Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I have gone to lots of my favorite thrift stores this week, in search of a new bar stool to replace the one I fell off of and broke last weekend.  I did find a bar stool today.  And a few other things as well. 
First, yesterdays finds.  I just fell in love with this aqua quilted pillow with the scalloped edges.  It has ties on the back for easy removal of pillow slip.  The insert is down, and oh so squishy.  I washed it and ironed it, and it looks fab in my sewing room on my floral wing back chair!  It looks off white in this photo, but the quilted swirls were well captured. 
After it was cleaned, it went in my sewing room.  Love, love, love it.  I wish you could see the true color of it.
I like to sit there and knit, and look out the window in my sewing room.  Great light in there too.
I also found a huge box of cone threads.  They were mostly two shades of reds, and some blues.  I bought two of them for one dollar.
I went dotty for these little dishes!!!  I found the red oval in one shop, and then in another, I found the three orange dishes. 

I have been collecting colorful dishes of all shapes and sizes.  When we do our kitchen, I want to have one cupboard without doors, and my pretty dishes will be in there.
I also found this cute bowl, from Pier One.  It is the same size and shape as the Pioneer Woman bowls I have.
That was it for one day.  No bar stool though.  I went back out again today, and found it right away.  It was much sturdier than the one I had.  And the seat was larger.  (another plus, I suppose)  So maybe I won't fall off of this one!
I got this fun bright orange pillow.  It has a honeycomb stitch on the front.  It is the perfect shade of orange to match the cushion I recovered last year, or year before.  I put it on the front porch on the glider.
A nice big colander that will fit inside my large pots for when I boil pasta.  It is nice to be able to pull out the colander and not tip the big heavy pot in the sink over a standing colander sometimes.
These next two were fun finds.  A bamboo basket with an accordion folding netted top.  Perfect for outdoor BBQ's!  And then along the same lines, but different than any I have ever seen, was this metal dome with whimsical painted top.  Looks kind of like a Bee Skep.  It will get a lot of use for our outside dining come Spring and Summer.
This looked to be brand new, and never used.  It is part of the Tracy Porter collection that I have seen in Target.  I have purchased a few of these pieces in the past.
My really special find today, was a little piece of salt glazed Rowe Pottery, from the 2004 Historical Collection.  I couldn't find the exact piece on eBay, but many similar to it.  Quite pricey!!!  I paid 3.00 for it.   All of the things I saw that were similar were well over 50.00!!

I have lots of pottery, and just love it.  This piece is beautiful, and I will be looking for more of it.  
When I go thrifting, I rarely spend more than a few dollars per item.  I have several places that I like around here.  I know people are down on Goodwill, but I find their prices to be outstanding, with the exception of clothing items.  I love Salvation Army Family Store.  Although lots and lots of it, is pure junk, I have found the best deals there.  I have bought several sewing machines, and my embroidery machine there.  And their furniture deals are good.  They used to do clothing at a dollar a piece, and that is when I used to buy a lot of things just for the unique buttons, or a wool piece that I knew I would be cutting up and using the wool for other projects and such.  I made my Christmas blanket from red and green sweaters that I bought there.  I looked for sweaters with lots of cabling, and chunky stitching. I also bought sweaters there to make soft sweater pumpkins. 
My place for higher end clothing, is also near me. I have bought many dress shirts there.  Once I bought about 20 Tommy Bahama shirts that had just come from the cleaners, all starched and still with their paper tags on them.  It was stuff a bag day, and I got them all for 20 dollars!  I have also found a few beautiful Faconnable shirts there too.  Anyway, it is a fun hobby.  I love the thrill of the hunt.  You never know what you will find. 
When I was putting "the girls" to bed tonight, the sky was so pretty in streaky shades of pinks.
Can you see all of those little pieces of gate and stuck up along the bottom edge of the wrought iron gate?  That is to keep Lil' Jack from slipping out into the grove.  This weekend we are going to go find something that will work better and not be such an eye sore.  Boy the lawn looks brown.  Come on rain....we need you!!
I got into the chicken yard to lock the coops, and sure enough, there were Rebbie and her partner in crime, Cloud, high in a tree above the coop!
They are both Leghorns, and lay a perfect white egg every day!  Can you see their ear lobes?  They are both white.  That is how you determine the color of their eggs. 
I just think they are beautiful creatures!!!  I can't imagine anyone not enjoying chicken keeping!
That's it for today.  I hope your week is going well.
XO  Kris


Kerri said...

I love the thrill of thrifting too! Me neighbor and I went to check out a new place not too far from us a the other day. I have a couple I frequent often...but I love finding and visiting new places. We should start a "thrifting Thursday" post!

My son and I chicken sat (2 chickens) for a neighbor that was away for a few days last week. They were so friendly...and Brady enjoyed collecting the eggs each day. I thought of you a few times while we were tending to them!

Billie Jo said...

What wonderful finds!!!!
Have a cozy day!

Jill said...

So many great finds! I love the colorful dishes and that pillow is just lovely! So cute your chickens are up in the tree! Enjoy your day!


Debbie said...

Goodness you really did get some good finds. I especially like that scalloped pillow! Enjoy your day Kris!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You had some wonderful finds, Kris...I just love the stoneware piece!

Kelli said...

I need to go thrifting with you! I try to stop by a few favorites at least once a month but some visits are a bust. I love the polka dot dishes you found.
Have a great day Kris!

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Kris.. I loved seeing all your thrift scores! My favorite is the salt glazed pot.. oh the cool things you could do with that! You could bake food in it or keep stuff in it. I also think the dotty dishes are so neat. I enjoyed seeing your chickens roosting in the tree.. I bet the flash surprised them! LOL!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

podso said...

You have the best shops! Or maybe you have the best eyes as you seem to always find great treasures! And I learned something new about chickens. :-) Have a nice weekend,

Dawn said...

We have crappy thrift store around here, when I go to a big city I always look up the better one. Your aqua pillow really brings out the flowers in your wingback. Our chickens are staying in the coop lately they don't like the snow. Im selling all the eggs to an organic farm and get 2 dozen or more a day. I clipped the wings on mine so they can't fly and get where they're not supposed to be. All brown eggs here from my girls.

Nicolle said...

I LOVE the polka dot baking dishes, and of course that beautiful sky! xo

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Kris, It is fun to see what you found while thrifting, and also to see the gorgeous sunset, and Rebbie and Cloud up in the orange tree. I did not know that their earlobes indicate what color eggs they will lay. Interesting! I hope you get some rain...we are expecting another wave of storms up hear. xx

Mereknits said...

I love to see what you find, you are a real treasure hunter. I am not so goo at that, but I am good at donating!

Cootie Bug said...

I love going thrifing too, especially with a girl friend who enjoys it too. I love the stuff you found, you surely did score!

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet friend, What wonderful treasures you found out thrifting! I'm glad you didn't get hurt when you fell off the bar stool. Love your sunset photos! Sending you warm winter hugs today.

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

You find such great deal Kris.

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...
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Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...
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Karen L. Bates said...

Thrifting is so in your too. Your pillows are wonderful...and I collect pottery too. The polka dots are so fun...I would have grabbed them too. Your 'girls' are beautiful, sounds like the Mr. has been causing some trouble. Hope you can keep handsome.

corners of my life said...

Thanks for sharing your thrill of the hunt.
I just loved reading about all of your "finds"

Hollie said...

I love thrifting too!! You found some good stuff or treasures as I call them!!! My favorite find of yours is the stoneware!! Just beautiful!!!