Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello there.  It's Hump Day.  Trying to keep busy.  I have been doing a lot of yard work, and a little thrifting.  Before I show you my finds, I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to leave your heartfelt message regarding my last post.  It truly means so much to me, and to my family.   Funny, even after  all of these years, I am learning things about my Mom.  She is one of the strongest women I know.   No, she IS the strongest woman I know.  I know she is scared.  But she is putting on a brave face.  Perhaps my son's girlfriend Christine put it best the other night after spending a family dinner with all of us.  She said, " Your Mom is a CLASSY lady!"  Why yes, Christine, she certainly is.  Speaking of our family dinner, I will start with that.  On Sunday night, our family gathered in beautiful Trabuco Canyon, at Rose Canyon Cantina & Grill.  It was a beautiful evening to have dinner out on the patio, amidst twinkling lights, aglow in centuries old Black Oak trees.
Here is Erika and her boyfriend Neal.
I didn't get a picture of everyone at the table.  But there were a LOT of us!  About 25, I think.  We were seated at a long table.  It is hard to talk to everyone while seated, as there are so many of us  While waiting for dinner, I suggested we play a game of telephone.  I made up the sentence, and then whispered it to the person on my right, and so on....

Until it got all the way around the table, and back to me.  Surprisingly enough, the sentence remained very much the same!  Does this mean we are good communicators?
Even with Hannah and Claire, the sentence continued on through the group, virtually unchanged!
It was a really fun and delicious evening!   Drew and his girl, Christine.
Moving on to some of my thrifting finds these past few weeks.
This may have been my favorite find in a long time.  I walked in and two canvas paintings caught my eye immediately.  One was a lamb, and the other one was..............
This gorgeous hen!!!!  Oh, I love it!!!   It is so bright and cheerful.  I also found this pretty pasta bowl.
It is from Williams Sonoma.  Marked 5.75, but was half off.
I love baskets, and use them all throughout my  house for storage as well as for decoration.  I saw this red basket, and had to take a second look.
I removed the liner to see who made it.
 I love this well made, sturdy basket with handles on the side, and red gingham liner.  But why oh why, is it made in China?  The liner has been washed and is now ready to be used.
I found this faux chocolate Easter Bunny.

He is very  heavy, and is made of glass.  One more little thing.  This creamy white,embossed tureen.

I also found a couple Spring flags to hang on my flag pole.  I may start a weekly feature, just for thrifting.
What do you think about doing that?
Again, thank you so very much for your prayers, and kind comments, and good vibes, sent to my Mom.  So very appreciated!
XO  Kris


Gloria Baker said...

Ah dear These days I was thnking how are you, my Mom is here at home and had some problems, but I know, about your Mom is to be worry, Im sure your mom is amazing and brave, still Im praying for her and you. Send you big hugss and love, gloria

Teresa Kasner said...

Kris.. you know you're in my thoughts and I'm sending healing thoughts to your mom. Have they set the surgery date? Dayle's was set just 2 days after the found the tumor.. which was the size of a walnut. I do hope they get this taken care of quickly. I love your thrift finds and would love to see them each week.. whatever you do is fine with me as I love you and your blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Home Meadows said...

You sound like you are in good spirits Kris. Your family dinner out sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing your thrift finds and the fun uses you find for them. I remember a piece of furniture you found and ended up re purposing for entertaining on your patio. You always have great ideas. Take care and sending hugs, Heather

podso said...

Wow you found some nice things. I think you're a good shopper! And you have a wonderful family. What a great idea to play telephone at a long table!

Jeanna said...

You have a beautiful family Kris. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. Yes, I think that DOES mean you are all great communicators when the sentence remains pretty much the same in a game of Telephone, especially with that many people.

Your thrifty finds are truly treasures! I never have that kind of luck around my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing and I think a weekly feature on your blog would be fun!

Betsy said...

Kris, you have a lovely family and you all seem to be so close and enjoy each other's company. That is SO wonderful. You and your Mom are never far from my thoughts and I pray for you both each and every day.
On another subject-I love your thrift finds. I tried to figure out which was my favorite, but I like them all! Whatever you would like to do with the blog is fine with me. I enjoy all of your posts and feel like you're a friend I'm chatting with.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lovely family photos, Kris! I am keeping good thoughts for your mom! And you know I love the thrifting had some great finds!

Taciana Simmons said...

What a beautiful family you have my dear friend Kris. Your mom is so lucky to have such a great daughter and family and she is going to get through this. I'm keeping her and you all in my prayers.

priscilla said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well ..Love all your thrifty finds !

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kris, What a wonderful time you "ALL" had. It looked so delightful, those times are so special. My thoughts and prayers are with your mom, I will send some love your way.
Great thrifting, Love them all!
Be well, xoRobin

Melissa C said...

just read your last post Kris, I will definitely keep your momma in my prayers.

wow, you always find the best thrift stores to shop! Such great great finds!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I love, love, love your thrift luck! I try and do a little around here but pickings are slim, my friend ... slim indeed. Thanks for sharing and prayers are still ongoing for your mom! Linda

Mereknits said...

I see why you adore your Mom so much, I think you are a lot like her. Glad you had a nice evening, and so glad you are getting a bit of time in the yard and thrifting, just to ease your mind a bit is a blessing.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I love that your family went out for dinner with such a big gathering.I also love that you played telephone and it didn't change.
What great finds-I think I'll have to live vicariously through you-no more thrifting for me; but today I went out and got a new blender(ours died last summer)-I bought a Ninja.Expensive but it will last forever-even our Kitchen Aid died from all we did with it.
Thinking of your mom-you all hang in there!!!
With love and prayers.

Debbie said...

Some how I missed this...I hate when that happens as I have been especially watching for news. I am soo glad to hear that your mom is strong, and her her spirits are up. Do I ever know the mixture of emotions you feel with a diagnose of cancer. And yet, there is soo much they can do anymore, and she will fight this with everything in her I know. I am praying for you all, and I will continue. The Lord is STRONG, and He cares for us like no other, so hope you all can lean on and trust Him right now. You found some really good finds. Love the W.S. dish...such a deal. The dinner was a great thing to do. And the telephone game? Love that! I think my grands would too. I will have to teach it to them. Many hugs, prayers and blessings to you Kris!

Deb~in~Denver said...

Goodness, you have a gorgeous family! Erika is stunning! Glad you and your mom are having good days spent with the family, nothing better than that. Your thrift finds are great, love that painting and the red basket!
Continuing to keep you all in my prayers.


Pam said...

I am glad your mom has so many people around her that love her!

We play telephone at restaurants all the time - it's so fun.

I always look forward to seeing what you get at thrift stores so I say definitely make it a weekly feature!

Love, love, love the painting of the rooster. I can't believe someone would get rid of it.

Gracie Saylor said...

Your family gathering does demonstrate that you excel in communicating love...the most important message to share in life, to my way of thinking, Kris.

You find such useful and beautiful things in your thrifting ventures :) I enjoyed seeing them. It seems that I am forever trying to balance the amount of things around me...trying to part with some but then ending up replacing them with others :)

I cleaned out my window box of frozen geraniums :( the other day, and am looking forward to planting some new ones when the weather warms up.

Praying for blessings for you and yours, Kris. xx

Linda said...

You found some great finds...Don and I went thrifting in Redlands yesterday...your Mom will be in my daily prayers, Kris, so sorry to hear that news. Take care!

Susanne said...

A person finds their strength when they face a crisis and when their family supports them 100% in everything they do. You find out what people are made of when we face trials. Some people fall apart, others become stronger. The strong usually hold up well, at least in front of others. The last 10 days of my husband's life were filled with so many people here and in the end I was grateful and a bit resentful. Maybe in the last hours and minutes I wanted him all to myself and felt that was taken from me. Then I opened my mind to remember our daughters and how they were so much a part of this man's life as well. I could not have robbed them of the final days. There is strength in family and it is good we can tap into that when the going gets rough. No matter the out come, I know you all love your mom very much and you are just doing for her what she would do in return if the shoe was on the other foot.
I will say you always find such neat things when you are out thrifting. Around here one would be better off to go to yard and garage sales. Of course with this arctic blast of winter that seems to be non-ending, that is impossible. We wont have a spring. I expect we will go straight into summer weather.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Poppy said...

Hi Kris,

How wonderful to have such a fun family dinner with everyone you love! Your treasures are lovely. I especially like the rooster finds and the red and white checkered lined basket, very cute!

Thinking of your mom, and sending prayers your way. She seems like a strong lady, and the strength of her loving family will empower her further. All the very best.


Patty Antle said...

I love to see what people bring home when thrifting so I say give it a go!!