Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Music!!

Last weekend we had a big storm.  Wind, and torrential rain.  We enjoyed it from the warmth of home, with a roaring fire to keep us cozy.  The little table next to my chair looked like this most of the weekend as I worked on my current project.
  I have been cleaning up after the storm all week!  And now, it would seem that Spring has arrived!  Yesterday was beautiful!  After my usual morning chores, I just had to take myself out to the back patio.
I am making a Spring Wreath.  Inspired by the one and only Lucy, of Attic24.  If you crochet, you know this lovely and talented lady.
 I will be needing twice this many flowers and things.  My wheels are spinning, thinking of Spring related items to make. I am doing a lady bug, and more birds too.  Yesterday, I came up with my version of a Spring nest.  Every Spring nest needs a clutch of eggs.  I may refine the eggs, but for now, this is what I came up with.
I made a circle with a tweedy, moss colored yarn.  Then decreased, to cinch the sides up,which created this sort of bobble stitch along the rim of the nest.  Then using brown yarn, I made an edging.  I then snipped some yarn pieces of both colors I used to create the loose twig like nest material.  With the eggs, I pulled the tails through to the under side of the bottom of nest and tied them off so that they will stay put.
My other fun creation, is a sunflower, Kris style.  I just started stitching, and creating, until I liked what I made.  Then I wrote out the pattern to what I did, so that I can remember it.  I have made two of those, with  stems and big leaves.

Last night, while visiting with Greg about the days goings on, I stitched up another dozen or so small leaves.  It is coming along, but not there yet.  I am SO enjoying this project!!!  
While sitting outside on the patio, I noticed how the sun was shining on this Bird Of Paradise.
I love to watch the yards wake up after winter.  This little flower, is blooming so nicely now too.  Noah brought it home in Kindergarten, on Earth day.  One sorry little leaf in an overwatered paper dixie cup.  With his name on a popsicle stick, sticking out the top.  I planted it in my clay pot along side one of my roses.  And it took off slowly, but now it is looking like this.
The other day, we got a fun delivery!  My neighbor has a piece of family property, that has recently been sold.  It has several homes on it, and several acres of storage and outbuildings. All of which needed to be removed, and or/given away.  This old piano sat across the room, just waiting for someone to claim it.   Jane didn't know of it's origins, but figured it must have belonged to one of her 13 siblings, or parents at one time. But it was sitting in that old house, sad and lonely, waiting for a home.  This is the picture I took with my iphone from across the room.  The floorboards were all gone, so we couldn't get close to it.  This photo has been cropped.  I knew nothing of it, other than this photo.  But I knew I wanted it.  Our son Drew, is a musician.  And he has been wanting a piano so badly.  So, Jane called the other morning and said, the piano is on the way!!!!

It is in need of some TLC.  It has to be tuned, of course.  Someone painted it black, a bad paint  job, at that.  I polished the ivories, and gave it a good cleaning.  And now it lives in a corner of our living room, ready to make beautiful music.
It didn't have a bench, but I had this at my vanity in my bedroom.  It looks like it goes with it.  I LOVE the scrolling on the sheet music piece.  And the spindle legs!  It is rough, and I would love to refinish it, but I love the lines.  I love that it is old.  And most of all, my son is like a little boy on Christmas Eve!!!
And oh can he play!!!  I am just blown away at his talent.  This guy has never had a single lesson.  NOT ONE.  He taught himself to play guitar at 14, and then from there, he taught himself several other instruments.  He plays electric and acoustic guitar.  Drums, banjo, harmonica, and piano.   He learned to read and write music.  And he is now a music teacher.  Both in a studio and privately.  But the piano....oh my gosh, I could listen to him play all day.
He was so eager to show his girlfriend.  I took this of them last night.
 I need to video him and post it.
I am meeting the Knitty Biddies in a few minutes, so I will do a Spring in the house post soon.
I am behind in reading blogs, but working on catching up.  And as always, thank you for your kind comments, and support.  It means so much.  Also, welcome new followers!!!
XO  Kris


Bethany said...

We got the cold snowy end of your torrential downpour. Not enough to get me out of work, of course. You guys must have hogged all the moisture. Glad to see there's sunshine and color somewhere--we're still cold and bleak on our end.

Betsy said...

Yes please!!! A video of Drew playing. Please? That is the best story I've read in awhile. Such a happy find. He looks so happy to be at the piano. Our Alex is the same way with music. He hear a song and can play it by ear. I think that's why he's so good with languages too. I'm so jealous of you sitting outside to crochet. I hope that's me soon.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, So glad you didn't get damage from all the floods down south. Spring-seriously?! We have to wait another 4 mos; today was supposed to get to 65(it won't)and we get snow tomorrow. I miss Ca. winters. Love your project. I love the story behind the piano; our youngest got one free on Craigs List and it turns out it was very valuable and quite the piano. The repainted too and the family loves it.
Have a great evening my friend.

podso said...

Oh my to the piano! What a gift! As does your son apparently have! He must be able to play "by ear" and read music. A true gift! Music fills your house. I love what you are doing for a spring wreath and now it has my creative juices stirring. I like that you wrote down what you did--smart. coz sometimes we can't remember how we did something! I really like your sunflower! Enjoy your spring weather!

Debbie said...

Oh I am loving all your crocheting! And how exciting how that piano! PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE video him playing. I would just love to hear! Our weather is just gorgeous isn't it? Enjoy!

Holly said...

I'm loving all the fresh spring colors you are using in your projects. Oh, that piano!! There is just something about having live music in the house. My son played the piano very well in high school and i loved to hear him practice. Makes a Momma proud. Are you planning on painting the piano? IF so, what color??

Pammy Sue said...

Your wreath does look like so much fun. So glad you found something that you are enjoying so much. It's really good therapy! How nice that you got saved that old piano from certain death and now it can live on for who knows how much longer. Music in the house!

From the Kitchen said...

We are still covered in lots of snow! LOVE your spring wreath! My musical talent is listening! What a nice gift for your son and what a nice gift he has!! Still remembering your mother and those who love her in prayer.


Amy at love made my home said...

All of your flowers and other springy things are so pretty. I am very impressed that you worked out the patterns yourself, especially for the sunflowers, so very creative! I look forward to seeing the wreath when it is done. Hope that you have lots of lovely piano times. xx

Teresa Kasner said...

I can't wait to see your wreath all done.. it's going to be awesome! How fun to rescue a piano! I have one that I love and Betsy just finished making a doily for it, so I'll be photographing it soon. I wish my son played like that! I am looking forward to a video of him playing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Me, too, Kris and Drew :) I would love to hear Drew play the piano, and I love the story of how the piano came to you!

And I love your crochet project, Kris! The Spring wreath will be so cheery, and I especially like the sunflower you have made!

Your post is helping me believe that Spring will officially start in two weeks! Woohoo!

Hugs and prayers for God's blessing for you and yours xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kris, My oh my have you been busy! Love the wreath flowers and all the colors. The nest is super and so creative!! Can't wait to see the masterpiece! The piano is so exciting, music in the house how nice. I love music but have absolutely no talent for it. In fact none of my kids do either. So amazing your son taught himself and now is a teacher and musician, wow that's fabulous. Great visiting you today, xoRobin

Jeanna said...

Love your glasses on the 'inside' table and your spring wreath. What a wonderful gift to get the piano that your son loves to play. True talent!!! Hope you are able to post a would fun to watch.

Hope you are enjoying your time with the Knitty Bitties :)

priscilla said...

Your wreath is going to be so cute ! Love those sunflowers ! How fun for your son to get a piano ! Have a great weekend !

Deb~in~Denver said...

I love your Spring wreath! Such happy, bright colors. I don't think we'll be seeing any signs of spring for a while. We get up to 55-60° and then we get more snow! The piano looks great in that corner and what's even better is to be able to hear Drew play! Would love to see a video! Enjoy your sunshine! Carrying you and your mom in my heart!

Elaine Lewis said...

Oh boy I am trying to catch up. I love Attic 24. She is so cute. I love the wreath too. How cool you got that great old piano. That is how got ours. Was in Dean's grandpas old house when he died but he did play. I hope your mom is doing okay. I have to scroll down and see if you posted about her. Poor thing. If it makes you feel any better. My besties dad had it and a portion of his colon removed and he is going strong cancer free ten years later at 80.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So great you got the piano...I know your talented son will love using it! That wreath is going to be gorgeous!

Patty Antle said...

I enjoyed your post, as always, Kris. Your wreath is going to be beautiful. Love your crocheted flowers and bird nest. The piano looks wonderful in your home and what a story about your son being able to play like that. Your gratitude shines through in your writings. Please do post him playing so we can enjoy hearing him play too! :) Oh, I was just in California visiting our son and family and enjoyed seeing the Bird of Paradise flowers!!

Lynne said...

Lucky you getting a piano! I bet your son is in heaven. The crocheted spring wreath project looks like a lot of fun. Have fun creating all the pieces.

Dawn said...

I love the wreath you are making with all its bright cheery colors. Perfect for Spring :)

Mereknits said...

The piano looks perfect in that spot. So glad your son has it to play with, maybe Noah will inherit his uncle's talent and take lessons.

Linda said...

I am so jealous, Kris! I want to learn better crochet techniques....tired of my pitiful efforts...
That wreath will be awesome......good luck!
That piano is beautiful!
I had a white upright that my dad bought me when I was a kid....took lessons....even wrote mt theory exam at the Conservatory of Music in a Toronto!
Unfortunately....when I got married, we had no room for a piano, so we gave it to my SIL for her daughters....and they SOLD it without telling me! Geesh...I was ticked!
Oh well....such is wonderful that your son functions are now changed forever!
Have a great weekend my friend...
Miss V sitting here beside me......HEAVEN♥️
Linda :o)

~Niki~ said...

I've been wanting to make a wreath for a long long time. Just never get the time. I think I will do one for summer to hang on the door. Maybe with universal colors, so it can hang year round? dunno. yours looks great!

Olga said...

Your spring wreath is going to be gorgeous. I love your nest and clutch of eggs!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Kris you are so talented! I love what you have made so far for your adorable spring wreath! You work is amazing! Awesome piano and wonderful your son can play so well!

So looking forward to seeing you on Thursday the 13th! I got 2 more chicks so I have 5 now! Woohoo! Bonnie just bought her 5 today!

Take care. Keeping your Mother in my thoughts & prayers.
Love ya,

Cathy said...

You have such a talented family, Kris. You and your beautiful needlework and a son with so much musical talents. I took piano lessons for years and always struggled because I didn't have that special gift. Looking forward to seeing your finished wreath.

Melissa C said...

I always enjoy your spring posts :) I know then we are only about a month or more away from our spring!
The piano is beautiful Kris, that is so cool you got it! Blessings to you!

Gloria Baker said...

I love you crochets works Kris alwsys are beautiful!

The Tuscan Home said...

You are so talented Kris. I sure have missed you. I can't wait to see your 'spring in the house' post. :)
xo, Liz

Karen L. Bates said...

What a fun post...glad you are enjoying some nice weather.

Love that wreath, can't wait to see the final project. You are so talented.

And talent seems to run in your family. So nice that your son wants to play the piano for you!

Debbiedoos said...

Beautiful crocheting Kris. You are killing me by pool side there~

Poppy said...

Hi Kris,

What a lovely post, so much going on! I can relate about those wind storms with torrential rain; we seem to share many of the same weather conditions, California and Crete!

How adorable is that knitted flower wreath for spring; LOVE it; it made me smile.

Listening to your son play would be such a treat! Please try and get round to that. I would so enjoy hearing him play. I only lasted about 5 years or with piano lessons, just enough to make me appreciate those with real talent.

Take care!


Susanne said...

Your home will be filled with music now. Every holiday that your son is with you will be a treat in more ways than one. Christmas will be fun, singing carols while he plays. Our piano went to our oldest daughters home and I have not heard one song in forever. Maybe she will teach her son to play, I hope.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Susanne said...

I forgot, the flowers are gonna make a fun wreath if that is what you intend for them to be. I saw Lucy's back when she posted it and I think yours is gonna be just as colorful and just as pretty.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Val said...

Love all the colors in the wreath. So talented.

corners of my life said...

I can see {read} that you are very proud of your son. What a blessing - his talent.

Pam said...

Your spring wreath is so cute! Love the nest, bluebird, and flowers. I can't wait to see it when you have finished.

Yay on the old but new to you piano. I bet with a little tlc it will be in tip top shape.