Sunday, November 21, 2010

My One Time Blog Award..Two Times!

Thank you to Clara at Clara's Crochet Closet, and Niki at Butternut Street! 
They have both sent me this blog award.  In all honesty, in the past I have kept my blog award free.  And as much as I love that someone feels my blog is worthy of mention, instead of receiving awards in the future, I would like to find a way to just pay it forward to other inspirational bloggers that I enjoy and learn so much from.  Clara and Niki, thank you so much, I just love your blogs!  And those I mention, I love as well.  In fact, every blog on my blog roll are favorites of mine, and I add to those daily!  So for the one's I list, their blogs are listed on my blog roll. If you like crochet and/or knitting, and just great stories regardless, go visit these ladies! 

There are so many wonderful blogs out there to enjoy, so passing this on to 10 more should be not trouble at all.  This is supposed to go to 10 blogs that represent yarn arts, if I am not mistaken.  So I am passing this on to other bloggers whose yarn arts I enjoy very much!  But first I am to list 10 fun facts about me.
1.  My nick name is Mouse
2.  I grew up with all brothers, no sisters, and I loved it!
3.  I love to cook, and wish I had gone to culinary school.
4. In high school, I was a spring board diver.
5.  And now, I am terrified of heights!!!
6.  I love to swim.  But not in the ocean.  That scares me!
7.  Bass Lake California, is my favorite place in the world to visit.
8. I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever!!!!!!
9.  There are 5 living generations of women in my big beautiful family!
10.  I would love to submit some of my stories, and be published in a magazine.
There you go.  Did you find out anything new about me?
Ten more bloggers whose blogs I love:
1. Kate at The Garden Bell
2. Pam at Scotty's Place
3.  Holly at Hoosier At Heart
4. Suz at Crochet Groove
5. Ruth Marie at Corn Poppy Girl
6. The Green Rabbit
7. Trends and Traditions
8. Kelly at Hook and a Hoot.
9.  Lola Nova
10. Glor at Crochet Galore


Holly said...

Congrats on your award!! How exciting. You are so so dear to mention my name and my blog. You're definately one of my favorites too. It's too bad we live so far apart, it would be so much fun to meet for lunch and probably some shopping, no, definately some shopping. Thanks again. Hugs!

Clara said...

Yup, that does it Kris, and Niki and I appreciate that you decided to accept just his once! Great fun facts too!

The Garden Bell said...

Congrats and thanks. I'm in the same thinking as you are. But, it is nice to see that others appreciate all the effort we put into posting.

Hope you having a wonderufully relaxing weekend.


glor said...

I do think as you do too, but so appreciating your thoughts here. This is certainly an honor and no wonder you have received it. I love your blog! Have a most wonderful day and holiday week!

Suz said...

Hi Kris..congrats on the award and thanks for thinking of me...l'm real chuffed you like my blog..will do my best but although l honoured to be thought off l'm not good and doing these.....l'd much rather be playing with my saw and wool hehe
Hugs and thanks again for thinking of me xx