Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hot & Bothered

Hello my friends.  I haven't been a very good blogger lately.  I don't know if it is just because it has been so darned hot, or that I have been down in the dumps, or a combination of the two?  But I haven't had much to share.  Summer is winding down, with the kids around here all back in school.  This leaves the pool lonely.  I keep thinking I will be using it, but it has been too hot to even be outside.  Yesterday was a break in the triple digits.  We only hit 93.  And today, even a wee bit cooler.  But the humidity is hanging on.  I did a little walk around the property to see what all is burned and beyond revival.  Starting here in the front yard.  Can you see how parched it is looking?  Not many blooms left on the roses either.
I have a lot of yard work to do out there, but I am waiting for cooler weather.
There are a few things blooming still, but the earth looks like hard clay. 
The impatiens are still blooming well in the shade on the side of the house.
In the backyard, there is a lot that did not survive the heat.  My nasturtiums, that were profusely exploding out of the confines of this planter, only a few weeks ago, now look like this.
The garden is done, save a few little tomatoes that are hanging on.  And some hot chili peppers waiting to be added to salsa.
However, the basil will have to be purchased.  When I took down the gates to the garden, the chickens immediately picked it clean!
I did sprinkle some flower seeds into my garden boxes after I harvested the last of the veggies.  They are looking nice and will be ready for cutting soon.
I took a little stroll in the grove.  I haven't been out there in a while, except to tend to the chickens.  The ground beneath the avocado trees is littered with avocados that have reached maturity and fallen.  We had so many avocados this year, we kept everyone we know in guacamole!!  And still, there are hundreds on the trees.
The top of the coop is always littered with the remains of avocados after the possums have had their nocturnal dining experience.
Sometimes I will purposely step on the ripened ones that have fallen to the ground, opening them up to  let the chickens have a little treat.
Speaking of chickens.  They are HOT!!!  And they are not laying too well.  I am not getting as many eggs since we have had this heat.  Today I got 5, but the last one collected was a soft egg that was dropped right in the grove.  In extreme heat,  this is not uncommon.
My silly chickens have three laying boxes in their coop.  And they will ONLY use one!  EVER!  Sometimes there are two hens in there at the same time to lay. 
They will only use the wine box on the left.
   Silly girls!
The new oranges are getting bigger, and will begin to take on color in another month or so.
But won't be ready for harvest until January, and peaking in flavor in February and March.
We continue to get lemons and grapefruit pretty  much year around.  Some varieties ripening at different times.
The grove has been rather neglected in this past 6 weeks.  It has just been too hot to be out there much.  In the Spring, Greg and I were just beginning to play some paddle tennis on the sport court, and wanted to get some regular activity going on out there.  But it is sitting out there, unused right now.
Soon, I hope.
I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately.  No projects to show.  No sewing.  No knitting, except for a bunch of dishcloths.  Not much crochet.  A couple of scarves is all.  Tomorrow my Knitty Biddies are meeting and I am looking forward to that.  I did read all three of the Shades Of Gray series.  Loved them!  I went to see the new Meryl Streep movie, Hope Springs.  It was good.  I enjoyed it.  It is not a funny movie.  Not at all.  But I love Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones!  I thought the story was a good one.  And the acting was great!
I had a lovely lunch date with my dear friend Sherri today.  Sherri and I have been friends since birth.  Our parents were all four high school friends, and have remained close all of these years.  Sherri and I don't get much of a chance to see one another in these past few years.  When we do, we just gab away for hours.  Sherri and I talked a little bit about our son Drew moving to Nashville.  I haven't talked much about it to anyone.  But it does feel good to talk to someone I am close with about it.  I love Sherri.  She is one of my forever friends!
And as for cooking.  None.  Not doing any.  I haven't cooked a thing in weeks!  Well, I did make some killer hot pastrami sliders one night, with a Pioneer Woman Blackberry Cobbler for dessert.  But other than that, there is nothing going on in here.  No dishes to wash.  No pans to scrub.  Nice clean, uncooked in, kitchen.  Yuck!
I am eager to make some of the great recipes in Ree's newest cookbook that my daughter Gennifer got me for my birthday.
Nope, there is not much tasting going on in the "tasting room" lately.
I am also anxious to get into my sewing room to finish the 4 quilt tops I have waiting on hangers.  To make soft puckery quilts to curl up under when the weather changes....IF the weather ever changes, that is.  I have several afghan patterns I want to try, along with knitted things I want to learn to make.
There is a mistake in that quilt.  Can you find it?  Oh never mind....I still like it.
Oh, and my laptop cord has a bad break in it, and will now only work if it is twisted awkwardly and tucked underneath the the computer to hold it in this position.
Always something, I tell ya!
So there you have it!  A whole lot of nothin'!!!
 I have been enjoying seeing all of the fabulous Fall inspiration going on out there in blogland and on Pinterest.  I am looking forward to pulling out my most loved season of colors!!
Til next time.....Be Sweet, as my Nana would say.
XO  Kris


Grammy Braxton said...

Dear Kris, I think your post was delightful. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't cook. I have cooked a couple of days this week but that is a fluke. Your weather seems to be much hotter than ours. I've actually been able to open the windows a few days here. I love sleeping with the windows open and the ceiling fan running. Take care, dear. Your son will be fine, I'm sure. I know that doesn't stop you from worrying or dreading the move but kids need to spread their wings even if we want to clip them.

<3 Sharon

Cheryl said...

Great post Kris...and yes we are hot and bothered too!! Ready for this humidity to leave the building. I always enjoy seeing your chickens. So glad you got to spend time with your friend Sherri and have a good chat. It's so wonderful to have long time friends like that, that know us so well, and are always there for support no matter what. Those friends are treasures for sure. That quilt is stinkin' amazing!!!! Thinking of you!

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Hang in there Kris. I was actually able to open up the windows tonight and turn off the AC. Fall is on the way and should be here by October...j/k but only a little. I'm sure your funk has alot to do with your son leaving and add to that the weather we've been having and it is definitely enough to weigh you down. My garden looks worse than yours and today I discovered some kind of nasty beetle thriving under the weeds. YUCK! I sorayed but not sure how successful that was. Too hot to care that much right now. Are we on for next week?

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I sprayed not sorayed. Not sure what that would look like. (smile)

by Teresa said...

Hi Kris! Boy, it's sure been hot for you there. You'd love it here, it was only 70 today and is getting down to 54 tonight! I wish I was there to spend the afternoon talking with you about your son moving.. I can so relate. I'll be honest, my daughter moving to Ohio and taking my GDs away has been the worst thing I've had to deal with in my life. And I remember when they were leaving I didn't want to hear people say it was going to be fine.. because it's NOT. .. sigh.

The pattern I used for the slouchie hat was a bit odd, I'm sure you could find a better one on Ravelry. Hang in there, it is sure to cool down there soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Holly said...

I feel your pain, darlin. The heat is getting to me too. We have had some rain and some cooler mornings though so that's been nice. You know it just kills me to see avocados all over the ground like that when I pay $1 a piece for them. KILSS ME, I TELL YOU! Love you and miss you.

Heather - The Good Life said...

Hi Kris, I hope your weather cools for you soon. We usually have very hot and muggy Augusts here in the Ohio Valley, but I think we must be getting an early fall. It's cool this morning, not typical at all. I think the change in season will give us all a creative spark, there's nothing like the changing of the leaves on the trees to give instant inspiration. Take care, Heather

priscilla said...

Loved taking a walk around your yard! We also have those dead patches of grass from the heat..Our grass is back to green though in the places where it lived . Oh my gosh, to have all those fruit and avocado trees ( I would love to have chickens too !)! Hope it cools off for you ! I am sure you will have family in the pool this weekend ! Can't wait to see the quilts you are working on. I have to tell you I have that same wood family sign ,its sitting on my mantle. Hope you are doing well ! Big hugs from Illinois !

Kerri said...

I hope the temps drop for you here soon. Even I, am ready for some cooler days. Glad you were able to get together with an old friend and talk about life and what's happening with Drew. We usually feel better after talking with a friend.

Debbie said...

Good morning Kris! The weather has just been an awful mess...though! I actually felt a cool breeze or two come through the window last night. I am hoping it is even a little cooler today.

I am sorry your heart is heavy. I've been thinking about you. One of those things that PLENTY of us can relate to, and yet no one can really go through but you. The one thing (and there is DEFINITELY more than just one, haha) that has made this soo much easier for me is the fact that it is soo much easier to keep in touch these days that it doesn't seem as hard as it might. Between calls, texts, emails, little videos, and sent pictures we are in contact several times a day, everyday. Not the same of course, but a GOOD substitute.

Hang in there! Hugs to you!

Katie said...

Can't wait for fall to arrive. Our entire summer here in Kansas has been a smoker! Everything is dry, no eggs to buy from any farmers for there are blazing hot mess ;)
I bet your creative juices are taking a much needed break right now. I know your heart must be broken over Drew's move. You guys are so tight nit & it certainly has to be difficult. Hope you guys make an adventure out of it & visit him often. As I'm sure he will visit you often as well.

Erin~Just*Grand said...

Thank you for the travelogue through your property. It aways amazes me, how different our lives can be ( chickens and avocados in your yard - wow!) and yet we have so much in common. I dropped my darling daughter off for her freshman year in college a few days ago, and while I am anxious/excited for her, I am so sad for me..... I envy you having your other children and grandchildren nearby. I hope I will be as lucky! And I hope your son finds his way to success! Thanks for sharing!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Yes the heat kills any inspiration. It is tiring. I am so busy with getting this kids all set for school. I am like a chicken with my head cut off. One of them is back in college next week and Quinn the following week.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I know when it is so hot here, I won't tend the garden either. I started weeding one cool day last week and haven't gone back outside either-mainly cause we were gone. When it's that hot, I don't feel like doing much either-especially hand quilting.
But there is a subtle change in the air and I can tell fall is on its way. I am still working on the baby quilt(letting the weeds grow)and hope to finish it before he arrives. I did buy a new kit while we were gone, so once it cools off and football starts I'll be stitching more. I'd come swim with you my friend. Sending hugs & love to you today.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I know when it is so hot here, I won't tend the garden either. I started weeding one cool day last week and haven't gone back outside either-mainly cause we were gone. When it's that hot, I don't feel like doing much either-especially hand quilting.
But there is a subtle change in the air and I can tell fall is on its way. I am still working on the baby quilt(letting the weeds grow)and hope to finish it before he arrives. I did buy a new kit while we were gone, so once it cools off and football starts I'll be stitching more. I'd come swim with you my friend. Sending hugs & love to you today.

Mereknits said...

I think there was a whole lot of something. I love your blog and your house and yard. I am melting myself here in Florida and now we are going to get even more rain with Issac passing near by on his way up to Louisiana. It is too hot to be out, but I don't want to be in. So there we have it, nothing to make us Mother's of boys all that content at the moment.
Sending you a big hug,

Neicee said...

Kris. I feel your heat. We are blazing hot here in Florida..Makes me cranky and not cooking either. My neighbor has chickens also...I think of you everytime he goes out to fetch his eggs. Lots of hugs and cool thoughts!

Lynne said...

I like your post about nothin'. I didn't know Pioneer Woman had a new book out! Must get it. I like how your chickens use the wine box. Smart chickens!
That quilt is one I have wanted to make for ages. I will have to pull out the pattern and look at it again.
We still have 90 degrees here too, but the nights are cooling off. Finally I can open the windows at night. My lemons look like your oranges.
Now I have to go clean my kitchen, 'cause yours looks so sparkly!
See Ya!

Robyn said...

Kris honey, sounds like the heats got ya down.. We had the same thing last month and I thought it would NEVER end.. Everything burned etc.. I bet once the weather cools down you'll be feeling a lot better :)

Susanne said...

Dear girl, with all this crazy weather it is no wonder you are in a bit of a funk. Well, even your girls don't know what box to lay their eggs in, but I would pick the wine box too if I were them. It is disheartening to work yourself silly trying to have a beautiful yard and then Mother Nature does her thing, some stuff we have no control over. Maybe when you get word that your son is okay, and doing fine, you will feel less worried and more focused. We all have our own way of coping, I crochet or knit or clean house to get my mind off of troubles. I crocheted a whole 2 afghans/blankets last year when my husband was getting his chemo. Had I not had something to occupy my mind I would have gone stark raving mad.
You hang in there. Better days are ahead.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

DaCraftyLady said...

Its even hot here at the beach. :( Silly chickens, isn't it always like that with animals and kids..oh can you come clean mine
stay cool...~~Debb

Grayseasailor said...

Even though it might seem like a nothin-much post to you, Kris, there was so much I can relate to like hating the sapping strength of heat and humidity, and being farther away from loved ones than we want. But in the midst of those challenges you have informed and inspired me. You taught me more about chickens and avocados and your orange trees and your quilt is amazing to me...what mistake? It looks perfect to me :). It is wonderful you are spending time with friends including your blogging friends. I am sending you a hug, too. Thanks for your post!
Gracie xxx

Pam said...

Hi Kris - I am sick sick sick of the heat too. We have gotten some rain and my grass has greened up nicely. I have been watering like crazy but there is nothing like rain water for the grass. I can't imagine living somewhere with 80% humidity. We can't stand 20%! Hang in there. Pull out some projects and keep yourself busy. Before you know it your son will be back for a visit. Check out the Fall and Holiday stuff at the craft stores. It makes me think of cooler weather! :)

Genn said...

Things will get sunnier again. Drew will be just fine. And fall will arrive. Along with all things pumpkin!!! And it will get better. This too shall pass. Hang in there. I love you!

Tania @ Out Back said...

I think the whole lot of nothing make the best posts...This one was perfect!