Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Checking In

Hello out there?  I don't have much to report.  Not that there isn't a lot of things going on in my life, but rather most of them are more of the personal nature, and it just isn't appropriate blog post material.  We are going through some changes here.  I am adjusting. 
I have been bound and determined to learn to knit socks.  They are a bit of scary thing to me.  I am trying to figure out which way I am most comfortable knitting them.  I did my very first pair, using double pointed needles.  I found that very awkward.  I made a lot of mistakes,  But I did it.  I frogged the second one, and so, I only have one, ugly, house sock to show for it.  I didn't even take a photo, it is not very pretty!
The second time I wanted to learn to do magic loop.  I used a good tutorial, and purchased the pattern to follow.  I followed it exactly, and a sock was made! 
I used a Knit Picks cotton/linen blend, and I didn't care for the texture of it.  It doesn't have the stretch and give that a sock should have.  So, I didn't bother making the second sock. 
Then, I saw a technique using a very small 9" circular.  I ordered my circulars and two sets of dpn's from Hiya Hiya, and was going to join in on the sock KAL with The Grocery Girls on Ravelry.   Do check out their podcasts, they are such great fun!!  I cast on, and I found the needles so terribly slippery.  I was using fingering #1 sock yarn.  It felt like dental floss and toothpicks in my hands.  I had to frog it.  I set out once again, this time with a dk weight yarn, and size 4 needles.  Back to magic loop.  I am cruising along just fine.  I think my friend was right.....stick with the dk and sport weight yarns, and slightly larger needles, until I am very comfortable with sock making.  And so, that is what I will do.
This is a Merino Wool/Acrylic blend.  It feels good in my hands, and has plenty of stretch.  I am making this pair a full size sock.  Not an ankle sock.  I think that my preferred set of tools for sock making, will be magic loop.  Kind of strange at first, but I do like it a lot.
My house is in total disarray.  Erika and Noah have moved out, and into their own cute little condo, leaving me with two rooms to do something with.  First things first.  Pull the carpet and pad up!
I was going to paint the two rooms myself, but I just don't have it in me right now.  I will pick paint colors this week, and get someone out to paint.  The carpet should be here in the next 10 days. 
We are going with the lower left seen on sample board.  When my son Drew moves out, we will order the carpet to do the rest of the rooms.  Ours, his, and living room.  And I have decided I will be moving my sewing room back into Drew's room.  It is the largest in the house, still in front of house, with good natural light.  And I can have a living room for entertaining once again.
My girlfriend gave me a huge stack of her old knitting magazines.  I am having fun going through those!
Haven't been sewing a quilt lately, but I do have a quilt in the wings, ready to begin!  I have been doing a lot of machine embroidery.  Most of which I cannot show, as they are gifts.
This was a small tote bag I did for my Mom.
I had an old high school friend contact me to make a hat for the upcoming arrival of his new granddaughter.  He sent me the colors of her nursery, and I came up with this.
We are getting ready to bring the boat up to Big Bear Lake for the summer.  We are so eager to be spending time up there.  We will be bringing our new trailer up for a week in July, as well as several weekends.  We also have several other small trips planned throughout the summer that we will be taking it on. 
My garden has done absolutely awful this year.  I have had  what I think is bunnies, eat most everything to the quick.  Despite fencing, and chicken wire on gates, something has destroyed almost all of it.  I have kind of lost the desire to work it now.  I do have pumpkins going, and looking good, as well as tomatoes and a few other things.  I will keep those going as long as I can.  I also planted lots and lots of flowers from seed, and none of them came up. 
My other things are blooming beautifully in the yard though.

I have been hooked on a PBS series that I am binge watching on Netflix called, Call The Midwife.  I am two thirds done with it.  I don't know what I will do when it is over.  I have enjoyed  it so much!  It has been a wonderful escape for me lately, during a not so great time in my life.
That's all I've got.  To be honest, I have thought seriously of ending my blog. I don't seem to have the traffic I once did, and I don't really feel I have much to offer right now.  We shall see. 
Tootle Loo for now.
XO  Kris


Holly said...

Well. Where to start? First of all,know you are loved, above all else. I don't know what you're going through because I'm not a very good friend :( but I just pray that all is well and that whatever is happening in this phase of your life turns into something positive. You are such a ray of sunshine in a sometimes dark, dreary world and you touch more people than you know. You have shared the ins and outs of your life on this here blog for years now and you would be sorely missed by many if you decide to stop but this is about you and what you need in your life at this time. I sense that whatever is happening is quite personal so I won't hound you but you have my number and I have nothing but time to sit and listen. I love you!

Gail Travis said...

Have been reading your blog for some time now and really enjoy it. I lived in and around the Los Angeles area in the 70's. Just got a used Janome Memory Craft 10001 off eBay two weeks ago. Looking forward to hearing about more of your embroidery and quilt making adventures.

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

Please don't end your blog I've enjoyed it for years. I'm sorry things are rough for you now and hope they get better soon. I'm excited to see your makeover of the 2 rooms and your living room again. That's several posts right there. I really miss your cooking posts....you always make us think outside of the box here in Oklahoma. It's been 3 years since we've been at the farm and if I see another Chicken Fried Steak or Burger I'm going to lose it. I need veggies and cool California style recipes lol.

Nana Go-Go said...

Sounding a bit ominous but hope nothing drastic has happened, Kris. Glad you've got all that extra space to play around in but sad not to see your garden in full bloom this year.Missing all those pics of oranges and avocados! Always great to 'see' you, Kris.x

Sharon said...

I enjoy your blog and have followed it for several years. You are just so down to earth and talented. I would hate to see you hang it up.

janie said...

I hope you do not end your blog. I get so inspired with your beautiful quilts, recipes and thrifting etc.

My wish for you is that everything works out in a good way for you. Sounds like you need some time for yourself right now.

I always read your blog, However, do not leave a message most times.

Sending warm thoughts to you and wishes for better days!!

Hugs, Janie

Angela said...

Kris, I am so sorry you are going trough a hard patch and hope it will soon pass. I would miss your posts terribly if you stopped. It is nice to read about your doing! Angela

Bethany said...

I sometimes struggle with the same thing, but I'm currently going through a spurt where I love blogging again. I do hope you stick with it, even if it's sporadic--I love checking in with California :)

Kelli said...

Oh Kris I am so sorry you are going g through some rough times right now. I will keep you in my thoughts. I know life can be pretty difficult...I have had my share this year. 2016 has not been the best.
Thinking of you..❤️

Betsy said...

Kris, my blog traffic is way, way down too. I think it may be all of the other social media out there. But you know what? Those that do read loyally are my friends. YOU are my friend. Please don't end your blog. I don't know what you're going through, but that's okay too, because even if I don't know exactly what, I can and WILL pray for your my friend. You can always email me or call me too. :-) But please do stay here in blogland.
Second, I'm sorry about your garden. You had put so much work into it. How sad that it's been eaten. Your other plants look lovely though.
Third, both of those are great looking socks. I've tried all the needles. Double points, (which I learned to make socks on), magic loop, and the 9 inch circulars. I always come back to the double points. Although at first they were awkward, now they feel very natural in my hands. I bought the Knit Picks Harmony DPN's awhile back and love them. Just enough grip to keep the yarn from sliding off, but slick enough to be easy to use.
I'm glad you're getting to go to the lake too. Our lake is my "happy place" and I know yours is the same to you.
Be well my friend, and feel free to email me. I can give you my phone number and we can talk if you would like. I DO care about you.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for checking in, Kris! It sounds like you are going through a whirlwind of change in your household, and I can understand how feeling inspired to post in the midst of it is difficult, but I am still here reading and caring and appreciating when you do post. I appreciate learning with and from you in our ups and downs in life. In this post I feel encouraged as you relate learning about sock knitting. I got stuck on the magic loop sock that I started years ago and spent $$ for lessons to learn to do at a shop. Could you share with me what pattern/tutorial you are being successful with if you have a chance, please? I am sorry bunnies are biting your garden plants! We have been slug/snail hunting here with some success, I think...and I have not seen bunnies around here for awhile...I wonder why? At any rate, I hope you are able to get some good produce from your gardening efforts. love to you and yours and email me if typing to me will help. I care about you. xxxxxxxxx

Teresa Kasner said...

Your Pacific NW bloggers love you! I wish you lived near us so we can have a good old girl's lunch. My antenna was up for you today.. I thought.. hey, wonder how Kris is doing? And I come home from errands and there is your blog post. I do hope you keep the blog.. your friends here don't count how often you post but we do think of you as a good and true friend. Just post when you feel like it. But don't close it down permanent.. okay? Deal? I'm going to email you and say hello that way. I love you and hope all is well. Just remember, we all have our issues.. and we're here for you. PLUS.. I will be coming down there to visit my son in Temecula and I want to have lunch with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jill said...

Sorry things are not going the best for you right now, please know I'm here for you! I love your blog and getting to know you and your family and I would be so sad if you ended your writing. You have so many great talents! Hang in there things will get better. :-) Sending big hugs!!


Deb~in~Denver said...

You know I look forward to seeing your posts but you need to do whatever is best for you. Those life changes are hard, no matter how old our kids are. Know that I'm always a phone call or an email away if you need an ear! Sorry to hear about your gardens, darn bunnies! We have several around here but we've been lucky, they haven't taken an interest in our yard! I hope you are able to spend a lot of time at the lake and in your new "home away from home", it's beautiful!

Love ya!!

StrictlyMystic said...

Hi Kris,
I'm a lurker but it sounds like it's time to let you know how much I've enjoy reading your blog. Sorry to hear that things aren't going well right now...you've cheered me up on many down days so wish I could return the favor. Changes are hard and only you know what's best for you and yours, but whatever you decide thank you for your cheerful posts and for sharing your happy hobbies.

Linda said...

OH dear Kris...don't leave! I would miss you terribly..
It is late her right now...I will FB message you in the morning...
Chin up...things will work out...
Linda :o)

corners of my life said...

Loving that baby hat. Nice job.

Debbie said...

Oh Kris I really hate to hear that things are hard for you right now. I of course don't know what's going on but I don't need details to keep you in prayer, and I certainly will be. If you need or want to talk please feel free to call me or send me an email because if there is any way at all I can help I certainly would love to. The hat is just adorable btw, and I am seriously quite impressed with your socks. The carpet is soo pretty, and I look forward to seeing the new sewing area as you get it together. I'd really hate to see you quit blogging. I'd miss you so. I think you were one of the very first blogging friends I had outside of family. And family is LONG gone, lol. I barely get any traffic or comments anymore. I've wondered sometimes why I bother, but I do like having an account of what is going on. bIG HUGS to you!

From the Kitchen said...

I would miss you if you stopped blogging!! Blog traffic has slowed for me too but I've slowed down on blogging and commenting. A good friend and long-time knitter did a pair of beautiful woolen socks for me years ago, They are still like new after keeping my feet warm through some cold winter days. I hope things will work out well for you and that you will keep in touch.


Kerri said...

I don't know that I'm one to cheer another friend up right now as we have had a total of 3hrs of sun the entire month of May so far...but I will try. ;)
I sure love checking in over here in your world. I had to laugh when you said about blog traffic. My traffic consists of my husband, my dad, and YOU! I enjoy reading about your close family....your adventures in Big Bear, your garden and chickies, your mom's awesome 4th of July parties...your example of what grandparenting can look like...and I could go on. As I get older I am less into the "decor" blogs (which seem to be all there is anymore) and more into the real day to day stuff that I can relate to. But probably the coolest thing about you blogging is that your grandchildren will one day read through your blog. I can't imagine how cool that would have been if my grandma would have had a blog...talking about her marriage, her children, her recipes and her life.
Hang in there Kris- good things are right around the corner. :)

Mereknits said...

My friend sounds like there is a lot going on, change is so hard even if it is good. I am already upset my Mr 19 is leaving for school in August, and I have not seen my oldest since Christmas, seems like so, so long ago. I hope you are okay, I am always here if you need to chat, hope you know that.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm sorry to hear you are going through life stuff right now, Kris. I guess we all do at one time or another. It's why I started blogging...a diversion from the stuff. I sure hope that things start looking up for you again soon. You are smart to keep busy with projects and being creative, it can help get you through to daylight. Do things that you love doing...and pamper yourself.
I love Call The Midwife, too...new episodes are still on PBS, and there might be other seasons online at PBS that aren't on Netflix yet. I got the book for my kindle, too, and look forward to reading it.
Love to you...xo

Debbie said...

Sounds like it has been a rough patch going on, but if anyone can make it through, it is you. I'll be praying for you and your family, I don't need to know what's going on, because God does. Hang in there. I love your blog, when I see you come up with a new post, I love opening it up and know I will enjoy reading every word. It's so refreshing and real. I would so miss it. I also follow you on instagram and love reading there too. Love the cooking, roosters, avocados, oranges, your garden, sewing and your family. May God bless you!

podso said...

There are seasons for blogging and I think all blogging has slowed down a bit. I often think of quitting and that I have nothing more to say but then something comes up and I post. Don't shut your blog down as it's a nice record of things in your life, but you can go on "sabbatical" and then come back.

Congrats on the socks. All your skills impress me so much. I love that old washing machine filled with flowers. I used one like that when we lived in Africa. :-)

MommaGott said...

Out of all the blogs I read, yours is my favorite! You are very inspiring and creative. You did a great job on your socks, that is my favorite thing to knit. Hope things take a turn for the better for you.

Jacob Jakob said...

Very beautiful. xoox Su
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DaCraftyLady said...

Well Chris,
I am sorry to hear that I love your blog, although I have been absent for awhile and have stopped posting on my blog. Seems FB took over me with posting my photos for my clubs and my family. But I love to browse my blogging friends. I guess I should comment more so you realize you are still watched a lot and loved... hope you choose not to stop posting.... chin up...Big Hugs... Debb