Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Sunset!

These past few days here in my neck of the woods, have been cloudy and horribly muggy.  The temperatures have hovered around 100 degrees.  It is dreadful I tell you.  But despite this heat, I do see some subtle signs of Fall.  The leaves are blowing gently in the breeze.  The evenings are cooling a bit.  The shadows are longer.  The pumpkins have hit the stores.  Perhaps a few hot days ahead still, but Fall is coming.
Last night I took these pictures of the beautiful sunset.
I walked to the very back of our property, and with every passing second it got more beautiful!!
I stood out there, on our sport court, looking heavenward for a very long time.  I was talking to my Dad, as I often do, when I am struck by nature's painted skies, and gazing into the heavens.  I had the most incredible sense of peace come over me.
I could hear him call my name...."Kristin"
As if it were yesterday, I could hear his voice.   I stood out there until the sun went all the way down, and the painted skies turned black.  I talked to my Dad.  And he talked to me.
My Dad lives in my heart every day.  I miss him terribly.  But I know he lives within all of us.
I walked past the coop and said goodnight to my girls. Goodnight Scarlett.  Goodnight Bloom.
Goodnight Beatrice, Tilly, Ham, Chickas and Sammy.
Goodnight moon.
Since my husband and son had gone up to the lake to fish, I went inside and tried out my new velcro rollers.
Lovely, eh?  I have to tell you, I LOVE these curlers!  I can't believe my hair is finally long enough to roll up!  I remember as a teenage, I would save those little orange juice cans from frozen juice and use those for jumbo rollers?  I put my hair up into one ponytail on top of my head and rolled it up with those cans into sections.  Anyone remember doing that?    These velcro rollers are so easy.  No clips, just roll them into your hair, and they grip and stay put.  I rolled up slightly damp hair, and then held the blow dryer on low to finish the drying.  I LOVE these.  I didn't take an after photo, because I was in my jammies.  But I will soon.
Have a great day out there, wherever you are today.  And remember what Mark Twain said:
Getting older is mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
XO  Kris


~Niki~ said...

you know, my whole life i've never had rollers in my hair. i just don't know how to do them lol. it's not been muggy here, pretty nice actually. the mornings are beautiful, finally! hugs!

Kerri said...

Look how cute you look in your rollers! How come you don't have wrinkles on your forehead?!
Gorgeous sunset you captured...I love that you talk to your dad out back.
BTW, your pumpkin chocolate chip muffins were a hit here last week...and my guys don't even care for pumpkin all that much!

Cheryl said...

I love this post for many reasons...the beautiful sunset pictures for sure and you talking about your dad. I do the same. I have a bench on my porch and sometimes in the evenings I go out there and "we" have a chat. There isn't a day I don't miss him and my mom too. Think I need to find some velcro curlers...looks so easy. Lovely post Kris. (hugs)

priscilla said...

Beautiful photos Kris ! Very touching post !
Omg on the velcro rollers ! I use them everyday ! LOL! They are the best thing ever ! But I am not taking a picture with them in my hair ! :)
and the sport court, My boys would love that for a backyard ! They have to play in the street !

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

HI Kris, Such beautiful photos, what a lovely sunset! SO nice to feel a connection with your dad and have a warm peaceful calm come over you. A real gift!
Those curlers look great, I normally use hot rollers but those look easy and fun. I hope they have them at CVS!
Yes, fall is coming for us all, hope you get it soon, those temperatures are boiling!
Take care, xoRobin❤

Mereknits said...

Kris, such a beautiful, beautiful post today. I talk to my brother who passed away 21 years ago. My oldest son is named after him and they share many of the same traits, some of them not so lovely. I ask for advice, I ask how he is, I ask if he misses us and meeting the grand kids he can not physically be with. Sometimes I dream about him, once we were on the bleachers, twice we were dancing. He is in my heart that's for sure. By the way you are so adorable in those rollers.
Hugs to you,

Gloria said...

Lovely pictures Kris:)
I have similars rolls but more big because I love more straight the hair, and yes I used these roller we heated !
I love with velcro are amazing!
You look lovely:)


The Garden Bell - Kate said...

Breathe taking. Both you and that sunset. Fun pic. You are looking skinny girlfriend. What's your secret. Are you working on getting off those bp meds too.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Can't wait to see the new doo:)

Kelli said...

Love this post and your beautiful pictures. I lost my grandmother last month and I talk to her often.
Cute picture of you in your hair rollers.
Have a happy Sunday!

Nicolle said...

I LOVE you in your curlers. :) You are so cute!

You know this post got to me, and I know how you feel. I talk to my dad often as well. His spirit is everywhere. That is such a beautiful thing that you and I can feel our dads, all the time and everywhere.

Beautiful sunsets!

Grayseasailor said...

The sunset photos are fantastic!!! [even though
you are STILL dealing with 100 degree days :( ] I had friends who used the ponytail-juice can method successfully :) Thanks for posting, Kris! xxx from Gracie

by Teresa said...

Hi Kris my friend! What beautiful sunsets you have at your place! I'm glad you enjoyed my fiber fest fotos.. teehee. One of these days we'll have to have a west coast blogger retreat.. wouldn't that be fun?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susanne said...

Red sky at night, sailor's pretty and look at you, rollers and all, pretty lady, yes, I do remember using cans for curlers and heavens, don't ask me how I slept in them, but I did. It is a wonder my head had any hair on it at all, and now it is thinning and maybe it is some sort of residual thing from the cans???? LOL. I went back and read the posts I missed these last couple weeks and I agree 100% on that Honey Boo Boo. I saw it the other night for the first time and watched 1 half hour episode and 15 minutes of the next, said to myself, "Oh this is disgusting" and I flipped channels. I sat and told my husband about it and like you, I can not understand how they allow these people on television. I am beginning to think that the producers are desperate and would resort to putting anything on tv even trashy stuff. These people do not even talk in a civil tone, Honey Boo Boo yells all the time. Recently there was talk about removing the children from the home because the mother took this child to a college bar and allowed her to dance on a table....yes, Nancy Grace aired that subject the night before.
Susanne :)

Tania @ Out Back said...

Beautiful skies Kris. I miss so many nice sunsets because it is usually meal time at our place, and I have no window in my kitchen facing that direction. Next weekend daylight savings starts so I will be right then because I will be out pottering around the garden.

I love the way you described the evening closure from your place, saying goodnight to the chickens, and having a talk with your dad, how sweet :) I am extremely lucky to still have my dad and mum. They are in their seventies and very healthy. My dad had a scare a few years ago with his heart but now has a clean bill of health. Can't imagine my life without them :(

I remember mum putting rollers in my hair as a child, but as an adult I cant say I have used them, probably because I have naturally curly hair. I would love to see an after shot, I think it would look very pretty...


From the Kitchen said...

I love how certain situations evoke such special memories. The sunset is lovely! Yes, I do remember the juice can rollers and trying to make my hair straight--sometimes I ironed my curly tresses!! Those velcro rollers are amazing. Once, though, I forgot to take one in the back out and went to a meeting where it was pointed out to me!!


Holly said...

Oh my goodness, it's been so long since I've looked through blogs. Been crazy busy here. You, in your curlers, are darling. I miss my Daddy and Momma too. Also miss you! Hope you get cooler weather soon.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Oh how I loved your sunset-so gorgeous! I well remember those rollers-or rather those size rollers. Hope it is cooling off for you. It's nap time so I'm trying to squeeze in a couple of blogs-thanks for your sweet comment. Have an awesome day my friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Genn said...

Well I didn't expect to read this post and start crying, but I did! I love what you wrote though.

Cute roller pics! I am really liking your hair longer!!!

Lynne said...

I have a friend who uses velcro rollers everyday, and her hair always looks great! Beautiful sunset pictures, I think your daddy was leaving you a gift. I talk to my grandma : )