in bed before we left to find our runners.
We woke up to a beautiful morning, and got a great seat at the finish line to wait for our runners.
Jessica crossed the line first with a sub 2 time.

Look at her!  What a great run!
Now we watch for Eri.  Here is Noah waiting, and watching for his Mama to come by us.
Do you see her yet Noah?  I think that's her the blue shirt and white visor.
There she goes, crossing the finish line.  The one in the blue shirt.  She was going so fast I couldn't get a picture as she ran past us.  Either that, or Noah stood up just as I snapped the picture. 
We are so proud of you girls!!!!
Wow...she doesn't even look tired!  I was in awe!!!  It sure made me miss running. 
I love this picture.  They look so healthy and happy!  We have decided to make this an annual Grover/Grover family reunion.  Next time we are staying on the beach at The Embassy Suites.  And Greg and Glenda and I will do the 5K.  Hoping Gennifer and Jake will too.  And we will assign Uncle Drew and Diana, and Todd and Kelly to babysitting.   Erika has concocted a plan to get her mother in shape.  And also sneak a workout in for herself too.  We are going to be rising at 5:00 in the morning 3 days a week for a quick run.  For me, it will be brisk walking until I know whether or not my knee can take it.  I think it is strong enough now for at least that.  Maybe I can work up to jogging again.  Hey Genny, care to join us?  Come on.  If your old Mama can do it at that hour, so can you.  What do you say?
After the run, we had a lovely breakfast and then headed back to the triple digits of Corona.
Good bye Ventura.  You are so beautiful!  And so cool!!!!  And I didn't want to go home!!!

I can't believe I didn't get a photo of Greg and his sister Glenda!  I sure hope Erika did!  Erika and Jessica, we are so proud of you!!!!  It was a fun little getaway!  What a fun annual reunion this will be. 
I have work to do before it gets too hot.  See you soon.
PS  To all the dirty minded people out there, who called and commented on poor Mr. G and his ailments.  Not to worry.  The family jewels are just fine!  No injury there!!!!  The ice bag just LOOKED like it was THERE!!!  PEOPLE......come on!!!  Must I edit EVERY photo?????


Bethany said...

HOW do they run a whole race and still look so good???????

Erika said...

I just threw up in my mouth "Family jewels" Mother please your 2 daughters read this.

Thanks again for everything! I had a wonderful weekend! It was just perfect! From the weather, the company, the location, the food, the laughs! Loved it!

Those last 2 photos you got are good ones! I never got a photo of Dad & Glenda, bummer! :(

From the Kitchen said...

Good looking family. Will expect to see you with a "bib" on next August!!


Linda said...

Boy they sure looked good after that race...I walk a few miles every morning and come back red faced and sweaty! Ventura is a pretty place...Don and I stopped in at that pier for a bite to eat last time we drove that way!

Whosyergurl said...

Kris, Beautiful pics. I miss running, too. I ran all through my twenties. I now walk a LOT and sort of walk/jog sometimes. Getting old(er) SUCKS.
xo, Cheryl

Jennifer said...

I have a dream - once or twice - of running like the past the finish line as my cheering family looked on and then snapping photo with nary a drop of sweat on my brow.....a dream alright!! But, boy does it look like a great way to spend the morning!!

PS - love it that you grossed out your adult daughter!!

Shelbie Molnar said...

I'm proud of you E! And how awesome to have the fam there for support, that's the BEST!

-Kris, I think you and Mr. G need a Vegas trip!?! What do you think? Good food, shows and shopping. Dec. 3-5th? That way Erika can run a marathon with me. Also I will run with you guys at 5am. No need to twist my arm!

About Mr. G's jewels- I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. And I'm happy for his sake the jewels are in okay!

The Garden Bell said...

What a fun, fun weekend. Any day by the shore is fun to me. So, who left you a jewel comment. Is wasn't Pammy was it... I bet it was. Now, I have to go and look.

Genn said...

what you're sayin is that Big Jim and the Twins are just fine???
and throwing up in mouth also.

Yes I might run with you girls in the am once in a while.

Great pics of the trip. Make me wish I did the race too. I hope it really happens for everyone to go next year! That would be fun.

Um, and can the girls stay in your room??

Kris said...

Gennifer and Erika.....sorry to freak you out. My first response was going to be that Big Jim and The Twins were A-OK. Thought that would freak you out even more!!! You are funny...both of you!!!

Kerri said...

You ladies are a riot! I am cracking up about the girls throwing up in their mouth! Funny! Hope the new workout goes well...that's pretty darn early to get up! I tried to run a little with my husband this afternoon and thought I was going to have a heart attack! I need to get my fat @$% in shape!

Linda said...

The girls DO look so happy and healthy! Great job! Hope your husband is doing better!

Holly said...

Great pics, so proud of Erika! Proud of you too for starting up the daily exercise craziness. Less than 1 month!!!

Nicolle said...

My mom has made a few comments like that too, and it weirded me out, haha! You are all making me laugh! :)

Sounds like a really great weekend. Beautiful photos!