Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Little Desk That Could

I have been looking for something very particular in the way of a child's desk, for a long time. When my girls were little, we had a little desk that had an attached chair, and the desk top was a chalkboard surface, and when you opened it up, there was a magnetic surface and also a peg board surface. My kids LOVED that desk. And they used it til they were about 5 or 6. They would also eat snacks and have lunch there from time to time. I guess they just don't make anything like that anymore, because I have looked everywhere! So, since they don't make that particular desk, I have been looking for an older one, or something similar to have at my house. Today was the day.
I popped into our local Goodwill to poke around, and there it was. The exact size, a similar shape, with all the possibilities! It was home made, probably by a Grandpa for his granddaughter. It had a Disney themed top on it, and had been given a coat or 10 or acrylic to protect it. The rest was bare wood. I bought it for 7 dollars, and took it home, washed it, and tightened the screws and nuts, and got busy. Unfortunately, I got so excited to transform it, that I forgot to take a picture right away of the before. But I didn't get too far before I remembered.
I also reglued the outside seams and put a clamp on it for a few hours before I began to paint. I decided on Barn Red, but only had a wee bit left. So I mixed a barn red with my other three reds, and some black. I painted the inside lid with three coats of chalkboard paint. Then painted the entire rest with Barn Red.
Then I ran to Walmart and bought some magnetic sheets to place on the inside bottom of the desk so they could use their magnetic letters on it. I let it dry, and then sprayed a couple coats of acrylic to protect it.
I also bought some stick on felt circle pads to put on the bottoms of the feet to keep it from scratching the floor. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! It will be perfect. And an added bonus is that the seat folds up and inverts into the underside of the table for easy storage. It is just the very thing I had hoped to find. And I had a ball fixing it all up for the kids.
I can't wait for them to come try it out.
Stay tuned for the other two items I redid and repurposed. Hoping to put them in their new home sometime tomorrow.


Debbie said...

WOW...I'm really impressed. It IS perfect. Melody had a similiar one when she was growing up and she used the thing until she was almost 8!! I have what I call the
"grandkid" room at my house and I too LOOKED all over for a "little" desk like Mel's but never did find it. I settled on a little table and chair set (it sits 4) that has a drawer in that they can store their crayons, markers, and pencils etc. It is cute, but your desk was just what I was looking for, and at a MUCH BETTER price. haha That little table and chair set was stupidly expensive...but the best part of your story was how you were able to fix it up so cute to just what you wanted. You are VERY talented, I keep discovering so many things you do sooo well....

Lauri said...

So, So cute. Good thinking to go to the thrift store. Your grandkids will have years of fun with that.

Kelly said...

smart! i have never even been in our goodwill, but now i will check it out regurlay. great find! and it looks soooo cute! love the chalkboard paint idea!