Monday, January 11, 2016

The Long Snooze

Hi again.  I meant to be back for another post much, much sooner.  I want to thank all of you for the nice words and warm welcome back!  
I mentioned in previous post how we had all been sick over Christmas.  Well, as is often the case with me, any time I have a lingering cold or flu, I have a tendency towards bronchitis.  Last Wednesday, I was feeling pretty punk.  By days end, I was feverish, and really punk!  I knew bronchitis had set in good.  I took my sorry self to the Urgent Care that evening, and was told I had full blown bronchitis, with possibly pneumonia setting in too.  I was very rattly!  I got my meds, and stopped for a humidifier, and went to bed for 4 days!  I kid you not!!  Today was a big turn around, and I am feeling much better!!! 
I had a couple of people message me that they would like the recipes to the breads I made in last post. 
First is English Muffin Bread.  This is my go to bread.  A perfect bread for morning toast!!!! 
This makes a small loaf:
1 1/4 cup tepid water
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
3 Tbp nonfat dry milk
3 cup bread flour
2 tsp yeast ( I use 1 packet )
Add ingredients to machine as per your machine's instructions.  Turn to white bread cycle.  This is a flavorful bread, with lots of nooks and crannies, just like the muffins.
The other loaf was a banana poppy seed loaf.  I cannot find the recipe to save my soul.  I will keep looking and post it when I do.  I hope I didn't throw it out. 
Before I got to feeling really bad, I finished my Nordic hat.  Despite the mistakes I made with reading the graph wrong in that first block of red, I wound up enjoying the process and really loved the color work.  I will do it again.  In the below photo, I am pointing to the area that was done wrong.  Instead of the intended pattern of x's and diamonds, it looks like c's and arrows.
I soldiered on, and finished the hat.  It was much larger than I thought it would be.  If standing atop my head, it looks very Seusical. 
It is very warm, as it is made with bulky weight yarn, and is large enough that the ribbed band can be folded over by several inches.  I will probably never wear it, but my husband has his eye on it, being Nordic and all. 
I have gotten quite comfortable using DPN's to finish off hats now.  I think I may be ready to venture into sock making once again.
I haven't done a bit of cooking since I was sick.  But this morning, I put on a peppered beef roast.  You take a nice size chuck roast, trim off fat if desire.  Put slits into meat and insert whole cloves.  I used about 6.  Then place into crock pot, and cover with entire large jar of pepperoncinis, juice and all.  Cook on high as long as possible.  10 hours at least.  Shred with two forks and allow the meat to absorb juices.  Serve on toasted hoagie rolls with melted provolone.  Wowzers...are these good!!
Several months back, I had gotten another small batch of baby chicks.  They were various ages and sizes.  One has grown to near twice the size of the others, and is suddenly looking quite regal with her fan of tall tail feathers cascading down.  And her crest of feathers raining down her breast and around her shoulders.  Her comb and wattle is bright red, and I have wondered.  Could she......nah.  She is mature now, and the others are laying eggs.  Is she?  I don't know?  Surely if she were a he, he would be cock a doodle doing by now.  And then it happened.  This morning as I was just walking out in the breaking light to open their coop, I heard it.  At first, a muffled noise.  A sort of cock a doodle doo.  But more a rarrr....raarrrr....raaarrrrr.    I listened......and no mistake could be made, He is a ROO!  And cock a doodle doo, he did, several times!
He is a very handsome boy.  A Buff Wyandotte I was told.  He has not shown any signs of aggression.  Yet.
A good looking fellow he is.  So much bigger than the rest of the flock.
I would love to keep him and raise my own baby chicks.  But we shall see how the cock a doodle doo develops as he matures.  I wouldn't want to upset my neighbors!  We do live on one acre parcels.  The houses are not close to one another.  But still, I would never want to risk upsetting a neighbor with that if it were bothersome.
A few days before I got sick, I ran into Joann's to stock up on thread since I had a coupon for 50% off.  Thread is very expensive these days!
I was able to get a lot with my coupon deals.  But I sure go through it fast!  I am eager to get to some sewing now with school back in session.  The kids here were off for three weeks!  Way too long, if you ask me!
When I was sick, my best friend Jae brought a gift and left it at the door.  It was the cutest pair of pink sewing themed pajamas!!!  I will post a pic next time!  She is so great.  I love Jae!!!
Have a good week everyone!  I will be back soon!
XO  Kris


NanaNor's said...

Kris, So glad you took yourself to Urgent Care and got the meds necessary to kick the bronchitis. I used to get it whenever I got a cold(since I had asthma) and remember just how awful you feel. Glad you are feeling better today. Love the Rooster(we always ended up with Roosters when we raised chickens and they would start crowing at 3:30 am. Love your thread-you've got a good selection. I've been sewing, but only off and on-so my quilt is taking much longer than I thought. Hope you have a great week and continue to gain strength!
Hugs, Noreen

Betsy said...

Oh Kris, I am sorry to hear that you were so sick. I'm glad you got yourself to the doctor quickly and got the medicine that you needed. That bread does look delicious, but since I have no bread machine I guess I'm out on that one. Ha ha! That rooster is a beauty isn't he? I've always wanted to raise my own chickens and technically we can have them here in the city . We're allowed three. But I can't find any of my friends who are willing to take care of them for me when we're gone visiting our kids. Oh well. Thank goodness the store still sells eggs even if they're not as good as "home grown" ones. I'm so glad you're feeling better and that hopefully we'll be seeing more of you.
Blessings, Betsy

Jeanna said...

So happy you are on the mend, Kris. Bronchitis and pneumonia are nothing to take lightly, as you well know.

I love the Nordic hat...would love to see it on your hubby.

You have a very handsome rooster indeed. It will be interesting to see if he truly rules the roost.

You purchased some nice thread. Enjoy your time back in the sewing room.

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Kris.. I'm glad you got the medical care you needed to beat that thing.. I have the same issue of any cold going into bronchitis.. so I avoid people with colds.. LIKE THE PLAGUE! :-) Your rooster is very handsome and will protect your girls.. I hope he doesn't get a loud crow. You could ask your neighbors if they mind him.

Would love that bread, I'm sure. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Deb~in~Denver said...

So glad to hear you are on the mend! Don't over-do it, rest up and take good care of yourself! Such a handsome Roo, hope he's able to stay with you! xo

Linda said...

Well....that's better! Glad to hear you are back on your feet again!
Too funny about the Rooster!
Enjoy your week my friend...
Linda :o)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Kris, I'm glad you are on the mend. I've been pumping myself up with Airborne in big hopes of dodging the bug that my hubs has had twice. So far, so good. Man, I kid you NOT, every time I visit you I get the case of the hungrys with the good food posts that you share. My tums is growling looking at the yummy meat and pepper mix in the crock. Nothing beats a good crock roast!

Take good care and Happy New Year!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Kris, I'm glad you are on the mend. I've been pumping myself up with Airborne in big hopes of dodging the bug that my hubs has had twice. So far, so good. Man, I kid you NOT, every time I visit you I get the case of the hungrys with the good food posts that you share. My tums is growling looking at the yummy meat and pepper mix in the crock. Nothing beats a good crock roast!

Take good care and Happy New Year!


Gracie Saylor said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Kris! I love the pattern you made for your hat, even if you insist on showing me your mistakes :) Your Roo is very handsome. I'll be interested to see if he settles in with you or if you have to find another home for him. I hope you enjoy using your thread supply...I will enjoy seeing what you make. Your bread looks so yummy. My youngest son made a gluten free loaf of banana bread today and it is good, even without the gluten :) Hope you have a happy, healthy week xx

Anita said...

How lucky are you to have some lovely chooks and the rooset is beautiful. We
have just had to rehome our flock and we miss them heaps.
Cheers, Anita.

Patty Marker said...

I'm glad your better my friend. We need to get together soon. Let's check our (grandkids) schedules.

Debbie said...

Good morning! Soo glad your feeling better! I've heard of soo many having that nasty virus, and several who ended up with bronchitis with it too. Diane was quite sick with it as well. Be sure and take it easy for a few more days. I love the hat! You have gotten really good at that! Your rooster really is a handsome guy...hopefully he doesn't get too vocal on you, lol. You got a nice supply of threads. Your right, they are soo expensive anymore. I used the same color of off white thread for almost everything I make. I buy the largest spool of it I can get, and only switch to a color if I am top stitching for some reason. I buy my embroidery thread's at Mel's as I can't find the brand they carry anywhere else and it really works the best with embroidery for me. I have bought a couple of spools from Joannes and regretted it. I did buy some once in the sewing/embroidery machine department, but it was just as expensive as the sewing stores and Joannes coupons don't work for that. It still wasn't quite as good either. Too bad too as it would be much more convenient. Have a good rest of your week Kris!

From the Kitchen said...

Rest--it does a body good! Glad you are feeling better. Love the hat. Even the mistakes look right to my untrained eye!! That roast looks delicious!!


Karen L. Bates said...

Sorry to hear you have been so sick. You seem to get your share. Rest often, drink fluids and sew! Or! The hat is gorgeous, I could never do a pattern like that...too difficult.

I haven't had to buy thread in a long time, sure it would give me sticker shock. Cant wait to see your PJ's!

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

Hi Kris , love your blog . Im a new follower, sorry to read you were so sick . Love your hat , so talented , I have never been able to knit or crochet ,always envious of those that can ! Your rooster is gorgeous , I hope he behaves himself and can stay a member of your flock . Have a great day . Angela

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Glad you were able to kick that nasty bug to the curb. My hubby was sick for 9 days directly after Christmas so I know it's no joke. Thanks for the bread recipe I'm still learning how to use my bread machine so any help is useful. Do you think bread flour is a must? Maybe that's where I'm messing up, my loaves are pretty flat. I hope your rooster stays sweet or he will have to go the way of our 'Silent Bob' and hit the road!

Pam said...

Yay! Kris is back!! I am so glad to see you are back to blogging. Those beef/pepperoncini sandwiches sound amazing. Love the hat, even if it didn't turn out perfectly.

Billie Jo said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Kelli's and am so glad I stopped over! Glad you are on the mend. I will be a regular visitor! : )

Nana Go-Go said...

Glad you're on the mend, my friend. That is one lovely hat and will surely keep the chills at bay. I've just bought a slow cooker (crock pot) and did a roast in it last week which was mouth-wateringly tender, though it took 6 hours but I love the concept of that way of cooking. Easy does it, until you're feeling much stronger. Big Hugs and thanks-so-much, Kris, for popping-over to mine. xxx

podso said...

That roast sounds delicious. I think I have made a similar recipe. Glad you are feeling better. I had the same thing over Christmas. As did many others I've heard about. Take care.

Mereknits said...

Bless your heart being so ill, bronchitis and pneumonia! You definitely needed that sleep and if you of all people slept for four days you must have been really ill. I love the story about the Roo, he is mighty fine looking. Hope he can stay. Please rest and take care of yourself.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

So happy to see you back and feeling better. Do take care my friend!! xoxoxoRobin

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, Kris! Lots of rest is the best cure. My daughter and son-in-law have had lingering colds since the New Year. My daughter finally went to the doctor today and started on antibiotics, which I hope will help.

Your surprise rooster is very handsome! I hope he is not too noisy and that you can keep him.

Cache-Mire said...

Love the Nordic Hat. So nice to meet you! ~Terri

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, feel better soon! I hate pneumonia in June and it was so awful! Love the hat, chickens and the good food :-) Have a great night and so happy you are back to blogging!


Mathew Triano said...

The bread and the chuck roast look really good. I am working on a new stew recipe that has potatoes, onions, peppers, and cumin. That hat you made looks really warm and is a perfect time to start wearing it, because it's getting cold. I personally do not knit, though my wife loves to do it.