Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh how I wish I had a dining room! It would make having dinner parties SO much easier! We are only having 12 this year, which is a record small number for my family. We had wanted to stay close to home since Gennifer was due to deliver around this time, so we are just having my brother David and his family for dinner. I wasn't going to even set a table, and was contemplating using some pretty paper plates. But I just couldn't do it. I didn't break out my good silver or anything, but I decided this afternoon to go ahead and set a table. Otherwise Thanksgiving would seem like just another dinner. And it isn't. It is a special day. Which calls for some special attention. I had some leftover cookie dough from the order I have due Friday, so I cut out a few pumpkins since I didn't have turkey. I just iced them in plain orange and did names on each for placecards. We go pick up our feast at Marie's in the morning. I also made some jello salad cuties, more mashed potatoes, a cheeseball for an appy, Eri is doing the brussel sprouts, and then of course a relish platter, and some dinner rolls. That ought to do it.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you enjoy a special day with your loved ones tomorrow.


Lauri said...

I'm with you sista...Paper plates do not belong on a Thanksgiving table. Your table looks beautiful. Have a wonderful day with your family.

Genn said...

Very beautiful table Mom. I knew you couldn't just go for the paper plates and buffet style seat and eat.

It does look so pretty. As always, you go above and beyond anyone's expectations. This year since the main food is from Marie's you could have done your own episode of Semi Homeade with Kris Grover, instead of Sandra Lee.

Helen said...

Your table looks beautiful! You put so much effort and so much of yourself into everything! You are a beautiful person!