Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hidey Do.  That is how Nana always said hello.  I have had so many calls from people wondering what is wrong, and why haven't I posted on my blog?  It always worries my Mom if I go too many days without a post.  Usually, she is right in assuming that all is not well, if I don't post in a long time.   But I am fine, and all is well.  I am just busy lately.  I have taken a few pictures in the past couple of days.  My chickens are laying like crazy.
All colors, and all sizes.  My Lakenvelder is the one laying these darling little white ovals.  They are so  little, almost like candy.
The older hens are now beginning their molt.  So the laying will drop off.  I am hoping the younger ones will keep laying fairly well through the colder months.
I have been especially busy this week trying to finish my Maybelle Flower Afghan.  Turning tall stacks of these.....
Into a pleasing arrangement.  But then realized that I needed to make a few more for the size I wanted to achieve.
So I made 10 more flowers, in the above colors I have laid out.  And then I turned flowers into squares, and added them to my tall stack.  But before I could begin the assembly of the blanket, I had to weave in those nasty ends.  UGH!  So many steps, and by now I am getting really eager to see this completed.   I am not one to leave projects undone.  And I have many things to get busy making for the upcoming holidays.  So I was bound and determined to get this one behind me.  So I neglected my house chores, and I crocheted for days.  One day last weekend, I watched THREE movies!  Three!  I NEVER do that.  I have a hard time sitting long enough for one movie, let alone three!  I watched October Sky. Excellent movie.  Then, The American President.  A movie I have seen before, but I enjoyed it again.  And lastly, We Are Marshall.  LOVE that movie!!!  Then yesterday, I watched the last two episodes of Homeland from season two, so we can start season three!  For someone who doesn't do much sitting, I have been doing it a LOT!  Sitting, and hooking, that is.
Sometimes in the living room.
Sometimes in bed in the early morning light, when the house is still very quiet.  I worked on these flowers in the car, on Big Bear Lake, while waiting for Noah after school, on the dock at Bass Lake, in the swing in the grove, at Knitty Biddies gatherings, and who knows where else.  And finally, it is almost done.
I have a couple more ends to weave in, and then I will do the edging.  Something flirty and fitting for this feminine throw.
It goes with absolutely nothing in my house.  But I love it.  I hope to get it finished this weekend.
Last year at this time, when I was so crazy busy with holiday orders, it seemed that all I did was knit and crochet.  I used to say I had crochet fanny.  Right now, I have crochet fanny!  To make matters worse, I have lots of this in the house!
The weather has gone from hot to chilly.  The crows are out in force.....a murder of crows, every day in my yard, hammering pecans open with their beaks.
Pomegranates are ripe, and we have them in salads, and admire them on a plate, just because they are pretty.
I am enjoying some tasty snacks, that you need to try!  This is a must from Trader Joe's!!!
And this creamy goat cheese!!!
I have been doing a lot of cooking, as I usually do when the weather begins to cool.  I made a pot of potato cheese soup yesterday.  We had a delightful day of rain, and very cool temps.  
I bought this cookbook that my daughter has.  It has some wonderful recipes in it.  You need not have little ones to enjoy it.  It is an excellent book.  I made the pesto meatballs the other night.  Delicious!
We are going apple picking this weekend.  I hope to be back soon with some fun photos, and a ta-da with my never ending flower afghan.
XO  Kris


Taciana Simmons said...

Oh I love. It. Sounds like great food n good adventure. :)

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness the blanket is so gorgeous, I love that it doesn't go with anything in your house, you made it just to play with those pretty colors. It it going to be so perfect with a nice border, well done Kris. I have made a few of those flowers and loved them, but the thought of a blanket is too much for me right now. Those eggs look so pretty in their muted shades. Enjoy your apple picking, I am missing Fall, still hot and humid here, but it is Florida, it is what it is.

From the Kitchen said...

I wish I had that gorgeous afghan tucked around me right now. There's a chill in the air. I have long envied your eggs and now-pomegranates! My grandmother always said the same thing. I remember her sitting on the front porch and nodding that greeting to people passing by. Have a great weekend.


Holly said...

I've really enjoyed watching the progress of this afghan on Instagram. It is so beautiful and girly. Our weather has been perfect too. Door and windows open and pumpkin candles are all lit. Heading to Palm Springs this weekend to see Kate and Travis. Have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

Love how the blanket turned out I did one for my niece like that last year when she had her baby. They are so fun to work on.

priscilla said...

Do you grow pomegranates too ??!!??My favorite ! All your eggs look so pretty ! Your blanket is fabulous , bet you can't wait for it to be finished :) I know how it is towards the end !Hope you have a great weekend, We are off to Kentucky tomorrow !

Valerie Smith said...


I admire your dedication to your afghan it's coming along beautifully. I wish we had a Trader Joe's here in Oklahoma their food is just SO cute.

Have fun apple picking.


Cottage Making Mommy

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hidey-Do Kris, love that! All is looking wonderful at your house. The flower aghan is so beautiful, can't wait to see your border. Can't imagine you can finish it all in a weekend though. It would take me much longer. Lots of eggs too and pomegranates and yummy trader joe foods........your house must be popular!!!!
Have a super weekend, xoRobin

Bethany said...

Your blanket is so pretty! So vintagey! You should name it your nana blanket. Most of the blankets I make go with nothing in the house either, hahaha.

Deb~in~Denver said...

LoVe, LOve, LOVE your blanket! The colors are gorgeous! Sweet D's birthday is coming up and she wants a cookbook, do you think she'd enjoy that one? I'll have to go take a look at the bookstore! It makes me smile that she wants a cookbook for her 9th birthday!

Have a great time picking apples, can't wait to see your pictures!

Pammy Sue said...

Crochet is such good therapy. I'm sure you've needed that lately. I'm so glad you've had time for it. Your blanket is going to be gorgeous! I admire your persistence in getting it done. I love the term "crochet fanny!" Hee-hee. I have it too!

Betsy said...

Good Morning Kris!
Such a lovely, beautiful, fabulous blanket. I know what you mean about the sewing in of the ends. I make myself do it as I go now and it makes finishing MUCH easier. :-) I've been doing lots of sitting and knitting...on mittens lately. I'm doing well on my project. I think I'm up to 70-something pairs!
I wish I lived closer and I would buy some of your delicious looking eggs from you. Store bought just doesn't compare.
I'm going to try to get some apples this weekend or early next week too. We have lots of orchards within 20 minutes or so of our house so I have no excuse except laziness. I like to make my own pie filling and applesauce and freeze it.
Happy Weekend my friend!

Teresa Kasner said...

Kris.. thanks for popping in and letting us know how you're doing. I know this has been a difficult time for you and working on that absolutely GORGEOUS blanket is the perfect thing. Don't worry if you don't think it goes with anything, because if you put it over the back of your sofa, you'll be bringing color into you home. My interior was lots of browns and earth tones, but I love how my colorful ripple brightened up my brown leather chair. I'm here for you if you need me.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

So good to catch up on your latest, Kris...your fall harvest of activities :) Your flower afghan is beeeautiful!!! I am making some progress on the baby cocoon I am crocheting. You inspire me!
Gracie xx

Susanne said...

The fact that your lovely flower blanket doesn't match anything is now you are officially eclectic! Sometimes we need something completely different to take the "boring" out of the room. Everything I have in my living room is the old time federal patriotic colors, I love it, but I see all those cute country cottage looks and think, and think some more. When I put my African Flower blanket on the back of my couch it will not go with anything either. At this point, who cares! Your hens have been busy. I saw the other day on Facebook that you can freeze eggs, (out of the shell) in ice cube trays and use them later when you bake. I didn't read the entire article, nor have I tried it. I have crochet butt too. I stay active and should be the skinniest person on earth, but I am still wearing stretch pants, so what does that tell you, lol
Have a great weekend friend,
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Gloria Baker said...

Love your blancket look beautiful! and your eggs lovely!xo

debbie said...

Ella and Dusty are great. I volunteer my home for foster care for guide dogs for the blind in training and I love each and every soul that I am allowed to look after (7 so far since April). I am able to have chickens where I live too, but I haven't as yet as I have heard they also attract snakes. Australia is well known for several deadly snake species, and my lawn guy has found a few snake skins in my yard...oh well...xx debbie

Home Meadows said...

Your flower afghan looks gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it with the flirty border. :-) Hope you are having fun picking apples. It's pretty warm where we are today, but it's been cool at night. Enjoy your weekend. Heather

Jeanna said...

Your chickies are doing a great job!

Whew! You have been busy and I'm tired just reading about it. It's also very productive...your aphgan is beautiful :)