Monday, April 19, 2010

Temecula Treasures

But new favorite store.  Fresh & Easy.  LOVE it.  I love how they package their produce.  I love their selection of specialty foods.  Their premade meals.  Their meat.  Their breads.  Their cookies.....can you say SNICKERDOODLE'S to die for?  I love this store. 
For my quilting friends. This is what I brought home from the quilt shops.  Nothing too exciting this time.  Some fabric, a small wool pattern, and some rick rack for my summer watermelon quilt.  And a bottle of Best Press.  Have you tried this product yet? Nice!
I also got a new flag for outside, which I already showed in a previous post.  And then the big fun came at the Salvation Army store we hit on the way home.  I did not take before pics.  Sorry.
A cheese dish with dome, turned cloche.  I painted the wooden base black, and now it is a nice place to display treasures.  Inside cloche are two nests retrieved from our trees.  The  tiny hummingbird nest that lived in our lemon tree to raise her baby.  Only one egg hatched. The second egg is still in the nest.  And another nest, probably a wrens.  The Western Blue Bird cup in the photo is another Salvation Army find.
An amber vase.  Love the hour glass shape of this.  I put a candle inside, nestled in coffee beans for stability.
These tiny little oil lanterns were an ugly gold.  I painted them black.  I might repaint them green.  They will be on the patio table for night time meals outside.
A large glass leaf, and  a pedastal dish.
Two dinner plates I LOVE!  I love dishes!  I have several sets.  And I also collect antique dishes.  I am partial to Homer Laughlin, and I have my Dads Mom's rooster dishes I adore too.  I dont't have the complete set, no dinner plates, just a few odd pieces, and her canister set.  My kitchen has a lot of roosters too, so when I saw these, I snatched them up so fast. They are not the same pattern as my Grandmother's. They are an old pattern... Staffordshire Old Granite, pattern is called Sun Up.  I found more on ebay, but I like the price I paid better.  Buck a plate.   These are in perfect condition. I will be on the hunt for more!!
An amber compote dish with pretty floral pattern.
A black candle holder from Pier 1.  I won't be using it as that though.  I recently got a white beadboard drawer/shelf from another favorite antique store.
This is the beadboard shelf.  It was a dingy white, and I painted it black.
I didn't pay more than a dollar for any one single item. 
This last picture just for fun.  I was at Walmart getting some soil last night, and they had these little solar lanterns for 3 dollars each.  They had bronze, silver and copper. I loved the copper.  I thought they couldn't be that great for 3 dollars.  I bought 3 of them to try out.  I was so thrilled to see them lit tonight after their day in the sun.  I am going back for some more tomorrow.
Blurry, I know....but don't you love the lites?
That's it for me.  Going to lay heady down now.  Til next time.........


Ginger Patches said...

I love Quilter's Coop...I think it's my favorite quilt shop! You got some great stuff...I love best press, in fact I need to start buying the gallon size I go through it so fast. You did some great things with your thrift store finds...I heart paint :)

Diane said...

Where to start? Not everyone can get into thrift store shopping, so I am always pleased to find someone who finds the appeal of it. And boy does it look like you scored! Twice a year here in the mountains we have garage sale weekends. On Memeorial and Labor Day weekends and they last all weekend long. There is nothing quite as fun as jumping into the car with a cup of coffee and the prospect of returning with some fabulous treasure. In ten years I haven't been disappointed yet! And very exciting about the Walmart lights. I'll need to check those out.

Debbie said...

WOW..You got some real finds. Don't ya just love those kinds of price tags too? haha But I have to say, I am downright excited over those lights from Walmart. I will be checking that out for sure..

Amy said...

love your blog Kris.....we have almost identical tastes!
Wish we lived closer.....
so, any high altitude bread recipes?

Cheryl said...

Amazing goodies!!! An The Coop..I am glad that place isn't closer or I would be in trouble!

Genn said...

Nice new treasures!! I like the oil lamps outside.

And that dressing from fresh and easy is SO good!! Thanks for letting me take your bottle! ;)

And thanks for dinner tonight. It was a fun visit.

Kelly said...

WHAT?! not more than $1 for any of that stuff? amazing!

and fresh & easy.. omg, my new favorite store too! I just went for the first time a few weeks ago, and i'm there twice a week now. the premade meals are my lunch almost daily... and the zucchini nut bread... to die for!

Lauri said...

I have started to enjoy thrift store shopping. You can never go looking for something specific but it is fun to find treasures.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

Treasures galore! Wow. I collect green glass items and love the ones you found, excellant.