Thursday, April 12, 2012

P Dub's Meatloaf

Last night I made Pioneer Woman's recipe for Meatloaf.  It is from her first book.  And she featured it on her show on Saturday.  Ree cooks foods that are very similar to foods that I grew up on.  She makes a lot of things the way I make them too.  But her meatloaf was different.  I have made my meatloaf with bacon on top before, but only a couple of slices.  And I have made a bbq sauce to glaze a meatloaf with before too.  But the combination of both bacon and sauce, and using the bread soaked in milk, made this meatloaf wonderful!  I give it two thumbs way up!!  Here is what you are going to need.
She doesn't put worcestershire sauce in hers, but I did.  And I also sprinkled some garlic salt in mine too. 
I took a picture of the recipe in her book so I wouldn't have to type it out.
Lay the bread in a bowl, pour milk over it, letting it absorb the milk.  Then add the meat, and cheese, and spices, and parsley, and eggs. Using clean hands, mix together well, then shape into loaf onto a broiler pan or rack where fat can drain off of meat.  Wrap loaf with strips of bacon.  I think I used 9 strips of bacon. 
On her show, she cut off about 2 inches of the bacon and layed it across the short end of the loaf.  I thought that was silly.  I did not cut the bacon, and instead layed it across the long end of the loaf.  Then used a couple going across the short end too, just tucking in the edges.
Then mix your sauce, which she calls tomato gravy.  I call it bbq sauce.  Pour about 1/3 on top of loaf.
Pop it in the oven at 350 for 45 min.  At 45 min. take it out and pour another 1/3 of the sauce onto top of loaf, then put it back into oven for what she says, should be 15 more minutes.  However, I felt it needed an additional 30 minutes to bake.   So mine baked for a total time of 1hour and 15 minutes.
Ideally, it should be left to set up about 10 minutes before slicing into it.  Just cover loosely with tin foil, and finish off rest of the dinner.  In my case, I went easy peasy and made some instant taters, and we had fresh fruit. 
Using the remaining sauce to drizzle over cooked meatloaf.  It doesn't need it, but if you want more, use it.  This was just delicious!  Made me think of my Mom and Dad.  Comfort food, all the way!!  I think we will be having meatloaf sandwiches for dinner tonight.
I have been having a lot of yogurt and fresh fruit lately.  I could live off fresh fruit!  I layer yogurt, my favorite is Activia Peach, and then some fruit, some homemade granola, then more yogurt, fruit and granola.  DELISH!!
If I really want to feel like I am in "The Islands" I have some fresh guava juice with it.
Yesterday Jake and the girls came for a visit.  We had a little lunch, and then set up the Wii Rock Bank game.  We still need to fine tune the set up, but the kids had a blast.
My dear friend Sue generously gave this to me, since her kids no longer use it.  I am sure the grands, and probably all of us, will have a lot of fun with this game!!   I think the lead vocalist was clearly established. 
The drummer was really rockin it!!!
And our guitarist was fantastic!!!
They did audition for other roles too.   Hannah also slayed it on the drums.
And Noah showed off his vocal talents too.
Look out American Idol 2022!!!!!
Yesterday morning we woke up to more rain.  Glorious rain!  I went out to feed the chickens and noticed that the iris' I had so hoped would open up before Easter, but didn't, had opened.
A friend of mine in Chicago, who is a master gardener, and has her home on garden tour every year, sent me a couple of iris' after she had divided them in her yard.  She packed them ever so carefully, and upon arrival to me in California, I immediately planted them, and had a couple of blooms the first year, and tons of blooms every year after that.  I divide them each fall, and now have them all over my front and back yards.  They put on a show every April, with an explosion of purple that never disappoints!  And they smell like grape candy.  I still have several that are about to burst with their color.
I just wish that their blooms lasted all season!!!  This fall I will do a big divide.
I have made it a point to really take it easy this week, after all of the hard work in preparation for Easter here at our house.  I have been a very good girl, and scheduled some doctor appointments.  Not always fun, but necessary.  I am having lunch with my pal Jae today.  I had a wonderful lunch with a friend on Tuesday...thank you Maryrose.   And hopefully by next week, I will be back at it on my DIY projects.  The bathroom awaits paint.  There is one more garden box to be built.  Windows need washing, and well, it is endless really.
I hope you are having a great week....wherever you are.
Go make it a great day!!!
XO  Kris


Gloria said...

This look absolutely delicious!! and love the pictures like always lol!

Mereknits said...

The grand kids are so cute rocking out! I don't even eat red meat and that meatloaf looks good, I wonder if you could do the same with ground turkey and turkey bacon? Love that you are taking some time for yourself, lunch with girlfriends is the best.
Have a wonderful day,

Kelli said...

Last night I got caught up on some of her shows I have not watched and one was were she made this. I thought it looked wonderful.

Holly said...

That's so funny, I saw PW's episode and made the meatloaf too, it was good but I didn't like the bread in it at all! Next time I will use crackers or bread crumbs. Your iris' are beautiful!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Aw the kids look so cute and yes you clearly have a star in the making. Already striking the pose. And yes Q would love to hang with your little peeps. She thinks she is a teen as that is all she ever sees.

Tammy said...

Can't wait to try that meatloaf! Cute grandbabies! And beautiful iris'!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Food looks delicious, G-kid are having fun, what more could you ask for:) Life is Grand!

Kerri said...

That meatloaf looks amazing! Bacon AND bbq sauce?! My girlfriend and I were just discussing meatloaf recipes this afternoon...I will have to forward this on to her!
And the kids look like they are rockin' it! You sure took some fun pictures!

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

That meatloaf wrapped in bacon is going to be one of the first things I make when I get back home next week. Love the idea. Your house is always filled with noise and laughs of joys from those adorable kids.....Rock on Gram.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a fun post, Kris! Everything is pure eye candy! Loving how that meat loaf and fruit/yogurt look! Your grandkids are too cute!

Pam said...

Good Lord that meatloaf looks amazing! Everything is better wrapped in bacon :).

The kids look like they were having so much fun rocking out.

Grayseasailor said...

Kris, your post evoked fond memories of home, although I have never tried that meatloaf recipe, nor had my grands play rock band so delightfully, nor shared iris bulbs with a friend, and yet, my experience connected with your experience. You welcomed me into your home for a good visit. Thanks! <3

by Teresa said...

Hey Kris, you rock star! I watched P-Dub make that and I'd like to try it too. As always, I envy you having your granddaughters with you. Those irises bring back memories of my youth.. we have some but one of them is actually BEIGE.. can you imagine a beige iris? Terrible. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Connie said...

Oh my, that meatloaf made my mouth water! I made meatloaf this week too but with my ordinary recipe, may have to give this new one a try sometime.
Your kiddos are just too cute!
Have a wonderful day & weekend!

Nicolle said...

So much goodness here! Love the pictures of the kids. They have so much fun at your house. I also could live on fresh fruit. The meatloaf looks amazing. We are big fans of meatloaf in this house. The iris are beautiful. My grandma always had a huge iris garden at her house, and they remind me of her so much. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. xo.

annielizabeth said...

Oh Kris, your meatloaf really looks beautiful! I don't think I've ever thought food, well, except desserts ever looked beautiful! So perfectly wrapped in bacon. I'm gonna have to try it. I'm hungry now and it looks so yummy.

Aren't Iris' the best when they smell so divine? I have a few that are ready to bloom; hopefully after our rain ends. Have a lovely wknd and relax; you really did put on quite a "bash" for Easter! Love all your pics.

annielizabeth said...

I forgot to say that your grand kids are so adorable playing the wii. The best toys ever are those they can create with. Lucky little ones they are!

NanaNor's said...

HI Kris, Your palm trees look just like the ones here-so I'm imagining you and I dining on fresh fruit! Fruit is my weakness.
That and chocolate-just keeping it real. I haven't tried Ree's meatloaf but it did look so good.
Loved seeing your grands rocking out. Have a great weekend.
Love, Noreen

Cheryl said...

First....those kiddos are so sweet and look how much fun they were having...great pics of them!! That meatloaf looks so yummmmmmy!! I'll be trying that soon.

Nana Go-Go said...

You American Ladies' store cupboard ingredients always look a lot more interesting than boring old Scottish ones! Your meatloaf looks so fantastic, I think I'll try it out, though I'm not so sure about the instant potato and fruit combination!
Darling grandchildren.
Have a good weekend.

Debbiedoo's said...

We love Meatloaf! YUMMY!

Jill said...

love the pictures of the kids in their band! So adorable.Hope you are able to get some rest.


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh my heavens Kris! That meatloaf looks crazy good!!! More fun with the grandkids and love your flowers!!!! xo

Val said...

Looks like meatloaf is for dinner tonight. Wow....this looks good.