Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Doins'

Spring Doins'.  Nana said that.  Not Spring doins' exactly.  But she used the word doins'.  Nana was from Texas, and although she lived in California for a long time, she never lost that sweet Southern Drawl.   I think about  her all the time.  The many things she said and did, that made her so loved.  It will be two years in September that she passed.  I miss her every day.  It will be 12 years that my Dad has been gone.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him either.  They will both live on in me, in my heart, til we meet again.
Spring has arrived, and is showing off every day with more and more color.  Usually by this time, I have my garden in, and well on it's way.  Because of feeling so crummy, I have not done anything to prepare for it.  As much as I love gardening, I am still not up to the work involved to put one in this weekend.  And I am not sure if or when I will.  I may just put a few of our favorites in, and use the space I added last summer to plant a lot of pumpkins.  I have not decided yet.  We have a wonderful Farmer's Market.  I could easily get all that I love to use there.  But will I miss it?  Yes, I think I would, if I couldn't go outside and pick our dinner veggies.
I made my first trip to the Farmer's Market this morning.  I got some beautiful looking produce, and an unusual item.
That other item you see is a natural inhaler.  It is supposed to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.  The lady I talked to at the kiosk where this and many other natural remedies and oils were sold, told me that this will help my breathing tremendously, and eliminate the need for my prescribed inhaler.  We shall see.  But I am willing to try it.  It contains minerals and salts.  When I inhale it, I can detect the taste of the salt slightly.  But it is not unpleasant in any way.
The other day I visited the brand new Goodwill in Norco.  It is huge!!!  Very nice and clean.  Lots of books!  I love books!   I found a beautiful pair of pillow shams for 4.00.  They are ecru, and looked brand new.  I love the quilting and design.  I washed them up and put them on our bed.  I like adding some lighter colors to the bedding in the warmer months.
These were a good find!  And a fair price.  I don't love Goodwill, because they tend to be higher priced.  My preference is Salvation Army, and also a Vintage Thrift here in town.  I also love a shop in Norco by the feed store I frequent.  And in Big Bear I have several favorites.  But once in a while, I do find something at GW that is what I consider a fair price..
I also got this book, and am LOVING it!
I finished my chunky rib knit cowl.  I thought I would love it a lot more.  It turned out much wider at the neck than I wanted it to.  I wound up twisting and doubling it, and liked it a lot better.
I started another project yesterday.  I saw this on my friend Meredith's blog.  It is a straight knit scarf/shawl.  I am enjoying making it.  Very good practice, and I feel like I am getting fairly proficient with straight knitting, and identifying the way the stitch is supposed to look, and finding a problem and/or dropped stitch, and confidently able to pick it back up and resume knitting without losing the consistency of the pattern.
I am enjoying sitting outside to knit each day.  Everywhere I look, it is so pretty.

Today was another nice warm day.  We went to our granddaughter Hannah's softball game, and then went with our daughter Erika and grandson Noah to see Paddington.  We all loved it. Such a cute movie.  When our son Drew was a baby, his bedroom was decorated in Paddington Bear.  I had the cutest wallpaper, and accessories.  I can close my eyes and still see it.  Somewhere in the rafters, is the giant Paddington Bear that my parents got him.  I need to find that bear!
I think tomorrow will be a lazy day.  My throat is sore again, and I do NOT want to get worse!!!  GAH!
XO  Kris


From the Kitchen said...

No garden? Even I will miss it--always so envious. Nothing is blooming here and not much green either.


Karen L. Bates said...

So sorry this nastiness is hanging on to you.....let it go! Ha! Like you want it!
I can't believe you have flowers blooming...sheesh. Don't worry about your garden, I am sure you will have one again, make it easy on yourself...just pick up some starts when the time comes, it's ok to do it the easy way. Try something you have never planted just to get the juices going. I started doing my veggies in pots as my chickens get into everything....just make it simple this are such a doer anyway.
Love that of my favs too. I should start something but I don't have a lot of energy yet...still taking a nap nearly everyday. Being down like this is hard on us...isn't it?

Holly said...

I'm with you on the garden. I want to have one again this year but have been feeling so crummy with sinus and chest yuck that I just haven't been up to getting it all ready. I miss seeing all those pretty rows of lettuce popping up and the thrill of new tomatoes on the vine. Love the shams! I recently bought some colorful tapestry looking shams and I Scotchguarded them and and using them in the patio. Our Goodwill is actually priced pretty well. I hope you're feeling better soon. It's been a tough couple of months for both of us! Love you, my friend!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

So nice to hear from you Kris, sure hope you can keep ahead of this bug and cold! That natural inhaler is interesting and I hope it works for you. Love all your finds and your knitting is looking marvelous! Nothing like a farmers market, ours won't start up for a while but when it does I will be there. You really do need to pace yourself so maybe a victory garden this year is not a good idea. I think you need to enjoy the sunshine and your family......says mama Robin❤️
thinking of you and sending hugs,xoRobin

priscilla said...

Hope you do put your garden in Kris ..I am sure you would miss it ! Hope you start to feel better .. what a pain to be sick like that ! Your roses look beautiful ..we might have some snow flurries today !

Home Meadows said...

Being sick is no fun. It sounds like it has really clung on for a long time. I like Paddington Bear and I read the books as a girl. Your geraniums and roses look pretty. It's cold here this morning 30's. Nothing has bloomed yet. Enjoy your day and I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care, Heather

Dawn said...

I so hope you start to feel better soon. Gardens are a lot of work so maybe this year just keep it simple or let it go all together. It's nice that you have a farmers market near by to purchase from.

Debbie said...

Gardens seem to be a lot of work but I know you always enjoy yours so...hopefully you will feel well enough soon to at least put some of your favorites in. But not worth a relapse, so don't fret. You have accomplished soo much in your quest to learn how to knit! Knowing you it will be NO time at all and you will be turning out everything and anything you'd like to. Weather was gorgeous yesterday I thought! Enjoy this beautiful spring day!

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you are feeling better and can get back to your gardening and so on soon. I loved seeing the Paddington film, so I am glad that you enjoyed it! xx

Gracie Saylor said...

Mercy! I 'm cheering you on to good health, and am so sorry you have been under siege for so long, Kris. Even if you wait awhile to plant you have such a nice long growing season you could still enjoy what you grow. The pillow shams are elegant and such a good find. We have more GW than SA stores nearby, so I end up visiting GW more often. I saw a cute ceramic sheep bank one day at GW and resisted purchasing it reasoning that my flock of sheep is large enough. Not knowing this, my youngest daughter saw the sheep at GW and figured I would love it so she brought it home to me. :-) Hooray for your knitting! You are making great progress! xoxo

Betsy said...

Oh Kris, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still unwell. My husband is fighting it now and I fear ai may be succumbing to it too. Everyone at his office has been sick for weeks. I'm shoveling natural immunity supplements into both of the maximum dosage and hoping it helps.

Your knitting is coming along beautifully. You picked it up SO fast. What fun for you. The cowl turned out beautifully.

We have a Value Village near us and I find lots of goodies there. That's where I bought many clothes for Piper last week. Great bargains.

I hope you're soon we'll and able to garden, knowing how much joy it brings to you. I'll be praying for you Kris.

podso said...

You sound so similar to how I've been this winter. My sore throat lasted 6 weeks but is now finally gone--I think. And before that 6 weeks of bronchitis. What a winter! My sore throat would come and go but never stopped doing that for 6 weeks. I hope sitting out in the sun knitting is healing for you and that the natural inhaler will work. Wishing you good health! You can do the garden next year.

Linda said...

I could have sworn I left a comment here!
Sad to hear about your garden, but a small one is certainly better than no garden....right?
You take care of yourself....
These bugs hang on for dear life....
Try and take it E A S Y!
Cheers my friend...
Linda :o)

Mereknits said...

Bless your heart Kris, this illness has really stuck around. I am glad you are trying some natural remedies, they just might be what you need to finally get rid of it. Your scarf is looking great, I love the color, are you thinking of a crochet border> Your knitting looks very even and nice.
Sending you get well wishes,

Patrica said...

So sorry you still are not feeling well I've been hit with some kind of virus too, what a bummer. I love Kate Morton's books so curl up and enjoy and since it looks like a long growing season is coming I think you'll still have plenty of time to plant when you feel better.

Jeanna said...

I'll miss seeing / reading your garden posts if you decide to skip it this year. But you always keep busy and have wonderful things to share.

I'm suffering with a head cold myself and haven't had the energy to even read my favorite blogs so I'm trying to catch up today.

Pammy Sue said...

I have missed your last two posts! I've been bad about not reading or commenting hardly anywhere the last week. Your cowl turned out beautiful!!! Love that chunkiness and the color is fab. Look at your pretty roses already! I don't have any blooms yet, but they look like they're getting ready.

Jill said...

Sure hope you start feeling better soon! You are so talented with your knitting! Love the flowers can't wait till it gets warm enough here. So much to do! Hope you will be able to get your garden started. Take Care!


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm popping in for some blog time... catching up on my reading.
I can tell in your writing... this post and the newer one with the boat... how much you miss your dad!
Your cowl looks pretty... I've given up on knitting and am focusing on improving my crocheting. Learning some new stitches and keeping practicing at it...just to improve.;)
I hope your throat is doing much better. Y'all have had some crazy weather out that way I believe... maybe yours is allergy related.
Also...what's up with your foot. I saw on IG you had missed a pedi- appointment...

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