Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Whole Lot Of Nothin'

I've got nuttin'.  Sorry.   Been battling a cold.  Bleh.
Dryer broke.  Clothes everywhere!
Even though I hang my clothes on the line to dry, the days are shorter now, and cooling some.   Hubby fixed the dryer.  Problem solved.
Went to a lovely baby shower for a dear friend of mine, who's daughter is having her second baby boy.  I never win anything.  But I won this beautiful Fall basket that my friend Sherri put together.
Gennifer and I went in together on the gift, so I tried to share this with her, but she let me have it.  She knows how much I love Fall things!
The pumpkin soaps are in the guest bathroom.  They smell so good!!
Dusty wants to say hi.
Gosh I love that dog!  He follows me everywhere I go.  I mean EVERYWHERE!  I can't get up and go into another room, without him right on my heels.  Best dog ever!
Every evening when I come out to the grove to visit the chickens, I am greeted like this.
Fourteen squawking hens come running after me, hoping I have treats.  Usually I do.  I give them a handful or two of scratch in the evenings.
They always follow me into the garden too, where there are lots of goodies to be found in the fresh soil.  I turned the compost pile and fished out these big fat grubs for them.
By far their favorite treat!!!  This was gone in seconds!
My seven new chicks are now beginning to lay.  So I am getting quite a few eggs every day now.  All sizes, and colors.
One of my Polish hens is quite a talker.  I was sitting at the picnic table in the grove and she hopped up there with me and talked for a long while.
She thinks she is a Roo, and tries to Cock-A-Doodle-Doo.  She has the biggest voice out of the whole flock.  And she is the smallest one of all.
 Her name is Ella.  And she sings.
But she refuses to lay eggs.  I think it is because she thinks she is a Roo.
Oh....for you cookie lovers like me.....go to Trader Joe's and get these!!!!
There was a lady loading up her cart with them.  I'm thinking, wow, those must be good.  So I reach for a box, and she tells me that they are the best cookie ever.  Reminds her of Christmas.  She sends them to her family in The Phillipines.   They taste sort of like a gingerbread cookie, only milder.  Crisp, and soooo good!!!  I will be stocking up on these!!!  And there is also a Cookie Butter, by the nut butters, that is made with these crushed cookies.  OH...MY...GOSH...SO good!    My Trader Joe's friend told me she puts it on ice cream, and often just eats it with a teaspoon, right out of the jar!  I spread it on graham crackers and it was delish!
Being the lover of all things Pumpkin that I am, I had to pop into Panera today to see if they had any of their Pumpkin Bagels, and Honey Walnut Cream Cheese.  I bought 6.  Wish I bought more.  That good.
 I have received so many kind notes, and cards regarding the loss of my Grandmother, Nana.  Your words have all meant so much to me.  I wasn't going to post what I wrote and said at her funeral.  But my daughter and husband urged me to do so.  I am glad that I did.  There were some family members who couldn't make it back to the funeral after having been here the week before to say goodbye to Nana.  And there were a few who got to the funeral late, and missed most of it.  And I got the sweetest note from my cousin Lynn yesterday.  She said she read it on my blog, and I didn't even know that she read my blog!
I also received this beautiful card from my blogging friend Linda yesterday. She lives in Canada, and is a gifted photographer. We hope to meet in person one day!  The photo on the front is one of her own.

A dear friend gave me this Mini Mandavillia last week to plant in my yard.  I am still deciding where to put it.  And my friend and neighbor gave me this pretty pot of succulents.
I was supposed to be going on a trip with some of my girlfriends up the coast for a weekend of fun and shopping.  I can't go, and I am feeling a wee bit sorry for myself to be missing out on the good time I know that they will be having.  Oh well.  Next time.  I hope to get into my sewing room this weekend and do some quilting.  Maybe I will have a better post lined up for next time.
XO  Kris


Teresa Kasner said...

Hi my friend - I'm glad your hubby fixed the drying, isn't it nice to have a handy guy? What a neat basket you won.. you deserve some treats. LOVE your hens and that goofy looking one with red eyes.. what a hoot! I'm sorry you don't get to go on the girl trip.. that suck. Enjoy your time in the sewing room. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Kris! I've been wondering what is new with you, and now I know! Thanks for posting. I love your photos, especially of Ella :) And I am glad you have your dryer fixed, and found some yummy goodies, and received kind words and gifts; but, I am sorry about your cold and missed trip :( My email account was hacked yesterday and I am so sorry if you received any weird emails from me wanting to sell you something. Please just delete and don't open any links! And please tell me if you get more. I reset my security right away and have been answering queries from friends who wondered what was up and making calls to see what my options are. Grrrr... Not fun for anyone!!!
Happy stitching this week!
Love with hugs from Gracie

Poppy said...


LOVED this post! It is everything BUT nothin'!:) If your "nothin'" days are so full of variety, then, my goodness, imagine what your 'everything' days are! Loved the scoop on Ella, she is now my favourite chicken as she is a feisty gal, even though she thinks she's a Roo! Your autumn basket is lovely and perfect in helping you through this cold, with all those aromatic lovelies! And your sweetheart of a dog is the most lovable little guy! There will always be another get together, enjoy your R & R and recuperate!


priscilla said...

Hope you feel better ! Oh boy, do I know the broker dryer woes ! At least its fixed now ! Love that chicken ..such a cute hair do :)
Have a great weekend , feel better :)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kris, So sorry you have been under the weather. I thought your post has great though! I don't know about broken dryers but I do know about broken washers. I had to go to the laundramat and then come home to use the dryer for 2 weeks, it was tough.
Love Ella and her story, she is so funny. Hope you are feeling better for the weekend so you can enjoy yourself in the sewing room.
Take care, xoRobin
Oh one more thing, I have those cookies in my kitchen now, they are the best. I have 2 with tea in the evening so I won't eat anything else!!!

Dawn said...

I am still drying our clothes outside and it is chilly here. I won't give up till snow starts coming. My dog is just like yours she follows my every move I can't even go to the bathroom alone. I trip over her sometimes she follows so close.

From the Kitchen said...

For having "nuttin", you've kept me entertained while I finished my coffee. From now on, I shall refer to you as the Pied Piper of Chickens!!


Valerie Smith said...


We are still hanging clothes too. My compost pile is rockin thanks to you. I'm going to spread it soon and plant carrots. The pumpkin patch is also going to get some. Glad you are hanging in there. Dusty is is your other doggie? I just love him too.


Cottage Making Mommy

Deb~in~Denver said...

Kris, hope your cold gets better, soon! Seems to be going around, everywhere! Love that fall basket! What a fun idea. Dusty has THE sweetest brown eyes, easy to see why you have fallen in love with him! Pets are so good for our souls. I got a good chuckle out of your description of Ella, what a character! Wish we could hear her chat and sing! We don't have any Trader Joe's near us, yet. We have a couple opening up, about 20 miles away. I'll have to put those cookies and cookie butter on my "want to try" list so I remember to look when we finally get a TJ's. Another friend raves about the cookie butter, must be yummy! So sorry you are missing your girls trip but rest and relax and take good care of that cold! Enjoy the cooler weather, it was 80° here, yesterday...might get snow. tomorrow! Crazy weather!

Love ya!

Pammy Sue said...

Your little chicken friend is hilarious! Love her flamboyant "hair". You definitely should rename her Chaz since she is confused about her gender. Hee-hee. I hope things settle in for you soon and things are back to "normal," whatever that is.

Miriam said...

Kris, sorry to hear that you've had a nasty cold. It wasn't very nice of it to show up and mess with your girls' get away! Hoping you feel better soon :)

How exciting to have won such a sweet basket of goodies! Pumpkin scents must fill the air. I wish we had a Trader J's here. I would love to try their different products.

Tell Dusty, 'Hi!' We have a lab and I know what you mean about the following- LOL!

Your hens greeting you-- how funny! Especially 'Miss Hairdo' Ella! A talker? Perhaps she's sharing the latest hen gossip...Smile.

Once again, I want to say I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Mine has been gone many years and I still miss her. Hugs.

Hope you are enjoying the Fall days.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I'm sorry you've got a cold-just getting over mine. It has been a hard couple of months for you my friend, so give yourself a chance to get stronger. Rest sounds like a good idea! I would be bummed to if I had to cancel the trip but I know you'll have another one soon. Sending big warm hugs to you today.
Love, Noreen

Betsy said...

Oh pretty Ella! I laughed out loud when I saw her. Obviously your chickens know exactly who their "mama" chicken is. They run right to you!
I loved this post full of "nothing". Glad you got your dryer back. Isn't it amazing how attached we are to our things that make life easier?
Sorry you have a cold. Miss Puper has had one all week too and I just keep waiting for it to get me because you know Grandma has to kiss on her even if she's sick.
Feel better soon.

Gloria Baker said...

You always have amazing thing at home I love he pumkin soap look beautiful and your chikens of course!! xo

Terri said...

I had to chuckle when I read about Ella. Reminded me of something my maternal grandmother used to say: "A whistling girl and a crowing hen always come to some bad ends."

Kelli said...

Our dryer was broke last fun. I do have to say I loved the smell of fresh clothes though.

What a fun basket to win! I never win anything either.

Linda said...

Your "Nuttin" is quite a bit!!!
Love Ella...she is hilarious!
You are so sweet for picturing my glad you enjoyed it!
Perhaps "pen pals" as well as bloggy
'til we meet.....

Linda :o)

Home Meadows said...

This was a great post Kris. I love Ella's hairdo, she reminds me of a Dr. Seus character, what a fun personality. The fall gift basket looks like it is full of wonderful goodies. I hope your spirits lift soon and that you are feeling better. Take care, Heather

Mereknits said...

kris, there seems to be a whole lot going on. First I am sending you healthy thoughts to get better from this cold you have. I think you are plum tuckered out my friend. Glad the dryer is fixed and that you have a dog that truly adores you, look at those beautiful eyes and that gorgeous nose. Ella sounds like a hoot, I love that she hops right up and chats with you, she must be a bit of a gossip.
Sending you a ton of hugs,

Susanne said...

Oh I think you had plenty to say and evidently so does that silly hen of yours. I think you should name her Cathy, after the Chatty Cathy doll from ages ago. I bet you can hardly refrain yourself from laughing yourself silly when she starts in. No doubt she is telling you all the secrets the other girls are up to. You need to get her on video, lol. Maybe a u-tube video and who knows maybe you both become rich and famous, lol. You sure won a pretty fall basket. It is good that your hubby is a handy guy. My husband worked at Whirlpool Corp. for over 42 years and he could fix both the washing machine and the dryer. Isn't it nice to have a guy who can fix stuff around the house. It totally sucks when you have to rely on others to do those things. Hope you get to feeling better.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh we will miss you darlin'!!

Debbie said...

I found this whole lot of nothing, totally entertaining! Ella is a hoot! love her hair! Sorry you have had a cold...nasty things, glad your feeling a little better. Sorry you had to miss your trip, but anxious to hear what you are going to quilt up. HUGS to you!

Melissa C said...

I love it when the girls come a running to ya for treats! So cute!

And your pup, he is a lovey! what a gem!

Feel better soon eh!

Debbiedoos said...

Oh my gosh for a girls that got nuttin you sure made me laugh out loud. The chickens are hilarious, a show in themselves. Hope you feel better with your nasty cold. XO

my4lilgirls said...

Hi Kris I think this is a great post, made me smile quite a bit.
Thought the clothes surrounding your pool was so funny & don't get me started on your adorable choc lab....what a handsome guy,
Ella's a real cutie too, hope she figures out her gender soon....gotta earn your keep eh!!!!
Feel better soon & have a sweet weekend
Karen x

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hope you are feeling better there, Kris...sounds like one of those weeks...hope your dryer is up and running again, too! XO

corners of my life said...

That's a whole lot of somethin' for a post called a whole lot of nothin'.

Weekend-Windup said...

Nice work done by your husband. Basket which you purchased looks so beautiful and your hens too.

Pam said...

I've been sick too - UGH! Hope you are feeling better.

The goody basket you won is filled with such great things - I love Fall stuff too.

Your dog is a sweetie. My dog, follows me everywhere too. I call her my shadow.

Ella is a looker! What a head of feathers she has.

Enjoy your week my friend!

Val said...

I hope you feel better soon. Happy Thursday.


Hello Kris,
Please forgive I am catching up and I see I have missed allot.. First I love all your "Chooks" as my Aussie sis would say.. Ella is gorgeous and I reckon she sings lovely notes.. LOL

I wish we had a Trader Joe around us.. Those cookies look very yummie.

How very exciting that you won that awesome Fall Basket. I notice some Fall See Candies were included.. I think those are my favorite candies. I order them once a year at Christmas for a special treat...

Have a lovely Autumn. Hugs Judy

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