Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries......

Usually, life is a bowl of cherries.   Most of the time in fact.

But then, sometimes, it is.........
That rotten cold took a turn for the worse on Saturday.  My head began to hurt and my ears were filled with fluid.  I was dizzy and feeling pretty rotten!  I don't think I slept a wink on Saturday night.  My ears ears hurt so much, I could not sleep.  I knew I needed to get to the Dr.  After a very long night, Greg took me to Urgent Care first thing on Sunday morning.    Luckily they got me in and out pretty quickly, and within a couple of hours I was back home in bed.   Double ear infections and sinus infection.  Ugh.   Poor Greg, some Father's Day!   He took good care of me, and then in the afternoon, they all went to Gennifer and Jake's house for dinner.  We were supposed to BBQ here, but that wasn't going to happen.  So for the first time ever, I think, I missed one my family's functions.   I stayed in bed all day, sleeping some, and watching a Criminal Minds marathon on A&E.  
Eri took a personal day today so that I can rest.  The grandkids all started Bible School today.  It will run for two weeks.  They were looking forward to that!
Erika got me these pretty flowers.
And Noah drew me a nice picture.
That definitely made me feel better!!!
The following photos were taken in the course of the last few days.  My garden continues to produce lots of goodies.  So far, lots of squash and zucchini.  Lots of snap peas.  Cherry tomatoes, and the tomatoes on one plant are ripening.
I am going to have some gigantic tomatoes this year!!!
Lots and lots of herbs.  The sage is wonderful!  Basil, parsley, thyme, all so good.
The cantaloupe are forming, and I will be having quite a lot.  The cucumbers were doing great, and then the other day, I noticed a bug on the leaves, and most of the leaves had really shriveled up.  So I harvested them, and will replant.
I will soon be harvesting green beans.
I have a nice variety of lettuces.  Spinach, butter bib, romaine, arugula.

Do you get this dirty when you garden?  I simply cannot go out there without pulling a few weeds, and climbing back into the boxes to assist a wayward vine or inspect for bugs.   I almost always wind up looking like this.
I am already planning my garden out for next year.  I want to double it in size,  and plant some heirloom seeds so that I can harvest my own seeds for the following year.
I have finally gotten the chicken  run secured, and when they are let from the coop to the run, I have no more escapees.   I allow them to free range every day, but I like to wait until they have all laid before opening the big gate!  And, there are times, when we need to keep them secured if we are doing work in the grove, or have to spray the stubborn weeds.  In which case, I don't let them range for a couple of weeks.  So this more than triples their coop space, and they can scratch and roam, even dust bathe, before being let out to free range.
It isn't beautiful.  But it works.  And it is tucked away into the grove, underneath a large canopy of trees.  It is hardly even visible at all.
I walked all the way around taking photos.
This is the back.

I guess I can take off the tan tarp now.  I put that out there as an additional protection in the winter from rain and wind.
I was standing up in the big avocado tree to take the above and below photos.
While up there, I noticed that we need to get the rest of the avocados picked.  There are hundreds just in these two trees.

A girlfriend gave me this rose tree last year for my birthday.  It has been blooming so pretty!!  I love it, and am enjoying seeing it right off my patio.
Well, I think it is time for my nap.  Hoping to be much more myself in a day or two.
Ta Ta for now.
XO  Kris


Anonymous said...

O-no, sickness is the pits, for sure. Sorry you felt so daggone bad and hope the illness is corrected and gone very soon.

What beautiful produce. I'm jealous a wee bit. Our property is way too shady to grow much of anything but we are trying a few herbs and a few tomato plants. The raspberries are not flourishing at all and may not even make it.

Casey said...

Such a bummer being sick for the start of summer I do hope you feel better soon! I am so so envious of your garden! check out my blog we just started our first garden bed this year and I am learning so much about it! I think I will need my BF to build me another two for next year!! Hope you kick these ear infections and sinus infection soon!!!

Nana Go-Go said...

Oh dear, so sorry you have those dreadful infections. Nothing worse when it gets into the ears. Hope you're feeling much better very soon. Your garden is beautiful and that avocado tree is stunning. You can dye stuff with avocadoes - apparently, they turn pink when boiled! I love Criminal Minds but I can't work out why they have to fly from place to place in that spectacularly expensive looking jet plane! Any ideas?Get well soon.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, So very sorry that you ended up with such a nasty virus but glad you got into the dr. Hopefully you'll be feeling better in no time. Glad you didn't try to be superwoman and host everything yesterday, better to rest and get better. Love your veges! Have a restful day!
Hugs, Noreen

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Feel better soon:) Love seeing all your veggies. The only thing ready in my garden is herbs:( Can't wait for more. The chickens pad looks great.

~Niki~ said...

you are a superwoman! blogging while sick? you beat me girl! feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neicee said...

Kris: I hope you feel back to your own self soon..Your my hero blogging while you feel ill! Hugs!

Whosyergurl said...

First, I hope you are 100% recovered VERY soon!
Second, Beautiful veggies.
Third, hope the chicks appreciate your hard work! Looks nice.
Fourth, all those avocados are YOURS? Oh, my. Avocado heaven!
xo, Cheryl

pembrokeshire lass said...

So sorry to hear that you've been so ill...poor you...what an awful painful time you must have had. I hope that the fact you took all those lovely photos of your crops and even climbed and avocado tree...hang on a minute....climbed an 'avocado tree'!!....I am only used to seeing them singly or packets of 2 in the supermarket!! Wow! Seriously I loved to see all your harvest. Mine was late going in so will be late ripening! Joan

by Teresa said...

Oh my dear friend Kris... so sorry you had such a bad case of whatever it was that you had! 2 earaches! EGADS! I'm glad you're doing better. Your garden is majestic.. you have such a much longer growing season than us.. we still haven't even built our raised beds because of our trip and the weather.. so I'll have to just enjoy the fruits of YOUR labors. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Holly said...

Oh Honey, I'm so sorry you're such a sick girl. Hope you're up and at em really quickly. Can't believe how great your garden looks. My Farmer Friend.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Yuck!!!! Double ear infections. I feel for you and hope you are better soon. Your garden looks fantastic. We just planted the basics this year but you have inspired me to add more next year. My husband planted an unknown (to us) variety of cucumbers this year and they are quite bitter so I started a different kind last week. They are just peeking through the soil and I thought it might be a bit late to harvest any kind of crop from them this year so it's good to know you are putting in seeds now to.

If you have any extra avocadoes I'll make the drive for a few...I'll even help you pick them. Feel better, Patty

Genn said...

I'm glad you are resting. I hope you are feeling better today!!!!!!

priscilla said...

Sorry you are sick ! Hope you feel better ! Living in Illinois I am so jealous of your avocados ! Your garden is doing so great !

DaCraftyLady said...

So Sorry to hear you are sick. :( It is hard with ear infections, sending lots of happy thoughts your way. Love the avocado trees I'll take chicken area looks fine, and oh yes I am always dirty when I garden and play in my flower beds, now how big is your property? I hear you talk about the orchard all the time???~~Debb

Kerri said...

You know you love gardening when you are already planning ahead for next years!
I sure hope you feel better soon...being sick in the summer is for the birds!
PS. you have way too many avacados...I think you should have a "giveaway". :)

Nicolle said...

I hope you are feeling much better by now. I bet you have been miserable with all of that going on. HUGS!

Sweet flowers and note from Erika and Noah.

Your veggies and avocados...what can I say.....can I be your neighbor or your daughter?! :))


The Garden Bell - Kate said...

Look at all those yummie veggie. You need to make Dr. OZ cleanse soup with all that green. That's what we had for dinner here tonight. Ok, followed by FlatOut bread pizzas, but at least we O.D. on our greens. Please feel better soon. Off to see if I've missed the Ta-Da of Bubbles.

Sinta Renee said...

Oh so very sorry that you were so very sick! My gosh!!! I said hello to the lake for you over the weekend. Glad you will be playing in your garden and everything will be "cherry" soon!

Pam said...

I hope you feel better soon! Love seeing what you got from your garden. Absolutely tasty looking!
Take it easy.

Grayseasailor said...

So sorry you have been ill!
And I am cheering you on to feel better soon, Kris!! I'm glad your family is there with flowers, cards and caring. Thanks for showing us your hens' clever hangout, your wonderful garden and great harvest so far. I was especially interested in your avocado trees, too:) Your crop is amazing! Do you freeze some of it?
Hugs from Gracie <3

Grammy Staffy said...

I am sorry that you are sick. I hope that you are getting better quickly. Sorry that you had to miss a family get together. I am glad that your family sent you pretty flowers and a special picture.

My hubby wants to know what kind of avocados do you have? Ours are ripe between Dec and early May. He wants to know what kind will ripen in summer.

I want to start a garden. I am so in awe of your wonderful produce. My mouth is watering at your beautiful pictures.
Get better soon. Hugs, Lura

Karen Bates said...

Goodness sorry you are so sick. Glad you are taking care of yourself! Take it easy and enjoy the attention...lovely flowers.

Your garden is looking fantastic! Dirt? What dirt?

From the Kitchen said...

The garden looks beautifully healthy and hope that you are too by now.


Just a little something from Judy said...

One thing for sure, you are a gifted gardener and photographer! I enjoy reading about your garden because I don't have one.

It is good to hear that you are feeling better too. Our health is a real gift.

corners of my life said...

Hope you are back to your chipper self VERY soon.

I hope the Criminal Minds were the episodes with Mandy Pitnikin - he is the best. We have seen him twice in concert.

Debbiedoo's said...

Awww..Dang Kris! I am sorry to hear you had the double, triple whammy!~ Ear infections are the worst. I have not had one since I was 17, but use to get them often. I can feel the pain just talking about it. Glad you are the upswing now.

Sarah said...

Awww Ihope you're feeling better. Summer colds are the worst and it sounds like you really had it bad.

Pam said...

Kris, I am so sorry you are so sick! NO fun. I am glad you honey is taking good care of you. I sure wish I had your green thumb - all of those veggies look amazing. I also wish I had one of your avocado trees... you are one lucky lady! Feel better soon. xoxo

Poppy said...

Hi Kris,

Hope you are feeling better! After seeing such a bountiful garden, anyone would, right? Kudos to you for still having all that energy despite your defenses being down! As we say here in Greece, 'perastika', which means, 'may it pass', meaning whatever is ailing you.

Take care,

Poppy xo

podso said...

So Kris you and I have had similar things going on. Mine is sinus with bronchitis. But the pain went to the head, ears and teeth. I really took the week off to rest, rest, rest and am trying to take my time getting back to normal. I hope you feel well soon. It's tough to be sick in the summertime I think!

Jill said...

So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well and missed the family day. :-( Hope you are feeling better now.
Your garden looks wonderful so many yummy healthy choices, and getting dirty is a must for having a productive garden ;-)
Have a wonderful day Kris!


Petunia Pill said...

You poor baby! I hope you're feeling better by now! Sinus infections...oh my...I've had my share. I finally had to have sinus surgery (back in the early 90's). It was a yucky recovery but...knock did the trick! I can just feel your ears and throat and congestion...those are NOT good memories! I'm laughing at the pic of your dirty feet and your blue crocs. As I write this, I have on the EXACT same shoe...and mine are ALWAYS filthy! The dog can't play ball with me without stepping on my feet with his muddy paws! Your garden goodies look delish...nothing like fresh veggies from the garden!!! Feel better, my dear! Hugs and tissues...Annette

Val said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

SO sorry you've been sick, Kris! I hope the meds are helping and you are starting to feel better! Your garden produce is beautiful!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said... sorry to hear you've been sick, Kris! I hope you are feeling much better by now. Sinus infectiosn are the pits!

Your garden fresh vegetables look wonderful...and those avocados made my mouth water! What do you do with all your avocados wehn you harvest them?

To answer your question, i live in the New York City borough of is across the East River from the borough of Manhattan. There are 2.5 million people in Brooklyn, so there are many high apartment buildings, private houses are close to each other, land is precious and expensive...therefore all I can have is my little flower pot!

Linda said...

I hope you feel better soon!! Your garden looks wonderful!!

Mary said...

I am sooo jealous of your wonderful veg garden... mine? *sigh*

feel better..