Friday, September 2, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

My sweet friend Dawn at 
has passed this award to me.  I just love Dawn, and have enjoyed her blog so much since I discovered it.  She and I have also enjoyed sharing some off topic talk via emailing, and have discovered we have quite a lot in common with one another.  I love that she feels my blog is worthy of mention to share. Thank you Dawn!!  So in the spirit of sharing, I am playing along today so I can share with you some of the other fantastic blogs I have discovered in recent months.  But before I do, I have to say that in the past year or so since my blog has grown a bit, I have been nominated for several of these various awards by other bloggers.  I never want to hurt anyone's feelings or seem ungrateful in any way, because the gesture is oh so nice.  I always appreciate the fact that anyone would feel that my blog was worthy of mention in any way.  But instead of accepting awards, I made the decision to instead, when I was nominated, I would in turn use that opportunity to mention other blogs that have made an impression on me.  This way I could share great blogs with others, and in my own way, pay it forward, but without anyone feeling that they must participate.  I was only recently nominated, and when thanking Heather at 
I had intended to share some other blogs at that time, but with vacation and all, time got away from me.  So I will take the time now to share those blogs with you.  But be sure to go check out Dawn and Heather's blogs too.  Dawn lives in a log cabin that she and her husband and son built, and she shares some wonderful country life tips and has some great furniture redo projects too.  Her What I Wore Wednesdays are where I first met her!  You will never see anyone with more purses in your life!!!  Heather is a wonderful crocheter, and she makes some of the most beautiful things!!!  She always inspires me.  So with that said, let's get going.  I am to mention 7 things about myself, then mention 10 more bloggers.  I am going to let these bloggers decide whether or not they want to play along.  Either way, you must check out their blogs.  They all inspire me in different ways, and I enjoy reading along with them and hope you will too.
for the Versatile Blogger Award.
I am honored and in turn will be nominating 10 other fabulous bloggers for the award. 

Rules after accepting the award:

1.  Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2.  Share seven things about yourself.
3.  Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs.

Seven things about myself:
1.  I have all brothers, no sisters!
2.  I am a bit of a neat freak...... they say.
3. I am a germ phobe!!!
4.  I never go to Target without buying a 99 cent package of peach rings that I usually eat on the way home!
5.  I have a fascination with England, and would love to go someday.
6.  I have the worlds worst sense of direction!!!
7.  Blogging has enriched my life in ways that I could never have imagined when I began two years ago!!!

There you have it. Did you learn anything new about me?
Now I would love it if you would also visit these next blogs I mention.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.
Kate at The Garden Bell.  She is a master with yarn.  I mean she will wow your socks off!!  And a talented gardener as well.  And what she can do with a camera is mind boggling!  Go see her, you will find yourself going back every day to follow this fun lady in the midwest.

Pammy Sue is also a master with the crochet hook!  And what a fun sense of humor she has.  She lives in HOT TEXAS, with her hubby and doggins'.  She is a, say it like it kind of gal.  I love her!
These next two ladies are near and dear to my heart.  They are my daughters!!  Gennifer is my oldest, and she is the one who introduced me to blogging.  Her blog is full of wonderful photography, and tells the story of her life as a young wife and mother.  She has two beautiful little girls, a wonderful husband and a very full life.  She and I blog quite similarly, I am told, only her perspective is that of a young woman juggling a part time job, and all of the activities of a growing family.

Erika is Gennifer's younger sister.  Her blog could not be more different than mine and Gennifer's.  She is also a young Mommy.  But her perspective is quite different, being that she is raising her son as a single Mommy.  She holds down a full time job, on top of being a mother to a busy 4 year old son, and has the most active social life of anyone I know!  She juggles it all with humor and tells her story the only way she can.  With raw honesty.  She says my blog is all rainbows and gumdrops, and that isn't real life.  True, I do prefer to blog about the good things.  It is simply my choice, and my style.  But she is different than me.  She is honest and tells it like it is.  From her perspective.  She is quickly developing a loyal following, and her blog makes me smile and laugh, and sometimes cry.  Go say hi to my daughter Erika!

Let's see, how many is that now?  I feel like I am standing at the counter of  my favorite donut shop, picking out a dozen of our family favorites.  Donuts, like blogs, sharing many commonalities, but made different and unique with their own flavors, if you will.  Some are plain.  Some have just a little flair, like a few colored sprinkles thrown on top.  And some are wild and crazy like the bright pink donuts my granddaughter  Hannah likes. 
So we have 4 donuts in our box, let's continue. This next lady inspires me in ways she probably doesn't even know about.  She is a middle aged Mama like me, with grown kids and grandkids she adores.  She quilts, like me, and she and her husband share a lot of the same interests that Greg and I do.  She is a woman of faith, and her blog clearly defines this about her, but she is subtle about it, and whether it is her intention or not, her words, for me, are very thought provoking.  Go say hi to my friend Noreen.
Next is my friend Holly.  She is a hoot!  She isn't trying to be funny, she just is!  Her blog makes me laugh.  She isn't all jokes and silliness though.  She is warm, caring, creative, and living life one day at a time, with humor.  She is coming to see me in just a few weeks.  And I cannot wait!

Next is Liz.   Liz just moved to the Pacific Northwest, and is decorating her home on budget friendly finds.  She will make you want to run right out to Ross and Home Goods, I promise!  And she has 4 stunningly gorgeous daughters that grace her blog too.  Don't let this pretty face fool you though. She is rough and tumble when it comes to getting behind the wheel of her Jeep, and she spends many a weekend, bumping and rolling along off roading with her Jeep club.

Elaine is next.  She lives pretty near me here in So. California, and we plan on getting together soon.  She shares my love of "nesting" and takes her role as keeper of the cottage quite seriously.  She and I are both fond of gardening, and tinkering at home.   The ultimate "homemaker" and I love going to visit her at:

Next is a young lady with two small children that probably doesn't even realize I love her blog.  She and I have very little in common really.  But I so love the way she adores her role as a mother.  She embraces every part, and it is very touching to me.  Also, she is a bit of an old soul.  She isn't one of these young hip mommies, whose kids clothing are miniatures of what you see on the teens and young adults of today.  No skull and crossbones.  No Hurley, or Roxy for these two adorable little ones.  She favors smocks, and hand stitched aprons, with ruffled leggings, and mary jane shoes.  Big pretty bows in hair, and vintage looking things appropriate for her little girl.  And for her toddler son, it is john-johns and handsome collared shirts that are both comfy and appropriate for little boys, reminiscent of days gone by.  Her love of vintage and party planning are just awe inspiring.  She is one creative gal, and if you go see her, tell her Kris sent you.  Her name is Jessica.

Next up is another young lady named Bethany.  I have no idea how I found her.  But she loves to sew.  And she makes the most adorable hand bags!  She is funny, and no nonsense.  And she reminds me of me in a lot of ways.  A MUCH younger me!

The next few are blogs I have only recently discovered.  So I don't know them very well at all, but I am certainly enjoying following them.  We have been brought together by our recent love of raising chickens.  We all have new chickens either just beginning to lay eggs, or about to lay eggs.  First, there is Cheryl.  I have been following her since the beginning of her chicken adventure, beginning in April.  I just know if we were neighbors, we would never get a thing done!!!

Karen.  She lives in Washington, and she is also someone that reminds me of me.  She is a "GIT er DONE" kind of a lady, who isn't afraid to swing a hammer, or rev up her power tools.  In fact, she could probably teach any man how to build anything!  And she too is a new chicken Mommy!  But there is more.  She is living one of my dreams! She has a vintage trailer, that she remodeled her self, and she is a member of Mary Jane's ladies, who meet to go "GLAMPING" in various areas.  No men allowed!!  And she is also a new member of Sisters On The Fly!  I SO want my very own vintage Shasta that I can girlify to my liking, and pull around from spot to spot to "glamp" with other ladies who enjoy the same things.  Awww a girl can dream.  For now I shall live vicariously through Karen.

This next blog is just a treat all the way around.  I am not sure, but I think she even lives in my area.  Just go see her.  You will love her blog.

Well there you have it.  I am an over achiever, and I did a baker's dozen instead of 10.  I was filling a box of donuts, and I always get 12.  Plus one.  A baker's dozen!
So to Dawn...thank you for thinking my blog worthy of mention.  And it got a fire lit under me to mention some of those blogs that I so enjoy!

Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend everyone.  I think I can smell the BBQ's already!!


Bethany said...

Thanks for the mention, my dear! I know how I'm spending my afternoon - they sound like fun blogs!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Such a sweet post you wrote. I just loved it. I can't wait to check out the nominees. I did not know you liked Peach rings, or had a bad sense of direction. I thought my Mom had the worst, she can get lost in the grocery store, and get confused about which lanes she has already been down. LOL
Have a great weekend:)

Gloria said...

Dear kris well deserved award!!


Kerri said...

I LOVE the peach rings too!!

Congrats on your well deserved award! I look forward to checking out your blog suggestions this weekend!

Holly said...

Yay for me! Thanks so much for the mention, I love you too, you know that right? We follow a lot of the same blogs but there are a few I haven't seen so I'm going to check them out now. Love you!

Whosyergurl said...

Thanks, darlin! Um, just revealing your seven things...we have three things in common...I'm terrible at directions, too (but don't tell anyone) like at the library, I always come out of the bathroom and go the wrong the mall, come out of a store and turn back the way that I came from. I am a germ a phobe, too and can't stand to get my feet dirty...and, I'm so tidy that I can tell when someone has been in my car or messed with my stuff!
xo, Cheryl

Whosyergurl said...
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The Garden Bell said...

I knew we were Kindred Spirit. I too, love the "rings" from Target and for that matter all the above. Well, except the direction one, that I'm pretty good at... ok, at least better than Scoots.

Wow, it looks like we started about just the same time. Hasn't this all changed our lives. I can't tell you how much I have emjoyed reading each of your posting. Award well, deserved.

And by the way, thanks for the linkie.

Ooooops, there's the garage. Let another 3 day weekend beging. Lordy have mercy on me.....

Genn said...

Well done on your award mumsie.
I'll have to check out the blogs you mentioned sometime.
THanks for the nice words about my blog.
Love ya!

Jennifer said...


NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I just got on and saw this-wow girl is all I can say. Thank you so much for mentioning me-you blessed my socks off! I love your blog Kris and you often inspire me-but you already know that. I can't wait to go read all of the other blogs-oh no if I follow them all, I'll be about 220 total-how will I ever accomplish anything?lol.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Kris! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! You are so sweet to do so. Yes, we live not far from each other, I am in Murrieta! How old are your chickens? Mine starting laying at 19 weeks! Same day for my 2 girls...guess that is were "egging each other" comes from LOL! Hugs, Maryjane

Liz said...

Congrats on the award, Kris! =)

Thank you for mentioning my blog, too! You are so sweet...made my morning as I sit here sipping my coffee! =)

Have a wonderful Saturday! XO ~Liz

Jessica said...

Awwww....Kris! You are so, so sweet to think of me and include me among all these lovely ladies! And you are dead on about "old soul" - HA! I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era. I love that you have a close relationship with your daughters and your son. So see, we have more in common than you think! Ha!
Seriously though, your love for them shines bright and I just love that!