Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm An American Picker!

Yesterday while Noah was in school, I went to my favorite place to go "pickin" for antiques.  While browsing in the outdoor room where some of the best finds are, I saw this old minnow bucket hanging from the ceiling.  My Grandpa had a minnow bucket, and Mom has had that in the cabin for years.  I am not sure where it is now, but I always loved it.  When I say my Grandpa, I am talking about Nana's Daddy, which is my Mom's Grandpa and my Great Grandpa.  I remember him well, even though he died when I was a child.  I took this minnow bucket down, and saw the price tag that was hanging from the handle.  ELEVEN dollars!  Sold! 
I came home and got on ebay to price them.  There was one very similar to mine listed at 225 dollars!
I also got this cute rooster plate in all of my yummy kitchen fall colors.
And a wire chicken egg basket.
This scrolly wire cage.  I am thinking will be in my garden next year.
And then as I was paying, this caught my eye.  It was a box of molded soaps in the shape of a hen and eggs.  It was sitting in this little paper shredded nest, and the box was from Gardener's Cottage.  If you are from my area, you may be familiar with Gardener's Cottage!  I LOVE that shop!  I have bought some pretty things in that shop.  It is French Milled Soap, and the box was marked 25 dollars with tag attached.  I bought it for a couple dollars, and came home and put it in my guest bathroom on this pedestal, which is a goodwill find that I painted black and use for different things.  Candles, pumpkins in the Fall, and now my hen soaps.
It was a good day Pickin'!
In other news I was resting my weary self late yesterday afternoon, in walked my son Drew and his girlfriend Diana.  Drew has been letting his hair grow out for months now.  To say that I don't care for it much, is an understatement!  I. HATE. IT!!!!!  He is so handsome, and the longer that hair got, the more it hid his handsome face.  This is a picture I took of him at Bass Lake a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it, despite the long hair.

 Good looking chap, isn't he?  Well he shocked me yesterday when he walked in.  I was in tears!!!  And the really odd thing is, I dreamed he cut his hair the night before.  Yes, I am a little bit psychic.

I chased him to his car when he was leaving for this picture.  Even with his sunglasses on, you can see how great his new haircut looks!

 Awwwww...Mama likey!!!

 And some randomness to end this post with.  Yesterday evening I picked this beautiful cantaloupe from my garden, and then got sidetracked with putting the chickens in the coop and forgot to take it inside with me.  I remembered in the night, and got it first thing this morning when I went out to feed the girls.  Too late.  A possum got to it first.

 Darn it!  I cut it up for the hens.  They were happy!
 Mr G left here very early this morning to head up to Big Bear to put the boat into the water.  He is meeting a couple buddies up there to "help" he says.  But I know what he is really up to.  He was dying to wet a line!!!  I know he and Ron and Tom are up there bobbing along on that beautiful lake, fishing!!!
 Before I go, I wanted to show you how pretty the flowers are that Mr. G sent me on our anniversary.
They are opening up more each day.  So pretty!  And the ones that Gennifer and Jake got for us too. 
These are in my kitchen colors, and I love the way  look sitting on my butcher block in a mason jar.
I don't know why this photo won't rotate?  But you can still see how pretty the colors are!
And me, I am looking forward to doing whatever I want today.  How about you?  What are you doing this holiday weekend?


Holly said...

Wow! Great finds! Love the rooster plate. Drew's hair looks so nice, I like my boy clean cut too. You have possums?

kpaints said...

Wonderful handsome young man. Beautiful flowers...have a great weekend.

~Niki~ said...

love the pics. you found some great things! love the soap chicken and eggs. your son is a hunk ya know. either way, and btw, i liked his hair longer ;) hee hee.
at least a mom is happy!

The Garden Bell said...

I am so coming out your way to go
"pickn'" with you. I have heard that CA has some of the funniest markets to stop at. Darn that vermit for getting that lope. Oh, well, I'm sure you will have another soon. And by the way, I want that RED CAGE, it will be perfect for you garden, if not mine...only kidding.

Find a LABOR of LOVE this weekend to work on.

Heather - The Good Life said...

I Kris, you have an eye for finding great deals and fun things. Happy Anniversary and thank you for the link up in your earlier post. :-) Have a great Labor Day weekend.

ain't for city gals said...

have you ever price the fishing creels...ay yi yi...mucho $$$...don't know why I talking in Spanish??lol...

Bethany said...

I was just in a thrift shop with my mom. They had these great little wicker heart shaped chair. I didn't buy it because I have no place for it, but I told my mom I would spray paint it red and make a cherry cushion for it. The girl who worked there was all "Red? really?" in this you-have-no-taste voice. I wanted to tell her if she sprayed it red it would probably sell much more quickly than in the ugly dark brown shade they had but I figured I wasn't going to help her out, lol.

You found some delish things! And yes, much better with the shorter hair :)

Gloria said...

Love your post!! and especially love the flowers your hubby sent to you, are amazing!! and georgeous, gloria

I love antiques too, gloria

Lauri said...

I'm with you on long hair...I used to hate Mike's long hair too. Drew looks handsome with ins new haircut.

wish I could go antique/ thrift store shopping with you

Liz said...

Love his hair short or long...what a cutie! Looks like you found some great finds. Love the Roo items! XO ~Liz

Jennifer said...

You are, indeed, a very successful picker - love the hen soaps..and the idea of putting them on a pedestal! And Drew does look most handsome!!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

1st. The minnow bucket is a great find and will cute on Halloween with a candle lit in it outside on the porch.(not sure why I feel the need to find a use for it.) 2nd. Your son is cute with long or short hair. 3rd. Your flowers are lovely. 4th. Glad the chickens enjoyed the fruit. Happy weekend:)

by Teresa said...

There is nothing more fun that finding something at an antique store that reminds you of your childhood or a loved one. I actually have the wooden paddle that my great grandfather used to stir huge pots of apple butter over a fire - he made the paddle himself, he was a blacksmith so he was used to creating things.
You're just lucky your son has hair, my 2 have been buzzing their heads since high school, I'd *LOVE* it if they'd grow even an inch long. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Garden Bell said...

How did know guess I was doing my happy dance and pee'd my pants over at Teresa's. I just love to play these silly little games.

So, both Pammy and I are bored with not wanting to watch the movies our Hubbies picked tonight. Remind me why we let them pick out the movies again.

laurie said...

what a handsome boy, I have a minnow bucket just like that,, I had no idea!! You found some wonderful finds for sure,, lucky girl!!

deb said...

Im so jealous of your pickins.....I have had slim pickens the last few outings....maybe I need to come down your always find awesome stuff!!!!

Jann Olson said...

Wow! Love it all!! The rooster plate is too cute. Your son is a doll either way. I actually thought he was pretty cute underneathe those long locks. LOL!