Friday, May 27, 2016

Sewing Room

Hi again.  I am back to share with you my new sewing room.  Not new, really, but newly moved to, and arranged, in the original room I set my sewing room up in, about 16 years ago, when our oldest daughter moved out of the house.
I love this room.  While it is much smaller than the space I was using in the living room, it is by far and away, my favorite room for sewing.  The view is pretty.  The light is good both day time, and at night, with overhead lighting.  I can sew in there in my jammies and no one can sneak up on me at the front window!  And I can close the door on a mess when I am working on a project.
Come on in.
I set my farmhouse table across the room, instead of up against the wall this time.  I like it this way much better, for ease of moving about from one machine to another.
The table on the far side of the room holds one of my embroidery machines, with the other embroidery machine sitting opposite, on the long table.  I have an office mat on the floor, and can slide from one to the other with ease, and often have something that I am working on each machine at the same time.  
The machine closest in view, is my Viking.  I do a lot of my sewing on this machine.  And again, I have an office mat on the floor beneath it, so that my chair can roll around to what I need quickly.  I keep a large rotary mat on the table for quick trims, and an apple lazy susan with pins, and tins of all of the items I need when I sew.  I keep a mini ironing board at the end of the table for pressing pieces as I go.  I set up my little antique Featherweight machine when I am piecing a quilt.  I also use this machine for any classes I take.
I need to utilize the space underneath the table too.  I have bins of fabric, and also a couple of stacking drawers that hold yarn stash.  As well as yet another sewing machine. 
On the wall to left of door as you walk in, is a desk where I keep my Singer One that I do all of my free motion quilting on.  I typically just keep my free motion foot on it, and use this machine specifically for that.  Also on this desk top is my laptop, which I use mostly here in my sewing room, where Podcasts have recently become my favorite thing!!!
The gooseneck Ott lamp is a must for me!  I use it all the time!  Next to the desk, is a cabinet I repurposed from the living room.  I have my quilting books, and knit and crochet books stored here, as well as some gifts and things on display.
 On top of the cabinet is one of my antique machines. It is SO heavy!  On the machine is a piece of quilt that was from one of the quilts that my Great Grandma made.  
 The closet doors have been removed, and I wallpapered the inside of the closet, and had an electrical outlet put in.   Across the closet is my beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that my Great Grandma made in the early 30's.  This quilt is in excellent shape, and I love seeing it on display here.  I have secured it by placing a tension rod at the top of the doorway and just folded it over the top to make it the proper length. I have a few more of the quilts that my Grandma made.  This one is in the best shape.
The chest of drawers holds a large amount of my fabric stash, and is Kon Mari folded by color.
The little toy sewing machine you see sitting atop the red stool, was my Grandmother's (Nana) when she was a little girl. 
I still need to go through and organize a lot of the things inside the closet.  But when I am in there looking for something, having a light in there sure does help!
The sliding doors open up to the back patio and pool beyond.  It is a pretty and peaceful view.
The vertical shutter holds notes and cards that I want to save, as well as a calendar. 
On the wall above, and to the right of my sewing table, is a design wall. 
 On  the back wall of the room is my cutting table.  This is actually a piece designed to be used in the kitchen.  It has a sturdy butcher block top, with a large and deep drawer, with shelves below.  I have a large cutting mat on the table top, as well as a wooden crate that holds my rotary cutters and scissors.
To the left of the table is another light tree.  You can never have enough task lighting!  To the left of the light, are two more carts that hold various sewing supplies and fabric.  On the top of the aqua cart is a wooden tool box that holds all of my spray starch, water refills for iron, and quilt basting sprays.  On top of the far left cart is dish drainer that holds all of my small design boards, and Accuquilt dies.
On the wall above the cutting table is beautiful Amish quilt that my Mom and Dad brought back to me from a trip they took to Amish Country.  Also an old antique mailbox that I painted aqua.  The outside of it holds magnets, and inside holds my catalogs and Joann's coupons.
This is a working room.  I use everything you see in here.  It is packed, and not as pretty as I think it could be in a larger space, but it is cozy and perfectly designed to me and my needs!!!
Thanks for coming by to see me in my sewing space today. 
Toodle Loo.....
XO  Kris


podso said...

That must have been a big job to reorganize all your things in the new space but it looks like a comfortable working space with lots of light. And nice you can go out those sliding glass doors if you need a break.

Mereknits said...

Well done Kris, I love your new sewing space. IT is a perfect work room and looks like it will be enjoyed for a long time.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Debbie said...

It's perfect! Everything you might need right at your fingertips. And your right...good lighting is a biggie! I'd LOVE to have an area where I could walk out and shut the door on my mess. Though knowing me then that door would be shut a lot of the time, lol. Mine is right on top of our family room so I FORCE myself to straighten up at the end of every day so as to not be looking at a mess when we relax at night, lol. Anyway, I know you'll have lots of hours of creating and fun in this room. ENJOY!

Bethany said...

What a perfect room! It's functional but cute and bright and cheerful. Love it!

Bethany said...

What a perfect room! It's functional but cute and bright and cheerful. Love it!

Betsy said...

Wow Kris! That is one beautiful hardworking room. I want to tell you what I like best...but that's impossible because I love the entire room. I can only imagine having a room dedicated to sewing. I could do it with one of our guest rooms, but since my back won't let me sit at a machine for more than half an hour, I'm afraid it would be wasted space. Such fun! The Amish quilt is beautiful, and so is your grandma's. Well, actually I love everything about your room. You asked about crochet podcasts, I haven't had much luck so far finding dedicated crochet podcasts...especially now that I'm at the lake most of the time and can't watch many videos or suf the web because of Internet issues. Have you found any favorite crochet podcasts? There are lots of knitting ones I like...I have about 40 written down. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Patty Marker said...

I love it all Kris. You've inspired me to get back behind machine again. What a great space to spend time in and I love the sliding door to let in the breeze and your pretty view.

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, Kris.. you amaze me! What a lot of work it was for you to first get that room prepared and then move everything from the living room in there and organize it all! I adore you gggrandmother's daisy quilt. I tried to count how many sewing machines you have.. lol! I know you'll enjoy your time in there. Have a super weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

janie said...

Wow, your new room looks great!!! Have fun and enjoy the new space.


From the Kitchen said...

I think you have a perfect place to work on your creativity. My excuse is that I don't! Ha, include in that very little talent. I love your grandmother's quilt!!


corners of my life said...

Lucky you to have this wonderful space.

Linda said...

Well deserved! You are a true crafts that a word? Hahaha!
Enjoy your long weekend!
Linda :o)

NanaNor's said...

Kris, dear friend, I've missed you so much! I haven't spent as much time visiting blogs as I should, but seems so much keeps me running here and there. I love your sewing room-so many creative spaces. I also love your great-grandmother's quilt. I have hubby's Grandma's antique Trip Around The World quilt, aka late '20's or early 30's, hanging in the hall outside of my sewing room. I'm heading down shortly to work on a Patriotic table runner and maybe work on tacking the binding down for our master bedroom quilt. Can't wait to be done with it, have loved it, but it's taken a lot of time.
Sending hugs and lots of love to you dear Kris.

Jill said...

What a lovely room for all your creative ideas Kris! I absolutely love that quilt too. It's great to see a new post from you. :-) We are getting more settled in but have been having house guests too so it has put some things on hold. Jerry's shed/garage that is detached is still full of things to sort and put away. But slowly but surely we'll get through it all. Glad to see things are going well, enjoy your day!


Gracie Saylor said...

Light is so important for crafting! I love that you have beautiful natural light in your sewing room as well as good lamps strategically located at your various task stations. I admire your organization and that you have surrounded yourself with things that you treasure and that inspire your creativity. It is also wonderful that you have room to leave projects out and just close the door when you want your projects to be out of sight :) I hope you have had a good Memorial Day weekend. We have been celebrating June birthdays and preparing for camping on the East side of Mt. Hood. I'm planning to camp with some of my adult kids starting on Wednesday, so I don't plan to post for several weeks, but will be thinking of you and yours and wishing you well, Kris. xxxxxxxx

Jeanna said...

A perfectly organized and inspiring sewing room, Kris. I love how you have everything in place, ready to use. No wonder you are so productive.

Debbie Kay said...

What a beautiful room! Ok I am jealous (lol) I wish I had a room like that all to myself. It is both functional and cozy.

Love it my friend.