Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hidey Do!  I have some thrifting finds to share with you today.  The first one is from a new spot I have been visiting.  It is a  high end resale place.  Still a thrift, but set up like a store, and everything in there is very nice. I could not believe my luck one day when I stumbled upon a whole rack of mens dress shirts.  They were all beautiful shirts.  Expensive shirts.  Tommy Bahama, Reyn Spooner, and Faconable.   Shirts that would cost 100 dollars and more in a department store. 
I was trying to decide which ones to get, as they were priced at about 10 to 12 dollars each.  When I had finally made up my mind, the lady at the register told me that they were having a stuff a bag sale, and that anything I could fit into the provided bag, was 24 dollars.  She said, just go back and get them all!   And so I did.  
They were all freshly laundered, starched, and still had the paper dry cleaning tag on them.  
I believe there were 23 in total that I got.  
At a different place, a few weeks ago, I found this beautiful quilt.  It is actually from the kids line for Pottery Barn.  
It is a full sized quilt, very gently used.  I adore the sweet pink and green on the butter yellow.  It had the two matching shams, with tie closures.
It is all freshly washed and line dried.  
The backing is a soft pink.
The binding is a spring green, cut on the bias.  It is a very well made set.  I also picked up the pink duvet cover, with a companion fabric on opposite side.
I was going to list it on Craig's List, but think I may keep it for when I have a guest room again.  

Last week, a local church had their big rummage sale.  It was a very hot morning, so I didn't stay long.  Just long enough for a few finds.
This three tiered basket storage piece, with canvas cover.  I have it shown with the canvas cover rolled to the back to expose the front baskets.  But it can be completely covered up too.  It is on casters and works perfectly for my sewing room.  It was 5.00.  Sitting on top of this storage piece, is a vintage aqua dish drainer holding some of the fabric stash that I am using for the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along.
I also snagged this green fold up chair, also for 5 dollars.  I took it home and washed it, then set it in the sun to dry.  I love it in my sewing room for an extra chair when I need it.  And I love the happy color!
Right now, it is covered in fabric as I am working on my Farm Girls quilt.  It is nicely padded and very comfy.  Folds up flat to easily store out of sight.
A flower rug, for a dollar.
An aqua ottoman for 2 dollars.  Perfect for my sewing room, for the storage, as well as the color!
I like to set it next to me while I am sewing, and place my design board on it, as I am sewing blocks.
On a different day, at another place......
Two melamine aqua bowls, a plastic storage container that I am using for my embroidery thread.  A blue and tan chicken planter, and a Swedish salad spinner.  The good kind.  With the pull strap.  Works great!
I have had a lot of good luck in my favorite shops lately.  How about you?  Any good finds at the thrifts?
I have been spending a lot of time in my sewing room lately.  I am having a ball with my new embroidery machine(s).  I had kind of thought that I would sell the first one I found in the thrift shop, after I got the new machine.  But I absolutely love this little gem of a machine.  It has such a beautiful stitch.  And a very easy to follow and navigate LED display board to navigate your editing on.  Even without a manual, it has been an easy to use machine.  And so fun.  I actually like some of the features on this machine better than the brand new one.  So, needless to say, I am keeping it!
I will be back soon with more.  Hope all of you are well and enjoying Spring.  I am trying to get caught up with all of you.
XO  Kris


Linda said...

You are THE best thrifty shopper!!!
I have picked up a few items here and there...
You are the Sewing Queen for sure Kris!!
Thanks for always taking to stop by at mine...
Much appreciated♥️
Still getting the cottage in ship shape...and need to open the pool here at home...
Have not bought any plants yet!!
Perhaps this week...
You must miss your cabin at the lake...
Take care my friend..
Linda :o)

Betsy said...

I LOVE all of your finds Kris. I never seem to find things like that. Especially the men's shirts. What an absolute bargain. :-) The little cart and vintage dishrack. I would have never thought to use a dish drainer like that. Perfect. And the little quilt. I need to do more thrifting. The best thing I've found lately is a brank new Thomas the Train pillow for $1.99 for Miss Piper who loves Thomas. I thought I did a great job with that. I also bought her a complete summer wardrobe for $31.00 at the thrift store. Most of the clothes still had the original price tags on them!

It's good to see you on here again. I've missed you Kris.

Home Meadows said...

Hi Kris! You always find great things thrifting. I'm hoping to get out to some garage sales this summer and do a little "treasure hunting". Have a great day, Heather

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, what a bargain on the shirts! Do they fit Greg? I actually need to stay away from finding more things as my office is over-stuffed as it is. :-) But I do love all your fun finds. Like a treasure hunt! I guess my best deal is what we're going to get in a bit - fellow blogger Kathy has offered to dig up some of her iris bulbs for us! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

podso said...

You are a great thriftier! And seem to find a use for everything you find.

Sharon said...

You have the best luck! I follow you on IG, I'm Arf Scarf.

priscilla said...

Lots of great finds Kris ! Love the pottery barn quilt set !

Hayley said...

This is why I love second hand shopping! It's finds like these that excite me! Thank you for sharing!
Hugs from Hayley

Debbie said...

I can't believe all the wonderful finds you got. What a bargain on those shirts! And I love the pottery barn quilt too. Sometimes those older machines really can't be beat. I am so glad your enjoying it so much. I really loved the idea of the bear on the receiving blanket. Soo cute. I will confess that I have never really done any thrift store shopping, but you have definitely inspired me to give it a whirl. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Dawn said...

I love all the wonderful finds, and what a bargain on those shirts. Score girl!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Kris, good Morning!
You are quite the thrifter and lucky at that! Love all your finds. Hope you are doing well and enjoying spring!

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness you found so many wonderful things, those shirts area a terrific find, you are right they are expensive and that sweet quilt and shams, so perfect. I love that you find so many great things.

Sinta Renee said...

Okay... that is it! The next time I come down your way... I am going to make sure I get to go thrift shopping with you! You know how to score on deals! Like a lucky charm!!!

Jill said...

Awesome finding all those deals! Love the Pottery Barn kids find. Our area is having a huge 2 day yard sale this week so we hope to find some good deals. Have a wonderful day!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You had some wonderful finds, Kris...the bag sale for those shirts was amazing! Glad the machine is working out so well for you!

jual obat said...
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Tania @ Out Back said...

Wow Kris what great finds!

I have enjoyed seeing what wonders you have found in your thrift stores.

I have been playing catch up on your blog and seeing what your family has been up to. Love all the lovely photos.


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

WOW, Kris! Awesome finds! You go girl! xox

Karen L. Bates said...

Wow, you have had a fabulous week of thrifting! Your hubby must be very happy with all his new shirts!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Lots of good finds! Did the chicken planter come with the plant?
I like it!
I also like the aqua melamine bowls... and the potterybarn kids quilt!
All wonderful finds.

corners of my life said...

Thanks for the virtual thrifting shopping trip. We are knee deep in too many things at the moment to shop so I love to see the bargains you scored.

Patty Antle said...

Hi Kris! Gosh, I haven't been in touch with my favorite blogger friends! I've missed reading your blog. I've been so busy with my Etsy shop. It's great fun creating new things and working with customers from all over the country. I've been creating, like you! You found some great things while thrifting. I cannot believe you got all of those shirts for $24 - you go, girl! I hope to keep in better touch with you!

Susanne Tyree said...

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to you, but then I would have to go thrift shopping with you. You sure find some good buys, amazing! Your last post about your embroidery machine was also a winner. I went to Joanne fabrics the other day and got to talking to a gal I know who works there. Actually I know her from the kids going to school with her children. I told her she ought to own the store by now since she has worked there for 27 years. Could you imagine every time the delivery truck came you would want to buy the new stuff coming off of it. We got to talking about a sewing center in Findlay Ohio. She has been there, I haven't only for the simple reason I'm afraid I will come out of there with one of those new embroidery machines. So I am reading about your machine and seeing that it sure looks like fun. Maybe Santa will buy herself one for Christmas????
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Sharon said...

I sure miss your postings!

Gloria Baker said...

I missed you Chris!!! Hugs!!!!!

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