Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grab Bags

The other day, I met some of my girlfriends for lunch at Panera.  My friend Denise works at Michael's as a knitting/crochet teacher.  She had lunch with us, and then had to go teach.  The rest of us lingered on at Panera having a nice visit, when suddenly I got a text from Denise.  It read, " GRAB BAGS IN FRONT OF STORE.  GOOD STUFF!  TWO DOLLARS EACH"  We had heard about these Grab Bags that Michael's  does because Denise told us about them.  They usually do this after a holiday, and they stuff bags full of miscellaneous items and mark each bag for 2 dollars.  You cannot see inside the bags, and they are all different.  Employees cannot buy them.   As many times as I have been in Michael's I have never seen these, but this was our lucky day!  We collected our purses, and flew out of Panera, and swarmed the big bin in the front of the store with Grab Bags!!!  We filled our carts, and checked out.  Said Goodbye to Denise, and we were on our way to see what was in our bags.   This was my haul.  Seven dollars.  Five grab bags, one frame with floral attachment, and one wreath with beautiful big red bow!
Six Christmas baskets, one Fall basket, one wire mesh basket.  Lots of ornaments, 8 spools of wire edged ribbon, 10 foam stocking kits, 3 felted stocking kits, 4 Rudolph noses, dozens and dozens of Chinese take out boxes, bows, dozens of wooden paint yourself ornaments, with paint, lotions, journals, 8 rolls of washi tape, foam kits for kids, stationary, note cards, stamps, three different sets of melamine Christmas plates, frames, wine bottle stopper, and so much more!
I stuffed one bag and brought it over to my daughter for the girls, and some things for her too.  They loved it!
This is the frame.
 I love the big red ribbon with gingham edge on this wreath.  I decided to hang it now, and keep it up for winter.  I will be adding a Valentine twist to it.
It was marked 49 dollars.  I paid 2!  So, that was my haul for 7 dollars!  If you ever go into a Michael's and see the big bin with the 2 dollar grab bag tag....get some!!!
Speaking of wreaths, these are on my front door for Valentine's Day!
My Dusty Boy is settling in so nicely.  He is better now about the separation anxiety he was displaying.  I can now walk out the door, without him scratching it, and crying.  He is the best dog.  A big ol' love!  But....he does have a couple of bad habits we are working on.  He had a doggy door at Cory's house.  We do not have a doggy door here, because we would have squirrels, raccoons, and oppossum and who knows what else coming through it!  But Dusty thinks any door is fair game.
 Nice!  We are working on him though.  He loves his treats.  And he will perform many tricks for a cookie.
Ducey is still reminding him who is the Alpha Dog around her, and being a Lab, he is complying nicely.  
Sit, stay, lie down, easy peasy.  Now I have him giving me a high five!!!   Erika took a video of it.  I will have to see if I can put it up here.  Oh how I love him!!!
It is raining buckets here today.  I am loving it.  We had a week or so of glorious sunshine.  But it is January, and we get plenty of sunshine here in California.  I want more winter!!  
Let it rain!!!!!
XO  Kris


Casey said...

I just love Michaels and seem to spend way to much when I walk in there! My goodness that was an amazing deal!! I will be on the lookout at my store!!

Anonymous said...

You did make quite a haul, lucky you! Sounds so fun to meet up at Panera and then take off for some bargain hunting. Go, Kris! ;)
It's COLD in Illinois and I keep inviting you to come for a visit. One of these days you'll have to just do it, ha ha.

Bethany said...

I have never seen the grab bags! I can't believe what you got--that's an amazing haul!!! I'll have to keep my eyes open for such a treat!

Patty said...

You and your girlfriends just have too much fun! I want to live by you so I can have fun too! What a nice haul!!! The wheels must be turning!

by Teresa said...

Sounds like such a fun day for you.. lunch, girl talk, and shopping and good deals! I'm heading off to volunteer at the falls in a bit. We have a sunny day here, after just one day of rain. We get way TOO much rain here, so the sun is glorious. Enjoy your clouds!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I've never seen the bags at Michaels and you'd think as much time as I spend there, I would have seen them! In fact, I just got home from there about 10 minutes ago. You did get quite a "haul" didn't you? Wonderful, Christmasy things to share and to keep. How fun!

I love your two "babies". They do find a way into your heart don't they. Our Chloe is a British Lab and you're right, she is very compliant and likes to please everyone.



From the Kitchen said...

What a haul!! I never knew about Michael's grab bags but will start paying more attention. Glad to hear that the pup is settling in!!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Funny. My MIL's dog bashes through the screen all the time. Now they have just left it. Wow on the haul. Just the stack of wired ribbon alone was worth the $. You have to take us there next year okay?

Sarah said...

The Michael's haul is crazy!!!! I would have been in heaven. I had no idea they did such a thing. I need to make friends with someone who works there so I can get the insider scoop. :-) The picture of the dogs sitting is too cute. Dusty has his bottom lip out a little and I love it. When ours do that they can pretty much have anything they want.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kris, I can't believe the haul you made out with. Lots and lots of great stuff and the price is unimaginable. Now that is being at the right place at the right time.
Let it rain and enjoy!

Holly said...

I'm going o have to keep my eyes open for those grab bags. That's amazing. Can't believe you got all that for $7. I've been meaning to ask you the color of your front door. I know you painted it a while back and I want to paint mine. Need advice on color and any tips you have. Love you! Holly

Debbie said...

WOW! What a haul! I love things like this. I will definitely watch for something like this in the future. And your right, much as I enjoyed the gorgeous, warm weather, this is nice too. I do love a good rain! Enjoy your day Kris!

Nicolle said...

You did well my friend. Super cute stuff! I love it all. Hope you are feeling much better.

Mereknits said...

Oh my did you have a great day! All those amazing finds, and lunch with the girls? Great day, your babies are adorable. Bug dogs just think they are so tiny and have no clue how big and destructive they can be.
You are a good Mama,

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

That my friend is a haul worth making go out in winter weather here for. Oh, wait, I just got home from being right there too, wandering while my car with updated for winter service.

Pammy Sue said...

What a fun time at Michaels, and such a great haul. Would your "Valentine twist" on the frame be a dangling rose heart maybe? Hmm...hehehe. I wish we had some of that cool weather. The back door is open and it's way too hot in here. I hate 70 temps in January. Hmpf!

NanaNor's said...

Hey Kris, What a haul you made! Some great items to be sure. I wanted to share that our daughter, who lives on several acres in the country, has a doggy door that only opens when the tag on the dog's collar is next to it-otherwise it stays locked so that critters can't get it. You may want to check this type out-I think Petsmart might carry them.
Enjoy that rain and please keep that storm in Ca., our snow is finally melting and I'm happy.
Hugs, Noreen

Lauri said...

Are you kidding me??? I will definitely be on the look out for grab bags. You made a haul.

Pam said...

Wow! It was your lucky day! Your new doggie looks precious. We had rain today too and are expecting some more this weekend - fingers crossed! Enjoying it while we can!
Have a great weekend.

Jann Olson said...

Oh my gracious, you made a haul! I did not know about these grab bags. But then I don't go to Michaels much. Hobby Lobby is alot closer. Love the frame and the wreaths on your doors are so cute.

Knitting Nix said...

Great haul, bet you are going to have loads of wonderful crafty hours with that lot!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous.Celine Bag matching every kinds of shoes,heels and boots. it suits for everyone.

Dawn said...

What a haul you made:)

priscilla said...

Geez Kris ! Lots of great stuff ! I have never seen grab bags at our Michaels. Your wreaths on the front doors are too cute !Our wheaten used to do that to our screen door all the time ! Have a great weekend !

Jeanne Ireland said...

I just found your blog and am happy to have done so. I have never heard of the Michael's grab bags. I live in Florida so maybe it is different. Stop by my place and see how I am writing about living simply and easily.

Take care Jeanne

Deb~in~Denver said...

Holy moly, you really made out! I live 5 minutes from a Michaels and am there waay too often but have never seen the grab bags! I'm going to ask my favorite clerk next time I'm there. The wreath looks gorgeous! Your dogs are adorable, they look like they'll be great buddies! We are looking forward to a nice, warm weekend. Hard to believe we were below zero a little over a week ago!

Happy weekend!

Robyn said...

Wow! I've never even heard of the Michael's Grab Bags and I can't believe the load of things you got! Way to go! I'm going to have to keep an eye out on my Michaels for this..
Dusty is so beautiful and I'm so glad you're so loving with him realizing he needs love and training to break bad habits. So many just give up.. Ducey is a little love isn't she? :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

How FUN Kris! You got some really great things there! Gotta love that! Have a great rainy weekend! I love the rain too! xox

Hanne said...

wow you really did get some good things :)

Eileen said...

What a fun way to spend a rainy day. We had snow here, about 2-3 inches, but enough to make the roads icy. Or I would have gone to Michael's after reading your post to see if we have such finds there.
So much fun when you come across a bargain like that.
Have a good weekend and stay dry.
hugs, Eileen

Genn said...

Those grab bags are so much fun!!
And wow you really made out with your loot!!!
I'm in love with my fun wine stopper! And loved the cute cherry notecards too.

The girls have each been doing different crafts every day. One day Claire sat for 45 minutes and painted an ornament!! Best $2 EVER spent!!!

Heather - The Good Life said...

Hi Kris, looks like you got a great "haul". :-) Your hearts on an earlier post are really cute. We've had plenty of cold weather to share this week, but I don't mind, it will keep the bug population down come summer. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Heather

Lynne said...

Those must have been some big bags! I was imagining little lunch sack size bags. Going to have to keep my eyes peeled for future grab bag happenings.
The dogs are so cute! We have to replace our screen almost every year for the same reason (sigh). 100 pounds of lab can do some damage that's for sure.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh cool, look at all those goodies! Great haul indeed!


Grammy Staffy said...

Wow... you hit the jackpot at Michael's. I've never heard of their $2.00 bags but I will try to keep an eye out for them now. I can't believe that you got all of that for a few dollars.

I'm loving the rain. We've been down with bad colds this past week put it is cozy being snuggled up and listening to the rain.

Congrats on your great deal!
Hugs, Lura

Katie said...

My neighbor got to a Michael's just in time for that too. We had a great time sorting and she gave me tons of stuff for my classroom.
I'm glad you were in the right place at the right time.