Monday, March 23, 2015

A Day On A Boat

Yesterday we picked up my Mom and went to spend the day at Newport on my brother, David's boat. David and Glenda were already down there waiting for us.
My Dad always had a boat.  David and Dad were the ones who shared the love of the sea.  And they had a love of deep sea fishing.  We always got to spend a lot of time on the boats my Dad had, and he was always more than happy to take us cruising around the harbor, or to Catalina, or whatever.  We had more fun on those boats!  So many great memories.  Just before my Dad passed away, he had purchased a brand new boat.  He didn't even get to enjoy time on that boat, as his illness was so quick.  For a long time, it was bittersweet to be down there.   Eventually, Mom sold the boat.  David purchased his own a couple of years ago.  It is exactly like the second boat my Dad had, I think.  So again, spending time on it, brings back so many memories for all of us.  Yesterday was a bit overcast, but warm in the sun, and the perfect day to be on the water.   Here is my brother, Captain Dave.
David loves the ocean and fishing and boating, like our Dad.  It amazes me to see SO much of our Dad in him.  Although, I don't know why?  He is just so like him.
We set all of our snacks and goodies out, and just nibbled and visited.  David and Glenda's son Chad arrived.  Then later Drew and Christine came down.  Shortly after they arrived, we left the dock for a harbor cruise.
It was a beautiful day to be out and about.  Lots of other boaters.  Paddle boarders, and people enjoying this pretty Southern California early Spring day.

We cruised the harbor looking at all of the pretty houses and boats.  I loved this house with the pretty windows and window boxes.
 And this group of houses, each with the American Flag waving proud.
We pulled up to the dock in front of the Bluewater Grill.  A favorite eatery of ours for many years.  It will forever remind me of my Dad.  They have wonderful food, and if you are in Newport Beach, you should try it.  They bring a loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread and softened butter to your table as soon as you sit down, and it is heaven!
Erika and Noah had been to a birthday party nearby, so they joined us for lunch and the boat ride back to Newport Bay.  We just drove her to her car when we left for home.  I got lots of great shots on the ride back in.  I loved this one of my son Drew, nephew Chad, Mom, daughter Erika and grandson Noah.
And this one of Drew's girlfriend Christine, Drew, Chad and Eri.
Mom and kids.
Drew and his beautiful Christine.
When Chad was a little boy, he would love to delight us in his ability to play music using nothing but his hands, and arm pits. He was so proud of himself, and would show anyone, at any time.  I recall one summer at Bass Lake where that was all we heard, in fact!  Little Chad with his big smile, and arms flapping like a bird.  He was such a character!  Well.....guess who has learned the same trick?
 Look at that concentration!
When he showed me his new trick, he said to me, "Grandma, can you believe that a human being can make such a sound?"
No sweet boy, I cannot believe it!  I have a feeling we will be hearing this new "boy sound" for some time to come!
He was very excited to show his Mama's cousin Chad what he could do.  They even gave us a short duet.
Glenda and David's dog Rosie seemed to enjoy it too!
There was a game of charades going on for awhile.  Noah was in charge of that game.  Here he is telling Chad what he had to act out.
Noah is quite the engaging conversationalist.  Here, he had my Mom, Glenda and Rosie captive for one of his stories.
Greg and Captain David were pretty busy with driving the boat all day.  I took this from below to them on the flybridge.
It was a fantastic day!  Watching all of the activity on the ocean.  Birds, people, parties, etc.  Here is a large boat going by where there was what appeared to be a quincinero going on.  ( sorry if I spelled that wrong)
And a boat passed us with a dog just like our Dusty at the helm.  They said her name was Lucy.
When we got back to the slip, we tidied up and headed for home.  I took this photo of David's boat as we were leaving.  My Dad's first boat was named The Lady Di.  After my Mom, Diane.  The second boat was Another Lady 2 Di 4.  Then I think there was, Another Lady Di...etc....
My brother so thoughtfully chose this name to honor our Mom, and all of those years we spent boating with our Dad.  It gives me chills, even still.
Thanks Brother.  We had a great time yesterday!!  Just as we always do when we are on a boat.
Love you!!
XO  Kris


From the Kitchen said...

A beautiful day with family and happy memories! What more could one ask for? I love Newport. When we lived in La Jolla, we visited several times a year.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

A day on the water, with family...perfect! It looks beautiful there! Love the "boys being boys" photos!

Teresa Kasner said...

You are SO lucky that your brother has a boat and is so generous to share it with the family. My first memories of being on a boat was with my uncle Don - it was just a little red ski-boat, but I thought it was the coolest.. I learned to waterski behind it. What a great day you had! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Bethany said...

Ahahahahahaha at "Can you believe a human being can make this sound?" That's great. :)

Sinta Renee said...

What a fantastic day... just to be all together AND to be on the water!!! Perfect!

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for posting and letting us enjoy your day, too. Kris...ahhh the sea. family, and sweet memories, all of which I hope help you to continue to feel better and better! xx

podso said...

Your family is so good at enjoying life together!

Jeanna said...

What a wonderful day, Kris. Making new memories and fondly reflecting on old memories. A blessing for sure :)

Deb~in~Denver said...

Kris, that looks like the perfect day! Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy the sunshine and the water! You have such a beautiful, fun spirited family! Oh, how I wish we could get your Noah and our Little B together! They would have a great time with their "armpit band"! D hasn't been able to make any noises with hers (thank goodness!!) and she's convinced it's a boy thing... What wonderful memories you have of your dad, it does the heart good to re-visit those times.


Nana Go-Go said...

What a super post, Kris, thanks for sharing. Is that the Newport where they have the Jazz Festival? I hope you're keeping well now since your bad start to the year, healthwise.x

Mereknits said...

Kris, it sounds like the perfect day to spend with those you love. Noah is getting so much older looking! I love the photos of the kids with your Mom, priceless.
Hugs to you,

Jill said...

Looks like such a lovely day with many memories! A lot of my family on my dad's side has boats and live near the water, but we are too far to enjoy it anymore. Thanks for sharing these photos and the ones of the family are great!


Patty Antle said...

I enjoy your posts so much! Your photos are just lovely showing happy family times. What beautiful boats. So glad you have great memories of your Dad and can see him in your brother.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, For some reasons your posts are coming through to my reader-so I'll have to see if I can subscribe, because I miss getting caught up. What a wonderful day you had-so many sweet memories and such a fun family day. Oh, I loved the homes you showed us. I'm hoping you are totally over whatever bug you had recently.
Sending you warm spring hugs.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Kris, you sure know how to have FUN! Making sweet memories for your family too! Your knitting is sure coming along too! xox

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

This looks like such a fun day with your family!
I'd love to see all those big huge homes too... though I wouldn't want their mortgage! Hahah!
Boys are fun... Noah looks like he's a hoot to be around.
I have just a few grand-daughters... and more grand sons... I had 2 daughters of my own and 2 step daughters... and 2 sons of my own. I had 2 brothers... I'm the oldest...
If I'd had more kids-- I prayed for boys!
My grandsons... 12 in all- ARE AWESOME!

Pam said...

I love how close you are to your family! It's wonderful that you all spend so much time together. The day looks like it was fantastic. Great photos!!!