Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cluck-Cluck-Cluck & A Hen House Too!!!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted chickens.  When we were first married, we lived in a little rural community where many of our neighbors had them, and we got our eggs fresh from them.  There is no comparison.  Ever since we have lived here, where we have the property, I have wanted them.  But then there is the matter of a chicken coop and all of that.  Mr. G is not the building type, really.  A few years back, a friend of my Mom's was going to build me one.  But it never happened.  My little brother, you know him, the Celine Dion fan, he has a hen.  He got her a year or so ago. She is an egg laying machine!!!  Every time I am over there, I say, I want your chicken...can I have her?   Last night he called me and said, hey, I am sending the chicken out tomorrow.  WHAT?  Where ever will I put her?  I need to find a spot.  AND FAST!!!   I got up early this morning and at first light, came out to see where I could put her.  Two guys from work came out today, with a truck of scrap wood and a roll of chicken wire, and built me a coop!  I was GIDDY!!!  Say hello to my new girl.
Jorge and Steve were only here a couple of hours and built a top notch coop. 
I think we picked a perfect spot.  Underneath the shade of one of the front orange trees, and close to the garden.  Easy for retrieving the eggs too.  Jorge is a handy guy.  He has built some nice things at his house, so I knew he would build a good coop too.  Just after they got started, I got a visit from Gennifer and Claire.  Hannah was in school so she didn't come.  Claire wanted to pick fruit with Mommy.  So we put her in the wagon and off we went, but first we had to meet Miss Chicky.
Claire liked her.
Genny wanted to do her own avocado picking.  I had to laugh.  I don't think that in all the years she lived here, she ever picked her own...not one time.  EVER.  
Today she was a regular farmer Gen.
As soon as Noah got home from school, he wanted to see the chicken too.
He sat and talked to her for the longest time.
Jorge let Noah help him with the finishing of the coop. They installed a nest box with a ladder leading up to it. 
Noah thought it would make a great play house for him and his cousins!
Then it was time to let Chicky check out her new digs.
When they picked up the chicken from my brother's house, they forgot the feed.  So for today she had apples, oranges, grass, dandelions, and fresh snails!  Schlurp!!
I hope she likes her new home. 
Tomorrow I will go to the feed store for supplies.  And this weekend I hope to get another one or two laying   hens.  I wonder if she will lay an egg after her stressful move?

Thank you Tim!  I am so excited to have my first hen and hen house!!!
Omelet anyone?


Holly said...

Holey Guacamole! A for real live chicken. Now you just have everything I've ever wanted. Love the coop. They did an awesome job. Can't wait to meet her in September.

Shorty said...

Wow, Kris this is so exciting! Congrats on achieving your dream! Can't wait to hear about your adventures with Chicky & friends!

Sandy said...

That is exciting! Fresh eggs will be so nice! The picture of Noah on the yellow bench talking to the hen is so cute!

Cozart Family said...

How exciting for you! My in laws use to have chickens and they would give me eggs. Really there is no comparison between a fresh egg and store bought!! The coop looks great too. Noah on the bench is priceless, his cute face talking to his new friend!! Oh and Claire too, Hannah will be so jealous she didn't meet the new chick.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

That is awesome Kris! I can't believe you have a hen house! I never knew a gal with a real live hen.

Bethany said...

I wonder if my dad will let me get some sheep so I can spin wool... He'd love a chicken because eggs are his favorite.
Did you name her?

Lauri said...

you're becoming quite the pioneer! How I envy you...fresh citrus and avacados, a garden, and now a chicken. You go girl!

Pammy Sue said...

No way!! I love it! You must get her a friend quickly. She looks lonely in that big 'ol coop all by herself.

I want chickens too! I just told somebody else that yesterday on their blog. It must be chicken season or something.

Genn said...

You've got a real farm going on over there!
Um, chickens eat snails?
And yes I have too picked avocados before!!
That picture of Noah sitting down talking to miss chicky is priceless. So cute.
I told Hannah we'd go see her tomorrow.
Maybe she'll lay some eggs for us hmmm???

Debbie said...

Well how exciting is this?? I've always wanted to be somewhat of a farmer girl myself and now here you are with a garden and orchards and now a real live chicken! the coop looks GREAT... ENJOY I will look forward to the posts that are sure to come about this girl. : )

Melissa said...

Good golly such beautiful orange trees you have! My little gal would LOVE to pick from those gorgeous trees!
How awesome that those guys came right over for you and built her a sweet new home! That is sooo cool! I am just as excited as you are girl! Happy laying to your new little lady!
Oh and have you named her???

Kristi said...

Are you really offering up omelets? Because I will take one, or two, or three, especially with one of those avocados on top!!! This is so much fun! Those fresh eggs are going to be so yummy!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Whoa girl!! You are farmer Kris cool!! Can't wait to see how much fun this is for you!!

Reality Jayne said...

Kris...she IS cute...Looks like your gonna need another nesting box. Cant wait to see the eggs you get

Diane said...

Jorge came back to work and I said..Oh Jorge what if the coyotes get Snacker....Jorge said...nope, no Coyotes going to get Snacker. I said...what if the racoons get Snacker?....He said...racoons....they didn't tell me about racoons.
Don't let anything get Snacker.
She has been in the family for a while now......Mom

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I want your chicken and the coop. I'm jealous. Lovin it. Congrats, you will have a ball and fresh eggs.

~Niki~ said...

Oh we think alike. About a year ago I told the hubby I wanted to get chickens. He said go for it. I checked into the laws in the City of Mesa to see if having these animals in the city was ok. Well that checked out oK. We just haven't done it. We have dogs and I was worried about them constantly going outside and barking and making a fuss over the chickens. I will be following your chicken posting to see how it's coming along~

glor said...

What beautiful property and all that wonderful fruit. And now your own for real hen and more on the way! The delight of getting the freshest eggs going! The guys did a great job on the coop. Bet your new border thinks so too!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I want chickens too. We can have up to 3 in our city. You have such nice space for yours. I am so jealous.

Cindy said...

Very Cool!!

deb said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you are sooooooooooooooo lucky..I have Always wanted chickens!!!! my daughter in CT. just ordered chicks and will be having nice fresh eggs when they grow up....LUCKY DUCKIE!!!! or should I say chickie!!! and dude...if you have too many avacados, call me:)

annielizabeth said...

How fun! A new friend! What a lovely new home for her, too. If you just have her she will be a pet. If your yard is fenced well she can be allowed to roam and eat all your bugs! She will follow you around, too. They like to be pet if they grew up with being handled. If you get more chickens they will keep to themselves. This is from my own experience. Because of their pecking order (it's true they really have one) do some research on chicken relationships (that sounds silly!) but you want them to get along and not fight. What a fun new adventure for you and your grand-babies. Enjoy!