Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day is THAT Kind Of A Day !!

Barely noon, and it has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!!!   GRRRRRR!!  It started late last night.  I was in a deep 2 Tylenol PM kind of a sleep when Ducey woke me with his barking.  Drew apparently stopped by because he left something here he needed!  WHAT! At midnight????   I drifted back to sleep and within 30 minutes I was awakened again by what I thought was the rain?  Water?  No.....DUCEY WAS PEEING!!!!!   AAACK!!!!!!  I flew out of bed, thinking NOT ON MY FRESHLY CLEANED CARPET!!!!!!!!  I scared him to death.  Got him outside.  Scared Greg to death.  He was in a stupor!!!  I ran for rags to blot...blot...blot, and then there I was at 12:30 in the morning, scrubbing my newly shampooed carpet....again!!!   Ducey is on a new medication. A steroid that helps tremendously with the allergies he is suffering from. But one of the side affects is increased thirst, and of course, frequent wee weeing too.  Geez!  This is the second accident in a couple weeks, and he NEVER does that!  I can't get too upset since it really isn't his fault.  I take him out before I go to bed, and Greg stays up late to watch the news so he has second shift, and did he do it?  NO!  So, after that I only got a few more fitful hours of sleep.
Got up to discover Erika had forgotten to put Noah's pants in his backpack!  Oh well, I had sweats for him, and it was a cold and wet day anyway.   I was getting him changed and dressed, and he decided to make it as difficult for me as possible!
About the time I finally got him dressed and happy, I realized I had left Ducey outside, a tad too long.  He came to the window, pleased as a freshly bathed and brushed Wheatie could be, after having rolled in the wet grass and mud in the space of 5 whole minutes!

Left....wet and muddy in the shower for his second bath in two days!  Middle-freshly bathed, on bathroom floor begging my forgiveness.  Right....bathed, blown dry, combed out to fluffy perfection, and still feeling a bit sheepish for having been so naughty!  Luckily while I was bathing the filthy, naughty Wheatie, Noah was happily watching his cartoons having a little breakfast.  Upon coming through the family room with wet towels in hand, and a clean and dry Wheatie in tow, I immediately smelled.....something....AGAIN!!!!
NOAH.....what?  Twice in 30 minutes????   Oh geez!!!  It wasn't even  10:00 a.m. yet, and I was going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!!!!!
I got Noah cleaned up, and finally, everyone was clean and dry, except for me!  No, I didn't mess my pants or roll in the mud, but I was wet from bathing The formerly "Sweetie Wheatie" by sitting on the outside of the shower, when usually I go inside with him.  Oh dear!
Onto a different subject now.  FOOD!  I made homemade pizza last night.  YUMMY! 
Actually, I cheated a bit.  Though we have been wanting to make pizza dough in our bread machines, this time I bought the dough balls from my new favorite store, FRESH & EASY.  I bought one traditional pizza ball, and a rosemary focaccia ball.  I made the focaccia first,  You simply take the ball out of the wrap, spread to rectangle shape, or whatever, on baking sheet, dimple dough with fingertips, brush lightly with olive oil, and sprinkle with some good sea salt. enjoy!  I mean to tell you...this was fabulous stuff!!!!  Greg got home right about the time the focaccia was done, and we couldn't keep our mitts out of it!   Then I rolled out the pizza dough and topped with some fresh veg and baked.  Made a salad to go with, and we had a delicous meal, like we normally do these days when it is just us two, sitting at the telly watching Jeopardy.  We have the kind of coffee table that is on a tilt and rises to table height with one quick swing.  Nice.
My last photo is one I just ran out to take of my bluebirds nesting in the big old dying pine tree.  This box is too high for me to see inside the nest so I have to use a mirror.  Mama was not happy about me taking this picture.  Which is unusual because they are usually quite tolerant of their nests being monitored. 
Five perfect baby blue eggs.  Which means Mama Bluebird will sit on the nest, day and night, with only quick little absences, keeping her clutch warm, turning the eggs to ensure proper incubation and development, and in a couple more weeks, we will have 5 teeny tiny featherless babies.  I will try to monitor the box, but if Mama gets too upset I won't disturb her. 
That's it from me today.  Already pooped at 1:00 p.m.
Hoping the rest of the day is  uneventful!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I am exhausted reading this! Kids and dogs! LOL Just think - you probably worked off the calories from the pizza last night!!

I hope tomorrow is better!

everyday katie said...

A poor nights sleep can ruin an entire day. Really, it starts everything on the wrong foot.

That pizza looks delish!

Diane said...

One of the worst things about a poor night of sleep is that it is usually followed by an exhausting day. LOL Sounds like you really got a workout. I can so picture the feel of seeing the wet muddy dog looking in from outside. Your pictures were perfect. Your dinner looked wonderful. I am going to have to try that store out.

Lauri said...

I love the bluebird eggs. What a fun thing to watch for next few days.

Katie said...

Oh I don't mean to laff this hard but that Picture of Noah and your Dog says a thousand words, all in which appears that you did indeed have quite a morning!
I see in your food photo's that you got the braided bread bowls ;) I love mine!

Genn said...

Sorry about the bad night's sleep! What Katie said is so true. It does start the whole day off wrong. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

That pizza looks so delish!

Debbie said...

Oh my....I just NEVER do well on a bad night of sleep. Your pictures of the dog and Noah soo captured the mood of that morning. The dinner looked wonderful however. Sure hope the rest of your day was uneventful and that you had a DEEP WONDEROUS FULL night of sleep last night... = )

deb said...

Oh Kris.....hopefully today is a better day.....but when that doggie and that baby look up at you like that all adorable, I bet its hard to stay mad....lolololol.....better luck today!!!!!
LOVE the eggs in the bird houses are all full too!!!