Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump Day Happenings

Yesterday my Mom came out for a visit.  Noah was so excited to see her.  We saw her one day last week when I took Noah over there to feed the ducks.  As soon as she came in, he wanted her to give him some sugar.  My Grandma, Nana, always did this with us when we were little. She would pretend that she could get flavors our of our ears.  She would hug us close and say, "Let me see what you have got in that ear!"  She would give us kisses and say..." have maple syrup in your ear!" have strawberry jelly in ear...etc....Here is my Mom checking to see what Noah has in his ear.
Then later on in the evening, we had a visit from The Hass Girls. 
Hannah was building a foam block tower.  Oh..I need to go hide that cord in the back there. 
And Claire was "monkeying" around.
They were sitting up on the couch listening to the birds and watching the rain fall.
I got a call from the window place, and our windows are in!!  They will be coming on Monday to install them.  The roof was supposed to be done this week, but they delayed due to rain.  Hoping they come next week too. 
So I took down my living room drapes today, and played around with the fabric that I bought for making new ones.  I LOVE this fabric.  It is a taupe color, with a chenille thread running through it vertically, with chenille balls set radomly all over.  It is the perfect match to my furniture!  PERFECT.  I removed the old drapes, but I will use the rod, which is simply a heavy dowel, which before was covered entirely with fabric.  I will be painting it, and hanging the sheers from bronzed circles with clips.  What I am trying to decide is....hang the panels with a single layer of fabric, for a real sheer look.  Which I like, because I do not want to cover the windew.   I don't need to cover it for privacy, so it will be whatever looks best.
Or, hang them with double thickness, which makes the color much more rich, but I hate to block any of the view outside the big picture window. can see where the fabric was doubled, but then hangs in a single layer, about two inches from sill and down.  And now...looking at these pictures, I have decided.  I will go single layer!  I am thinking of doing them in seperate panels....clipped onto bronzed O rings, so that they can slide to the side, or be fanned out at night, if I want.  Hmmm, I have a little time to decide.  Noah was a good helper!
Doubled on the left, single on the right...mind you, they are not made. They are just literally draped onto the rod.  Noah couldn't decide, so he stood right in the middle.
And he was ever so silly too.
While Noah is sleeping, I think I will go put my feet up for a while.  Looks like everyone is napping over here.
Oh to be THAT relaxed!!!!!
Happy Hump Day Bloggers!


deb said...

Darling kids!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the sheers.....great
color!!!!!!!! LOVE that wheaten toooooo!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

My vote would be for the single layer...I LOVE the fabric. It is going to look soo good. You are doing soo much to your house. How exciting! We put the windows in about 6 years ago and definitely one of our better moves. Really does help keeping the house cool or warm ~ whichever you are wanting. Cute pics as always. OH! and btw ~ those little ears are the best places to kiss. My grandkids ears are never safe around this Grandma.

Diane said...

What adorable grandkids you have. Noah is lucky his Nana did not take a bite out of that little ear. My vote is for the sheer. The fabric is beautiful.

Amy said...

Such a cute picture of the doggy. He's so cute. I must ask, " Is that a play trash truck that Hannah is playing with?" If it is I need to know where you find one...Taylor loves trash trucks!! She gets sooooo excited every time we see one. At least a toy one would be clean :)

Jennifer said...

Jumping over from Debbie' blog - what adorable photos! My grandbaby is coming in a week (I only see her about two or three times a year!) and I can't wait to see what is in her ear!!! How adorable:)

Genn said...

Seriously, oh to be that relaxed!! I don't know if I ever will be again. Ha.

Cute pictures. I'm excited to see your new windows. You guys are doing all kinds of big changes right now.

Mrs. G said...

I like the single layer example too.. Noah is adorable, and your dog is too funny :) How exciting for all these home improvements you're doing.. I can't wait to see all the "afters"..

Katie said...

What adorable photos of Noah having the flavors of his ears tasted. I loved it when Nana did that to me! I do it to Jonathan and he loves it too, but I tell him he has a potato farm full of spuds growing in his ;)

Kelly said...

i love the sheer panels! i like the single layer as well.

and great pics of the kids. the gramma and noah ones are so cute!

Anonymous said...

cute pics mom!

Pink Martini said...

OMGosh you could rent out your adorable monkeys for cheek pinching and make a bundle!! :) xoxo

Diane said...

Hi Kris, In answer to your question, I live right by Lake Gregory. It was always one of our favorite places to fish and one of the main attractions when we decided to move to the mountains.